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- A.F.

“We did this tour last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. The actors were wonderful. Due to medical issues I had to stay onboard while my wife got off with the group. Van the Man, who drove the bus, made my stay onboard so much fun as he told me all about the history and we had a wonderful conversation. The guide was also wonderful. My wife enjoyed the two stops and said they were very interested. Loved it!”

- W.B.

“We just finished the 6:30 tour with my friends and Facebook does not have enough character space to fit what an amazing, immersive, and lovingly (frighteningly) crafted tour this was. Driven by Ellen Allan Poe, the fearless trolley driver, we tore through the streets of Boston with the alluring, multi-talented Mercy Withers, the dread pirate Greaves and the mysterious, delightful Spider-Webbed Dancer whose name escapes my group. We started the tour already off on a high start with being greeted with this breathtaking ensemble, watching them welcome us and set up the scene to come. Their explanation of expectations for us as a whole and the promise of what was to come far exceeded the night. You can tell they hold this history with its horror and tragedy close to their hearts, from making sure we checked in properly to engaging us in their tales by playing parts and asking us questions. I watched the interactions between all of them, they work so well to paint this experience as spine-chilling and as respectful as possible while dangling you on the precipice of mortality and beyond. The folks at Ghosts & Gravestones are doing spirits work and deliver a delightful, frightful, and thought-provoking tour that has left my entire group energetic and shivering even now as I type. Bonus points: They’re incredibly inclusive and welcoming of all sorts of men, women, and folks like myself that do away with the whole affair. They pegged us as spooky queers and welcomed us with open arms. We will definitely be riding with them again and soon just to see them work their magic!”


“We had the best time on this tour! Dottie was freaking fabulous! Beyond funny, informative and mostly entertaining! We highly recommend.”

- M.G., Saco, ME

“I just wanted to tell you how FANTASTIC your tour was this past Friday. I had originally contacted you through Facebook and received a prompt response with a number to call. When I called, I explained I was booking this as a surprise for my son’s 16th birthday. Not only were you guys amazing at getting the tickets purchased, you set up the best birthday ever for my son. We had Lily as our tour ghost and she was absolutely FANTASTIC, AMAZING, and AWESOME! She got the whole trolley to sing happy birthday! She was funny, crazy, kind, and very knowledgeable about Boston History. There were 6 of us in our party and all of us want to do the tour again. My son said it was the funnest and best birthday ever. Thank you all so much for helping pull this off. He was truly surprised and loved it…”

- J.T., Woburn, MA

“I went on a tour Tuesday with a friend of mine. We had a blast! Our tour guide Lilly was wonderful! She deserves to be noticed and appreciated! She is the reason I will recommend this tour to others and request her as their guide by name. Thank you Lily for such a great experience and thank you to the company for hiring such great staff that can handle any technical glitch!”

- B

“My sister, cousin, and I were having a Cousins weekend in Boston. We were looking for something to do that we had never done before and decided to take this tour. We LOVED it. Anthraxicon was amazing and is responsible for the fabulous time we had on this tour. He was scary, funny, knowledgeable, and entertaining. The time went by so quickly and we did not want it to end.”

- K.C., Reading, PA

“My husband and I took the Ghosts & Gravestones tour as a shore excursion from our cruise. This was our first time in Boston and the first excursion of our cruise. We did 5 others during the time of our cruise; but both of us have said that this tour was our favorite. Being a history buff and having grown up in a very haunted house, this type of stuff is right up my alley and so Anthraxicon and I started talking about history and ghosts and stuff like that. I learned a lot from the tour. Anthraxicon was by far the best tour guide we have ever had. He comes across as creepy at first, but then you tell that he is fun and he loves to tell you the stories attached to the places that we were driving past. I would do this tour again… I also would definitely want to have Anthraxicon again.”

- L.P., Yonkers, NY

“I just wanted to contact you to tell you how much my family enjoyed the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour we took in Boston. The actors and actresses were amazing. I posted pictures and left a glowing review on my Facebook page. I highly recommend your tour and I plan to come back up around Halloween with some friends and do the whole thing again. Well worth the money and my daughter loved it. Thank you!”

- D.W.

"The Ghosts and Gravestones tour was totally worth it! The timing was spot-on amazing! Our tour guide (Johnathan Percival) was excellent and hysterical. The ghost stories really "tickled the ivories," and his many quotes (from which I only recognized one) really enhanced the mood. I will recommend this to anyone. ANYONE. It was great, and thank you so much."

boston ghost tour guest with scary tour guide

- P.S.

"I took this tour in Boston in Ma. Was going through the photos I took and I'd like to send this as a thank you to the guy who was our guide. You were amazing! This was my favorite part of Boston. Hope you continue to scare people for long. Thanks and congratulations for doing such an awesome job!"

boston ghost tour guide

- J.A., Toronto, Canada

“Just wanted to leave a quick note stating that this was a fantastic tour. The tour guides were fun and very thorough. Seamus was one of our guides and he was easily the best guide on the tour. Very fun all around and would recommend to anyone visiting the Boston area. Thanks!”

- T.

