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  Old Town Trolley Tours of Boston  
  old town trolley driving by new state houseTo see the best of Boston, climb aboard Old Town Trolley Tours of Boston. Relive the historic events and see the many ancient structures that were once home to America’s earliest settlers. On the orange and green Trolley, you have the opportunity to visit all the most significant sights and attractions in Boston while hearing humorous tales and accounts relating to the city’s rich past. Get on and off the trolley as often as you wish and because the Old Town Trolleys run continually all day, you can stay as long as you like at any of the stops.  
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Museum of Science

  boston science museum indoor exhibitOne of the most visited sites in Boston, The Museum of Science originated in 1830 when six Bostonians established The Boston Society of Natural History. Devoted to the pursuit of science and natural history, the Society began collecting and displaying several exhibits in various different locations. Today’s Museum of Science holds true to its beginnings, sharing more than 400 interactive exhibits and hands-on displays to more than 1.5 million people each year. Experience the thrill of the Grand Canyon in the IMAX Theater, get up close and personal with a praying mantis in the 3-D cinema and discover what happened to the planet Pluto in the Planetarium. Witness live presentations and hundreds of other mind-engaging activities. The Museum of Science is fun and educational for all ages.  
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  cheers signIn the early 1980’s the TV sitcom “Cheers” began what would be a long-lived 11 year series. One of the most popular shows ever on television, the series was shot in Hollywood, California but was fashioned after a neighborhood pub in Boston. More than a decade has passed since the show’s series ended, but the neighborhood bar lives on—an icon for visitors and locals alike. Today, many tourists to Boston come to the Cheers bar on Beacon Street to see the familiar entrance that was shown on the show every Thursday night for eleven years. They order delicious fare named after the characters on the show, enjoy memorabilia and can even take home Cheers collectibles, t-shirts and other items from the gift shops located in the pub. Stop by Cheers for a great meal and a nostalgic look at one of America’s favorite cast of characters.  
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  seaport district with boat and buildingsA visit to Boston is not complete without a stroll through the Seaport District. Wonderful seafood restaurants, elegant hotels and a marvelous sea breeze add to the allure. Spend some time strolling along the harbor; you’ll have a great view of the airplanes landing in Logan Airport. The New England Aquarium and Boston Children’s Museum are also close-by.  
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  Bunker Hill Monument  
  bunker hill monumentA moving tribute to the early colonists who fought the first American Battle of the Revolutionary War, the Bunker Hill Monument rises to an imposing 221 feet. Located on Breed’s Hill, the monument is a significant stop on any Boston tour allowing visitors to climb the several hundred steps to the top where they can experience an amazing view of Boston and learn more about the historic battle.  
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  Historic Ballpark  
  The home of the Boston Red Sox, the Historic Ballpark opened on April 20, 1912. Throughout its close to a century of existence, many famous ball players have graced the field, including Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Jimmy Collins, Duffy Lewis, Ted Williams and more. Today, Boston fans and visitors to the stadium can discover the many interesting facts and tidbits about this historic landmark including what is the “Green Monster”, what was “Duffy’s Cliff” and why there is one seat painted red that stands out among all the other seats in the entire stadium. While you’re in Boston, be sure to stop by the Historic Ballpark for a game or just to see one of America’s most well-known stadiums. Old Town Trolley Tours is proud to be "The Official Trolley Tour of the Boston Red Sox"!  
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  Boston Tea Party Museum  
  boston tea pary ship and dockGet ready to be transported back more than 230 years! The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is an exciting, interactive adventure for history enthusiasts, adults and children as well. Walk on board fully restored tea ships, see one of the only two surviving tea chests, witness the drama and emotion that led up to that fateful night, meet the patriots who started it all and take part in one of the most important events in the history of the United States of America. Today’s most advanced technology makes this museum an incomparable, unforgettable experience.  
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  Sons & Daughters of Liberty Tour - “An Adventure in History!”  
  school field tripOld Town Trolley brings the history of our nation to life for middle school students. During this tour, students and their teachers are guided through the events that led up to the American Revolution. On-board activities, music, discussions and visits to three different historic sites in Boston reinforce classroom lessons and engage kids. It’s an extraordinary experience.  
