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Meet our Gravediggers

You can’t very well be expected to take a spine-tingling journey to the dark side without the aid of some very seasoned guides. Meet some of the guys and ghouls eager to regale you with tales of wandering spirits, malevolent forces and spooky souls that accompany you through the sinister streets and graveyards on your tour of the doomed. See you on the Other Side!

boston ghosts gravedigger
Tour Guides
Photo of Mercy Witherer
Mercy Witherer
Mercy Witherer, female apparition of indeterminate age. Likes coffins, broken dolls and long walks in the graveyard. Seeking tourists and trolley travelers to tantalize with twisted tales of trauma, terror and tragedy.
picture of boston ghosts gravedigger stella morgan
Stella Morgan
Stella Morgan was a magician on the rise; but because she was a woman, her theatre manager relegated her to the role of assistant. She shared her repertoire of tricks with these lesser magicians; but “accidents” kept befalling them, ending their mediocre lives.  Before getting the main stage all to herself, Stella was confronted by the theatre manager, resulting in a showdown that ended with the greatest tragedy of all – Stella’s death and eternal damnation to tourism.
boston ghosts gravedigger bernard kingsley
Bernard Kingsley
Bernard Kingsley was born a pauper and became determined to rise to high class. He began robbing graves for anything of value, including the cadavers themselves, eventually earning enough money to rise to high society. When the people of Boston learned of this they set out for vengeance, cornered him in the cemetery, dismembered him, and scattered his parts around Boston. Bernard is now doomed to pay back humanity for his sins against the dead, by working in tourism.
boston ghosts gravedigger jack burton
Jack Burton
Jack was a colonial bartender working at the Green Dragon. Being a patriot, he would poison any tory customers who came by. As punishment for his misdeeds he is now forced to spend his afterlife giving tours.
boston ghosts gravedigger dottie mayhem
Dottie Mayhem
Dorothy Meacham was a standup citizen... until standing up for what's right had dire consequences... for all of us. A good person all her life, now Dottie Mayhem is making up for lost time - luring the unsuspecting into Boston's darkest places under the guise of the disarmingly sweet ingenue she once was, armed with a hatchet and a new lease on death.
boston ghosts gravedigger batty betty
Batty Betty
Born Elizabeth Wraith, “Batty Betty” is as alive as a dead girl could be. With an endless hunger for... Boston’s history... this cannibalistic spit-fire is sure to give you the (last) ride of your life aboard Ghosts & Gravestones!
boston ghosts gravedigger lily winters
Lily Winters
Lily Winters is the scorned and broken mental patient of a time far gone. Lily is back to seek vengeance for all the scorned lovers and make those cheating fools remember hell has no fury like a scorned woman. Lily also enjoys cooking, karaoke and making the unsuspecting cry out in terror.
boston ghosts gravedigger jonathan percival goodspeed
Jonathan Percival Goodspeed
Jonathan Percival Goodspeed was a successful mortician until he decided to... shall we say "manufacture additional clientele." Armed with his trusty walking stick and wicked temper, Jonathan is just dying to show you around his city. Just don't call him Percy…
boston ghosts gravedigger mildred
Mildred “The Butcher” Baines
Mildred has enjoyed many years in hospitality. She was the manager, cook, activities coordinator and concierge of the acclaimed “Come on Inn.” Unfortunately, the pool of clientele seemed to dwindle as she began to expand her job description to... Butcher. She’s dying to have you aboard her tour.
boston ghosts gravedigger anthraxicon
Anthraxicon, the Death Bringer, is the resident demon of Boston’s Ghosts & Gravestones. He’s a sly, mischievous, nasty little demon who enjoys little more than sharing his stories of horror, terror, the dark depths of the human soul and the things that go bump in the night.