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Ghosts and Gravestones
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We’d love to hear from you. If you have any ghostly photos and/or stories and you’d like to share them with us, we invite you to submit them. They might be selected to appear on this page.

Go to Submit Haunted Photos / Stories.

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Whaley House Window

This picture was taken at the bottom far left window of the Whaley House during the Ghost Tour. Notice the image directly behind my friend's head.

Photo submitted by: Claudia T.

  whaley house window
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Whaley House Orbs

This photo is from the Whaley House and it is of the living room/archway where Yankee Jim was hanged prior to the house being built. I was seeing loads of orbs zooming past the doorway as I was clicking to take the photos... If memory serves correctly, there isn't any Perspex over this doorway, so I am ruling out the possibility of someone else's flash reflecting (as I got in some photos taken upstairs).

Photo submitted by: Laura

  whaley house interior orbs
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Orbs at Pioneer Park

Photo submitted by: Richard B.

  orbs at pioneer park
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Whaley House Face

My friends and I attended your ghost tour at night time. At the end of our tour we were taking pictures of the Whaley house.

As I was looking through my pictures I noticed a face on the window. I'm not quite sure if it really is but my friends and other people think it looks like a face.

Photo submitted by: Sharon D.

  whaley house face on window
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Whaley House Sighting

My wife Erin and I were on the Saturday 7:30 tour and snapped this photo at the Whaley house. Pretty creepy picture in our opinion; seemingly depicts a face in the upper right with some sort of extensions onto the bed. Thought you and your readers would enjoy.

Photo submitted by: Scott M.

  whaley house bedroom
  black line  

Figure at Pioneer Park

As we walked away from the headstones on the tour at Pioneer Park, I looked back and took this photo. A bright greenish figure appears behind the tree. My friend sees a face and also an arm going around the tree!

Photo submitted by: Sara Q.

  figure at pioneer park
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Little Boy

I participated in the Ghost Tour in Old Town San Diego on Friday. I think I may have captured an apparition of a little boy with blonde hair...

Photo submitted by: Kathy S.

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Creepy, Very Creepy...

My husband and I went on the 9:30pm tour... The first stop we went to was the Whaley house... Well, when the docent took us into the dining room she said that sometimes, there is a child that appears under the table... or licks on the legs from the pet dog. Well, it appears that when I took this picture, it sort of looks like a face with glowing eyes... and hands reaching up with fingers... but you be the judge of this. I just felt this was a very creepy picture like a veiled woman or something. It looks like the figure has a long dress, and a veil or some sort but sort of looks like she is walking...

Photo submitted by: Lisa L.

  figure at pioneer park
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Entry to Pioneer Park

Not really sure what this is; was on the entry to Pioneer Park. Sinderella was an awesome guide!

Photo submitted by: Chris B.

  pioneer park
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