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  Massachusetts State House  
  boston state houseA grand sight on Beacon Hill, The Massachusetts State House was constructed between 1795 and 1797 and overlooks the Boston Common. With its red brick, stately columns and gilded dome, the State House is known for its imposing presence. It is there that the business of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts state government has been conducted for over two centuries and a tour of this marvelous building allows visitors to trace the footsteps of many prominent leaders and the events that impacted the political history of Massachusetts. See paintings and sculptures of Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and more as you walk the corridors. Take a moment to stop in Doric Hall to see a stunning marble statue of George Washington as well as various other statues and military artifacts.  
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  Back Bay  
  Boston skyline and waterLovely Victorians, quaint shops and trendy restaurants make the Back Bay neighborhood a popular upscale Boston attraction. Stroll down the charming sidewalks for window shopping, people watching and a delicious assortment of international cuisine. Walk along the storefronts of shops like Tiffany’s, Ralph Lauren and Jimmy Choo in Copley Square—you may even spot a celebrity or two. If not, you’ll have the opportunity to see the Prudential Center and the John Hancock Tower, two of Boston’s most noteworthy skyscrapers.  
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  Beacon Hill  
  acorn streetHome to some of the wealthiest Bostonians of the past and present, Beacon Hill is a glorious stretch of historic houses and picturesque scenery. The one-square mile neighborhood is lined with Federal Row style houses that were built in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Throughout its existence, many prestigious people have lived in Beacon Hill including Louisa May Alcott, Robert Frost, Daniel Webster and more. Gas-lit lanterns still light the cobblestone streets of this National Historic District and add to its charm and allure. Stroll through the neighborhood to catch a glimpse of the famous addresses, browse through a boutique or enjoy a meal at one of the fine eateries.  
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  Harvard Square  
  harvard squareHarvard Square offers an abundance of art, entertainment, shopping, dining and history. Located in Cambridge, adjacent to Harvard Yard, the area dates back to the mid 1600’s when the first colonists deemed the area the capital of their new colony. Several of the original structures still stand in Harvard Square along with historic streets, walls and gates. Today, Harvard Square is a center of activity for all ages with an array of bookstores, shops, restaurants and common areas. Enjoy concerts by local musicians and perhaps a game of chess along with the many interesting sights.  
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  Fort Point  
  aerial view of fort point channelAnother neighborhood in Boston which traces its history back to the earliest settlers, Fort Point got its name because it was the location of a fort which guarded the city. Situated close to the Boston Seaport District, the area is now a modern community and home to many people, art galleries, restaurants and unique shops. Because of its historic significance to the city, the Fort Point District anticipates being accepted as a Landmark District within the next several months.  
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  Boston Freedom Trail  
  gray and red bricksEmbark on an educational and moving excursion along the Freedom Trail to witness the significant events that took place during the American Revolution. The trail begins at the Boston Common and leads visitors through a 2 and a half mile walk by way of a red line on the sidewalk. The walk takes you to more than a dozen historic sights including Paul Revere’s House, the Granary Burial Grounds, Park Street Church and the sight of the Boston Massacre, among many others. See museums, meeting houses and more as you learn about the men who fought for our freedom and how their patriotism helped shape the future of our country.  
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  Faneuil Hall  
  Faneuil Hall facadeOne of Boston’s most legendary historic points, Faneuil Hall has served the citizens of the city for over 250 years. Built in 1742, the original Faneuil Hall was a marketplace for merchants, a gathering place and an integral part of the political events that took place in colonial days. It was here that George Washington and others celebrated our nation’s very first birthday and where passionate patriots met and protested the Sugar Act in 1764. The doctrine related to Taxation without Representation was first established in one of the halls. Throughout the years, prominent leaders spoke at Faneuil Hall, including Susan B. Anthony, Oliver Wendall Holmes, Bill Clinton, and Ted Kennedy. Today, Faneuil Hall still enjoys the nickname “Cradle of Liberty” and is host to more than 100 fabulous shops, restaurants and exciting entertainment. Street performers, artisans, and various festivals throughout the year add to the allure. Millions of people visit Faneuil Hall each year, making it one of the most popular stops on any Boston tour.  
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  New England Aquarium  
  sea turtleFounded in 1969, the New England Aquarium offers everyone a chance to see marine life in their natural habitats. 1.3 million guests are thrilled each year by the hundreds of species that live in the aquarium. See penguins, jellyfish and sea turtles and get a close look at the lionfish and stonefish—which are the two of the most poisonous fish in the sea. Stop by and see the adorable Atlantic Harbor Seals and be sure to see the awesome man-made coral reef that surrounds the Giant Ocean Tank where sharks, barracudas and many other tropical fish swim freely about. Book a whale watching excursion or catch a trainer feeding one of the resident sea creatures. The New England Aquarium is an exciting attraction for people of all ages offering educational and enlightening exhibits of the world’s most intriguing sea life.  