“Thanks for such a great tour that was both fun and a great way to learn the local history. And thanks especially for incorporating our wedding into the story. Mercy, Dolly and the crew really made the wedding photo a one of a kind.”

boston ghost tour wedding

- E.C.

“Ozymandius was the best tour guide”

boston ghost tour guests and tour guide

- D.Z., Santa Rosa, CA

“I went on your Boston ghost tour two days ago and had Anthraxicon as my tour guide. I can honestly say I’ve never had such an entertaining and informational tour guide before. Anthraxicon was incredibly thorough with his stories, and was very believable in his role as “the demon who was sentenced to tourism” Hahahaha! Please, be sure to let him know how much fun we had on his tour, and that we give him our deepest props. Also, let him know that I found out that three of my closest friends are also the devil’s dozen as well, so he better watch out for us in the paper. Kudos, and thanks again!”

- J. B.

“My husband and I took our teenage son and daughter through a road trip throughout the New England area last week. Our best tour we encountered was the Boston Ghosts & Gravestones Trolley Tour. Our guide, ‘Rose’, was fantastic and made the whole experience a wonderful memory. It was a blast and I would highly recommend this tour to all! Thanks for the great time!”

- B.R., Texarkana, TX

“With Anthraxicon as our principal guide, my wife and I have rarely enjoyed a tour as much as we enjoyed this tour. Even with my spoiling his jokes, this “gentleman” was a spectacle of hostdom. If we return to Boston we will certainly do this tour again. Thanks to your company for a night of spectacular entertainment. Bob and Charlene Raley Kudos to all.”

- A.M.

“We were in Boston to celebrate my 60th birthday. Having been on Savannah Ghost Tours, Charleston, SC, etc., expected the same type tour. No way!! Out of all the tours we have been on, the Boston tour has been the best. Constance made it very memorable. THANK YOU!!”

- C.B.

“The night was misty, chilly, and perfect. I had soooo much fun, yet learned a lot. Can’t wait to come back. The guide was a riot. Funny and spooky. Lol. The interaction with the tourists was great. Clearly she loved the job.”

boston ghost tour guests

- S.W.

“My wife and I took your Boston Tour last night with the tour guide Anthraxicon, and I wanted to write to let you know that this was by far the best tour we have ever taken. The tour guide was great! His humor and knowledge led to us having the night of our life. Anthraxicon should be commended for his dedication to his job! Thanks again and take care.”

- P.F., Saugus, MA

“Tonight my family, myself and three friends took the graveyard trolley tour. The tour guide was “Ozzy”. I just wanted to let you know we all had a great time; Ozzy was fun and very knowledgeable of the history. Just wanted to say thanks for the great time we had.”

- R.W.

“I would like to thank the cast members for taking this fantastic picture”

ghost tour guests with tour guides

- M.C., Miami Lakes, FL

“Last Sunday night, we took the 8:00pm tour and it was a superb adventure. I must tell you that the entire experience, from the frame ticket agent to the gentleman that helped us board the tour bus, they were really great. Mortimer was a great speaker and actor. He really worked very hard with his presentation. Thanks.”

- J.G., Pooler, GA

“WOW! I recently visited Boston from Savannah and I had gone on the tour in Savannah and was a little apprehensive about the tour in Boston hoping it would be as good as the Savannah tour. This tour was unbelievably amazing! The tour guide (the demon with the swinging chain) was the best person for this tour! I am more than pleased and know I got more than my money’s worth! … I will definitely be back and be bringing a group of people to check out this tour! Thank you for the amazing time!”

- M.M., Merrimack, NH

“We went on the Boston Tour with Fr. Seamus Rattigan & Dr. Bartholomew and had such a blast that we went back 5 days later with more family & friends… We are now trying to tell everyone we know what a great time we had & they should go. My granddaughter started a fan site on facebook & we hope to go to the St. Augustine tour, as well as planning to go on the Boston tour again (& again, & again, etc….) Is there any way of finding out when Seamus & Dr. Bart will be on a tour so we can get to see them again? Thanks.”

- B.J., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“My kids wanted an address to send a Christmas card to Father Seamus Rattigan, as they really enjoyed their tour…. we have been a few times this year and had a great time.”

- M. M., Australia

“I was walking through downtown Boston when I stumbled across the store front… had a look and decided to buy a ticket; let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed!!! Ended up having Anthraxicon as a tour guide and it was laughs right off the starting line; he kept it very lighthearted and comical for the whole duration of the journey… I had SO much fun, and as soon as I came back home, I told everyone about the tour I did… all my friends want to come along as well if we manage to make it back over to Boston; was well worth the money and I would gladly do it again if I’m ever in Boston!”

“I signed up for this tour last night in Boston because my son saw the sign and really wanted to try it. I am not typically interested in tours. This tour was different – we had a blast!!! Your cast of gravediggers do a great job making this fun, especially our guide Anthraxicon who added a sense of humor and irony to the whole experience. I go to Boston all the time and can’t wait to come back to the tour with my daughter!!!”

