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san diego horton grand hotel at dusk

Haunted Guide to Horton Grand Hotel

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Today’s Horton Grand is More Magnificent Than Ever

Known for its impeccable décor, including antique-period pieces, fine restaurant and attentive service.

This historic hotel in San Diego has a rich past filled with glamour and intrigue. Originally two buildings, the Horton Grand Hotel was reconstructed in the 1970s when it and another building, the Brooklyn-Kahle Saddlery Hotel, were slated to be demolished during a city restoration. Historians fought to save the hotels and won, resulting in both buildings being dismantled brick by brick and later rebuilt into one glorious hotel.

But there’s another side to this elegant hotel that sparks the interest of paranormal enthusiasts all over the world.

The Hauntings

It was the mid-1800s when a gambler named Roger Whitaker checked into the original Horton Grand.

He was known for his heavy drinking and for cheating when it came to gambling. During his stay at the Horton, he found himself running to escape the violent threats against his life that were being made by creditors who were tired of not getting the money he owed them. One night, after an altercation with these henchmen and already suffering from one gunshot wound, Whitaker raced back to his room at the Horton and hid inside the armoire. Unfortunately for him, he was followed and subsequently shot to death inside the armoire. His room, #309, has long been a hotbed of paranormal activity and many believe it is old Roger himself who’s doing the haunting.

Room #309

Guests who have the unlucky experience of staying in room #309 have told many accounts of inexplicable events, some spooky, others terrifying.

For some, the bed shook while they slept, causing them to awaken in a fright, only to find there was nothing there to cause it. Lights flicker and off, items in the bathroom seem to move and the armoire door often opens and closes in the middle of the night. Staff and the hotel management believe that Roger still lingers and makes his presence known often. If you choose to stay in room #309, be sure you’re ready to face the spirit of this infamous gambler.

Lady Ghost

Another poltergeist that has been spotted within the Horton Grand is that of Ida Bailey.

The owner of a brothel that stood on the exact site of where the hotel was rebuilt, Ida has appeared to guests in various forms, sometimes as a floating white mist, other times as a cold chill that passes through their bodies. Not particularly scary, those who’ve felt her presence report that it was more of a warm, friendly feeling.

Guests From the 19th Century

People dressed in 19th century garb, lights flickering and many spooky mysteries

Other incidents surrounding the Horton Grand include the appearance of people dressed in 19th Century garb floating down the staircase and the flickering of many lights throughout the hotel. Experts have investigated this grand hotel many times and many have concluded that there is definitely something supernatural occurring. Come for a visit and discover for yourself.