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  Boston Children’s Museum  
  children playing at museumFor more than 90 years, the Boston Children’s Museum has offered engaging experiences for children of all ages. One of the first museums to present “hands-on” activities in a museum setting, it was ahead of its time—allowing children to explore, imagine, see, touch and experiment while learning about science, nature and the world they live in. Today, children can take off their shoes and enter a 100-year-old Japanese House, or sail boats, fish and lobster-hunt in an 800 gallon replica of the Fort Point Channel. Each day, hundreds of kids have an opportunity to do, see and learn while having loads of fun at the Boston Children’s Museum. Special events, shows and other exciting activities are also offered throughout the year.  
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  Copley Place Boston  
  Copley Place stores and escalatorsFor an upscale shopping experience, head to Copley Place located in Boston’s historic Back Bay. The mall, exquisitely designed and expansive, offers discerning shoppers a delightful assortment of world-class stores including Tiffany & Company, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Armani, Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York—just to name a few. Fine restaurants and eateries, excellent hotels and plentiful parking spaces are also featured at Copley Place. Spend the afternoon shopping, enjoy a delicious meal or just browse through this wonderful Boston attraction.  
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  Downtown Crossing  
  old south meeting houseBoston’s historic Downtown Crossing provides a blend of old and new—from architectural treasures to chic boutiques, the area is bustling with activity all day and into the early morning hours. Whether you enjoy a gourmet meal or a light snack, listening to opera or playing billiards, there is a place in Downtown Crossing to suit your needs. Stroll along the streets to enjoy the scenery, shop in any of the hundreds of unique stores or simply sit and people watch; explore the area at your own pace.  
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  Boston Symphony Hall  
  interior of Boston Symphony HallThe Boston Symphony Hall is known worldwide for its superior acoustics and remarkable design. Built in 1900, it’s considered to be one of the top three symphony halls in the world. The hall features the original leather seats from its initial construction and the 4,800 pipe organ that was installed in 1949 and autographed by Albert Schweitzer. Guests to the Boston Symphony Hall should also see the 16 statues of Greek and Roman figures, a wonderful tribute to the saying “Boston the Athens of America”. Come for the stupendous music, enjoy the stunning surroundings and gain a true appreciation for the renowned Boston Symphony Hall.  
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  Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum  
  Isabella Stewart Gardner had a love for art so intense that she made it her life’s work to collect and display the world’s most beautiful art objects. An avid traveler, she visited ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, Renaissance Italy, Asia and other countries and brought back magnificent pieces to display in her home, which is now a beautiful museum. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum opened in 1903, showcasing paintings, sculpture, photographs, books, furniture, drawings and other masterpieces that she had collected. Today, visitors can still see many of these pieces considered to be some of the most significant works of art in the world. Enjoy the exquisite gardens and the glorious setting which has changed very little since opening day over a century ago.  
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  Prudential Center  
  Prudential Center building overlooking the waterThe Prudential Center, located in the beautiful Back Bay, is the second tallest skyscraper in Boston. Beyond its architectural beauty, the building houses more than 75 retail shops, restaurants, a state-of-the-art fitness center and many other amenities. Locals and tourists visit the Prudential Center for the many well-known stores including Ann Taylor, Lord and Taylor, Barnes and Noble and more. The center also has a full-service U.S. Post Office, a Catholic Church and more.  
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  Skywalk Observatory  
  aerial view of BostonFor a panoramic view of Boston, visit the Skywalk Observatory located on the 50th floor of the Prudential Center. On this level, you can see gorgeous vistas and learn a bit about the many historic places in Boston utilizing the Audio Antenna tour. The observatory is open seven days a week and offers guests the only sky level view of the city.  
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  people pushing wallFor an interactive adventure unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced, visit the TOMB in Boston. If you enjoy a good challenge and like working with a team, this exciting new brand of entertainment might be right up your alley. Join with other adventurers as you’re given instructions and flashlights and enter into the search for the lost Tomb of the Pharaoh. You’ll make decisions on what to do at every turn, twist and corner and discover what it means to work your mind, body and spirit at the same time. TOMB is Boston’s newest, most action-packed venue for thrills and fun—bring your friends for an extraordinary time.  
