Boston Ghost Tour and Tour Guide

Come hear Boston’s real history

The stories you won’t hear before the sun goes down.

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About This Tour

From Beantown to Screamtown

Guided by a ghoulish band of the undead and a roguish gravedigger, the Trolley of Terror will go back in time as you relive grisly murders, heinous torcherings and cold-blooded executions like the ones that took place on the Boston Commons. Learn about the paranormal hi-jinks going down at the Omni Parker House, the legend of the Boston Strangler and visit King’s Chapel cemetery where the bones of the dead served as currency for a man named Ephraim Littlefield.


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Boston Ghost Tours

Prepare yourself for an evening of fun, scares, and ghost stories

Walk amongst the dead in burying grounds nearly four hundred years old, hear stories of those whose mortal remains lie beneath your feet, and listen to tales of many of the sordid practices that went along with them. Venture to the site of the biggest grave-robbing scandal in New England’s history. And ask yourselves – are you afraid of being buried alive? Walk atop Boston’s largest unmarked burying ground and hear tales of the tortures, punishments and executions that took place there. You may even find yourselves involved in some… To learn more, go to our Boston Ghost Tour.

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Top 5 Reasons

To Take a Ghost Tour in Boston

Underground tunnels, unmarked graves, public executions, grave robberies, a day of darkness and a full red moon – all a part of Boston’s shadowy past and according to many accounts, its present. A city steeped in history, it is not surprising that Boston has more than its share of haunted tales.

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Boston Ghost Tour Schedule

Ride the Trolley of the Doomed before it's too late...

This tour is Seasonal and runs March 30 through mid-November.

March 30th- May 17th

(Thursday - Sunday)

Limited tour times. Please call for times.

May 18 - November 5

7 nights a week.

Tours depart at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 pm. Other tour times may be available due to demand and time of the season.

November 6-19

Thursday - Sunday

Limited tour times. Please call for times.

Duration: 1 hours & 30 minutes

Reservations Required!
(866) 754-9136

Please call for availability prior to making your e-ticket purchase

Warning: This Tour may not be suitable for children under 13 years of age. Due to the loud noises on our tour, children under the age of 6 are not allowed onboard.

The Haunted Guide

Boston Ghosts & Gravestones Parking

Ghosts & Gravestones Frightseeing Tour boards beside the Marriott Long Wharf Hotel

200 Atlantic Avenue, corner of State Street.
Please arrive for the tour fifteen (15) minutes prior to the departure of the tour as all tours leave promptly.

See list below for parking available near our departure point. Please note that these are not run by Ghosts & Gravestones.


Ghosts & Gravestones Frightseeing Tour boards beside the Marriott Long Wharf Hotel on 200 Atlantic Avenue, corner of State Street.