- J.S., Denver, CO

“Father Seamus Rattigan should be given a raise. He gave the most entertaining tour I have ever been on. He is entirely at ease with himself and very, very funny. Truly hilarious. Comedy is very tough to do and this guy is a natural. You are beyond lucky to have him. I will recommend this tour to everyone coming to Boston (and will definitely recommend Seamus).”

- B.R., Virginia Beach, VA

“Yesterday I took the 10pm Boston haunted tour, and today I took the 6pm and 8pm tours. If that doesn’t tell you how enjoyable my experience was, then I don’t know what to say. The entire crew was awesome both nights. Whatever you pay them, it isn’t enough. Thank you so much for the best tour experience ever.”

- P.J., Manchester, NH

“I just have to say that the tour guide on April 5th was exceptional!!! I had so very much fun and loved being chosen to act out a Boston Common hanging. Great job!! Please forward this comment to Anthraxicon.”

- L.D., Malden, MA

“Hi, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for a wonderful time. I took the 9pm tour with my family, and we had so much fun. I came into work this morning and recommended it to everyone. Our tour guide was Madeleine – she was great! Thanks very much for a spooky and fun time!”

- J. D., Boston, MA

“I was born and grew up in Milton, went to college in Cambridge and moved back to the area after 10 years or so of living in California. I didn’t expect much from the tour other than cheesy tourist goodness, but I ended up having a really excellent time. I had never been to Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, and there were many stories and factoids I’d not heard. I did want to express special thanks to Mercy, our ghost-guide. She was funny, energetic – and she can sing quite well! She was a delight and wanted your management to know what a gem she is. The guy who played Silas the gravedigger was very good as well. Please accept my thanks for such a great time. I hope to take another ghost tour with your company, and I’ll definitely recommend you in future. Thanks again!”

- F.J., Jasper, IN

“All the characters were great. Would definitely recommend. Fun, fun, fun!”

- A.J., Stoughton, MA

“My mom and I went on the Ghost Tour last Friday and we had an amazing time!!! The tour guide was outstanding and he was what really made the tour. Thank you very much and we both can not say enough good things about the tour. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!”

- N.S.

“The tour was wicked fun. I was scared at first being 13 but once I met shamus I was soo happy. He was wicked funny; tell him KRISTINE and Nicolle say hi.”

- M.V., Villa Hills, KY

“My son and I took tours on October 10 and October 13. Both times we had a superb time! The tour guides, Madelyn and Carmen, were both outstanding!!. They stayed in character very well, kept the tone of the tour appropriately suspenseful, and tolerated my son’s questions and answers. I have taken many tours all over the USA and without a doubt Madelyn and Carmen were the top guides I have seen. I hope they are both with G&G when we plan to return next October. Please forward this feedback to them directly. They deserve the recognition!”

- D.K., Shapleigh

“Haven’t laughed that much in a while… the most fun I’ve had!”

- T.C., Plymouth, MI

“On my visit to Boston I went on the ghosts and gravestones tour… had a great time. Mercy was awesome and I will surely stop back on my next stop to Boston. Thanks Mercy, ‘Detroit'”

- F.C., Neenan, WI

“Silas was excellent. I had the best time, everyone rocked!”

- D.S., Butte, MT

“Anthraxicon did an excellent job. He actually scared me twice!”

- M.K., Tampa, FL

“Highlight of our trip. Mercy Witherer was fantastic!”

- T.S., Miami, FL

“I took your Boston haunted tour. I was amazed, surprised, scared, excited, and all that before I even got on the trolley. As an amateur ghost hunter I loved the walking tours … I will definitely recommend your tour to everyone I talk to. Kudos to all with extra kudos to Carmen.”

- S.C., Sacramento, CA

“You guys rock!! Carmen was fantastic.”

- M.S.

“We had so much fun even in the cold and pouring rain!”

- M.D., Plymouth, MA

“I’ve lived in Boston my whole life. This was the best thing I’ve done.”

- A.M., Branford, CT

“Drove 2 1/2 hours just to take your tour! Such a great time!”

- B.B., Littleton, CO

“Loved Maggie Poppins, Lucius, and Minerva. Thank you!”

- F.C., Aberdeen, Scotland

“Brilliant fun. Worth every cent!”

- R.G., Salem, NH

“Excellent characters, stories, and laughs. Everyone had fun. An all around fantastic tour. Dr. Bartholomew was outstanding!”

- A.H., St. Paul, MN

“Maggie Poppins was fabulous! I have been telling all of my friends and family about everything I learned!”

- S.W. Concord, MA

“Our guide Silas was exceptional – informative, funny, and charming with enough of a touch of ghoulish disdain for us mere mortals. So much fun!”

- A.C., Cort Manor, NY

“Carmen’s tour was exceptional! Would do it again in a heartbeat.”

- B.P. Watertown, MA

“We had a wonderful time. This is our 5th year taking the tour. Thank you Madeline. Keep up the good work. We’ll see you all again next year!”

- T.B. Chandler, AZ

“Dick The Slasher’s story presentation was fabulous! He made our vacation and Halloween the best!”

- J.N. Mansfield, MA

“The Ghosts & Gravestones Tour was outstanding. Zati was clear, knowledgeable, funny, friendly. She stole my heart! Stephen O’Normal and Maggie were wonderful too!”