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  Boston Harbor Cruises  
  boat on waterBoston Harbor Cruises is New England’s oldest and largest cruise company. From whale watching, sightseeing, lighthouse, and sunset cruises to ferry rides, people have been enjoying the many splendid sights the city has to offer on board Boston Harbor Cruises since 1926. Witness the magnificence of the nation’s oldest continually working lighthouse, learn the facts about the heroes of the Revolutionary War and see the graceful whales as they swim alongside the boat. In any of the Boston Harbor Cruises special excursions you’ll be delighted and awed by what you see, hear and experience. History, scenery, wildlife and culture all come together to provide a rewarding voyage for everyone.  
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  Blue Man Group  
  blue man group and paint splatteringThe Blue Man Group is known world-wide for its stunning visual performances that include music, humor and dazzling theatrics. Performing live in many cities across the United States, The Blue Man Group offers fabulous entertainment for people of all ages. Their bald heads, blue faces and mute characters act, dance and perform an array of acts that captivate audiences. In Boston, the group performs at the historic Charles Playhouse in the theater district in Beacon Hill.  
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  Mary Baker Eddy Library  
  lady viewing large mapThe Mary Baker Eddy Library is a lasting monument to the woman who founded the Christian Scientist Movement. The library, housed in an 11-story building that was constructed in the early 1930’s, boasts a vast collection of works by and about Mary Baker Eddy. Considered to be a pioneer, Eddy fought through social, economic and commercial boundaries during her lifetime in the 19th century. It was her ill health and strong desire to find answers and solutions that led her to discover what she thought could help not just her, but all of mankind. Her Christian Science movement spread throughout the country and internationally and today there are Christian Scientist Churches and reading rooms all around the world. A visit to the Mary Baker Eddy Library is an inspirational experience for people of all faiths, as it showcases the determination and wisdom of a woman who was so far ahead of her time.  
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  Spirit of Boston  
  boat on waterFor an afternoon or evening filled with delectable food, music, entertainment and fun, embark on a Spirit of Boston Cruise. The Spirit of Boston has been offering a wonderful assortment of cruises for over 20 years. From lobster dinners to midnight moonlight to family brunches and everything in between, guests can expect culinary indulgence, excellent entertainment and scenic views from the three-deck ship. Choose the cruise that suits you and your family or group and discover why so many locals and tourists book a Spirit of Boston Cruise.  
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  Odyssey Cruises  
  odyssey cruise on waterDepart on an Odyssey Cruise for dancing, dining and an opportunity to see the many beautiful sights of the city. One of Boston’s most luxurious vessels, the Odyssey provides the ultimate in creative cuisine, cocktails, music and entertainment in a two or three-hour escape out to sea. Located at Rowes Wharf, the Odyssey cruises throughout the year.  
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  ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art  
  Institute of Contemporary ArtBoston’s Institute of Contemporary Art was founded in 1936 with the mission of providing remarkable works of art from all mediums including visual, performance, video, music and literature. Throughout its history it has grown extensively and gained a reputation as one of the finest institutions of its kind—offering a vast array of innovative exhibits, educational programs and opportunities for everyone to acquire an appreciation for the arts.  
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  Bunker Hill Museum  
  bunker hill museum indoor exhibitLearn about the chilling events that took place during the Battle of Bunker Hill and see intriguing artifacts and exhibits relating to that time period in American History. The Bunker Hill Museum is located on the Freedom Trail across the street from the Bunker Hill Monument and features all new exhibits about the building of the monument, the battle and more.  
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  Boston Brewery Tours - Samuel Adams Brewery  
  sam adams signFor a true taste of an authentic Boston Beer, take some time to visit the Samuel Adams Brewery for an informative and flavorful tour. Samuel Adams award-winning beer was created by Jim Koch who used an old family recipe for brewing a rich lager that would soon take the beer-making industry by storm. After brewing his first batch, Koch visited several bars leaving sample bottles of his beer for the bartenders to taste. And the rest is history. Sam Adams Beer is a favorite American beer with a distinctively different taste. When you take the tour, you’ll learn about the brewing process, key ingredients and get a chance to sample several original and new brews.  
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  Salem Witch Museum  
  salem witch museum entrance signThe Salem Witch Museum provides detailed accounts of the fear and superstition that caused hysteria among the people in Salem in 1692. See re-enactments of actual witch trials and learn the disturbing events that led to the arrest and execution of 180 people. At the Salem Witch Museum you’ll be transported back to that era and learn the history about this period and the dramatic effects it had on the people involved—and the lessons our ancestors learned in the aftermath.  
