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Ghosts and Gravestones
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come aboard for an evening excursion through the darker side of america's finest city



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  "My friend and I took this tour. The guide was amazing! The Whaley House was really creepy and when we went into Violet's room, a great feeling of despair came over me. I didn't think too much of the ghosts while I was in the house as we didn't see too much that was creepy, but there were areas of the house that were freezing even though the house was about 90 degrees. Then I got back to my hotel and looked at my pictures. Several show apparitions and the pictures are blurry even though I was standing perfectly still. I would highly recommend this tour. If you are a skeptic going in, you won't be after!!!" - T.L.  
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  "'Superior ghost tour' This was the best tour that I have had so far in San Diego. Our tour guide Wyatt Earp was fantastic. History merged with Ghosts of the area. I learned things that I never knew about San Diego... I actually got to see a shadow person in the Whaley House. Great tour guide would do again next time in the area" - D.S.  
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  "We did this a few weeks ago. We did this company's day tour and decided to take up their offer with a discount on the night tour. Boy does the history completely contrast each other. The highlight was being able to get a private tour in the Whaley museum where my wife felt a heaviness to the air. Our tour guides were a sheriff and a mortician. Both were fun and well versed in their spooky history. The mortician creeped out my wife the most. He must really enjoy his role. Same with the sheriff." - R.M.  
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  "I loved this tour! I love the fact that the guide we had was eccentric, quirky, knowledgeable and fun! This is a historical tour, which I loved. Other tours are about embellishments in order to keep their tour interesting. This tour was interesting enough with the plain history of San D's past." - L.W.  
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  "'Creepy & Interesting' I booked this tour after hearing from a friend about San Diego's reputation and history for the paranormal. Our guide was Professor who did a great job of enlightening us about all the history and strange circumstances leading up to the reputed ghost sightings and other paranormal phenomena. I would do this tour again but would add the Whaley House to the end of the tour (which I did during the day time)." - L.I.  
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  "I was skeptical at first, but this turned out to be a very fun and educational tour! No one is jumping out of bushes and trying to scare you like I thought! It takes you to some very historic spots of San Diego and explains their haunted history! We have multiple pictures that are covered in orbs! Go with an open mind" - E.E.  
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  "This was a cool experience. I wasn't expecting to see much and was hesitant. I am so happy we took this tour. No words to describe what I felt when I saw the ghost of a little girl in a red sweater in the graveyard behind the school. I shared the pictures; I hope you post to share what I saw." - O.Z.  
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  "Took this tour last night. Well worth the money. The tour was very entertaining and informative. Our entire group seemed interested and entertained as well. The tour is about 50% walking and 50% on the trolley. When you board the trolley they provide you with a small light to navigate around the sites (pioneer park, old town cemetery, and Whaley house).Will definitely return." - S.M.  
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"I recently took my first trip to San Diego to visit friends. I was looking forward to taking a couple of tours and learning about San Diego's history. The Ghosts and Gravestones Tour was one of them. A definite must-do! I don't want to ruin the surprises of the tour, but I will say that if you're interested in seeing San Diego and learning about its past, then you will not be disappointed. We visited Old Town, El Campo Santo Cemetery, and the Whaley House. The tour guide was fun, lively and knowledgeable. I brought three friends along on the tour, and we all agreed that it was spooky, entertaining and downright fun! If you're visiting San Diego or even a resident, take your friends and family. It's well worth it!" - C.C.

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  "We had 'The Professor' as our tour guide! He was amazing! So much knowledge and very interactive with the whole group. It was nice to be on a trolley car ride up into the other locations. However there is a good amount of walking as well! But it was a great time we had." - C.G.  
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