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  TD Banknorth Garden  
  td banknorth garden facadeA state-of-the-art sports and entertainment arena, the TD Banknorth Garden is home to NBA’s Boston Celtics and the NHL’s Boston Bruins. The facility replaced the city’s world famous Boston Garden in 1995 and since then has played host to a variety of sporting events, concerts, wrestling matches and ice shows. With 19,600 seats, three restaurants, concessions, a new bar, executive suites and club seats and more, every event at TD Banknorth Garden is truly grand.  
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  The Sports Museum  
  sports museum indoor exhibitFor sports fans and anyone who’s ever cheered for the home team, The Sports Museum provides an exciting, educational venture. Dedicated to the many players past and present of Boston’s sports teams, the museum displays a vast array of exhibits. See the wooden seats from the original Garden Stadium and Larry Bird’s Locker, among other treasures. Walk the half-mile long exhibit hall to see items and collectibles, photographs and artifacts that highlight the history of teams like the Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox and more.  
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  Boston Symphony Orchestra  
  Boston Symphony Orchestra playing instrumentsThe Boston Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1881 by Henry Higginson and played its first concert on October 22 of that year. Throughout its history, the orchestra has performed hundreds of concerts for American audiences and international ones as well. Based at the Boston Symphony Hall, the orchestra delights Bostonians and tourists from all over the world with concerts throughout the year.  
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  Boston Pops  
  Boston Pops Orchestra playing instrumentsThe Boston Pops Orchestra was founded by Henry Higginson who also formed the Boston Symphony Orchestra. With the Pops, Higginson wanted to offer audiences a lighter selection of classical music along with music from the theater. Under the direction of Arthur Fiedler for 50 years, the Boston Pops became one of the world’s most famous orchestras. Since its founding, the group has made more commercial recordings than any other orchestra of its kind.  
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  North End  
  Paul Rever House on North EndBoston’s North End has a diverse past that spans across four centuries. In the 1600’s, the area was home first to Boston’s wealthiest residents, then shortly after it became a community of freed slaves and their families. The Irish immigrants settled in the North End in the early 19th century, after which there was a period of Jewish dominance in the neighborhood—in fact, several buildings in the area still have Hebrew inscriptions. Today, the North End is known as Boston’s Little Italy and is the ideal place to go for a scrumptious, authentic Italian meal. Paul Revere’s home is also in the North End as is the Old North Church. This area is a favorite stop to visitors for its historic significance to the early colonial days.  
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  Old State House Museum  
  old state house surrounded by tall buildingsPerhaps one of the most noteworthy sights in Boston is the Old State House. Within this 18th Century structure momentous events that would help create the foundation of our nation took place. Leaders such as John Adams, Sam Adams and John Hancock held meetings to discuss the future of the colonies. The Declaration of Independence was read to the people of Boston from the balcony in 1776. Life in 18th century centered around the Old State House - politically and socially. Today, you have the opportunity to learn about this remarkably preserved building and the role it played in Boston and our country. Tour through the two floors of exhibits and see real tea from the Boston Tea Party and John Hancock’s coat. Take time to enjoy the interactive displays and view the collections of the Bostonian Society. The Old State House Museum is a definite must see when in Boston.  
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  Old South Meeting House  
  old south meeting house facadeIn 1773 5,000 enraged colonists met to discuss the unfair taxation of tea in Boston. Since that monumental meeting, hundreds of such events have taken place at the Old South Meeting House. Located in the heart of downtown Boston, this National Historic Landmark is a sanctuary for the protection of free speech. It’s also a museum and gathering place for locals and visitors alike to meet, converse and learn about the issues and concerns of our nation. When in Boston, a stop at the Old South Meeting House is always in order, for the history, the heritage and the educational experience that people of all ages can benefit from.  
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  USS Constitution  
  uss constitution shipDocked at the Charlestown Navy Yard, the USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world. Named in honor of the United States Constitution, “Old Ironsides” as it is nicknamed, first sailed on July 22, 1798, patrolling the Eastern Seaboard between New Hampshire and New York. After more than 250 years of active service, the USS Constitution today is still deemed as being on active duty with a crew of 55 sailors working on board. These crew members participate in special events, educational programs and act as guides to the many visitors who come all year-long to take a tour and learn more about this historic frigate.  
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