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real life ghost stories at copps hill   Ghost at Copp's Hill

This photograph was taken by a Ghosts & Gravestones guest in Copp's Hill Burying Ground in 2007. It shows what appears to be an elderly woman in Victorian dress.
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Colonial Ghost

This picture was taken in Granary Graveyard in September 2006. The spectral figure could be a person washed out by the sun's light, or it could be something more. The shape of the figure's head is what makes the spectre so interesting.

Photo submitted by: Vincent V.

  real life ghost stories at granary graveyard
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tour guide standing next to tombstone  

Maggie and a Friend

Notice the very apparent orb hovering near Maggie.

I often "feel" spirits, and know the feeling they had at passing, but I rarely see them. Only with a camera am I able to verify what I feel...Love the tour!

granary burial ground haunted places in boston  

More Orbs Approach

The Granary Burial Ground, or Cemetery was very active for me. The hair on my arms and back of my head was quivery when I took this. Very uneasy feeling.

Photos submitted by: Melissa T.

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This was in the second graveyard we visited. I have never taken nor seen a picture with so many orbs! Very spooky.

Photo submitted by: Christine B.


  tour guide at graveyard
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headstones in cemetery   Orbs at Copp's Hill

Photo submitted by: Lisa M.

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Anthraxicon's Foot

While in the old granary burial ground my friend kept looking behind him; I turned to see Anthraxicon sneaking up behind us. So I thought it would be funny to snap a picture; if you look you can see his foot behind the tomb and 2 orbs one above and one to the right.

Photo submitted by: Steve P.

  cemetery at night
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orb floating among tombstones   Copp's Hill Orb

Photo submitted by: Kayla J.

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Orbs Galore

My pictures were pretty clear before and after this shot. Amazing. Can see faces in some of them.

Photo submitted by: Sheila

  lady leaning on tomb stone and orbs floating
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haunted places in boston- Boston Massacre Site  

Site of Real Boston Massacre Directly Across from Old State House

There looks to be some sort of anomaly coming toward the camera from the right sidewalk. Then, in the second picture below, which was the very next picture taken, the anomaly gets much bigger and appears to be some sort of orb. Whether it's dust, a reflection, or a true orb, you can be the judge.

lady sitting on wall  

This is the very next picture taken after the one above. The anomaly appears to be circular and appeared to have gotten closer to the camera from the time the first picture was taken, wherein only seconds would have elapsed.

Photos submitted by : Michael M.

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Creepy Face Behind Shoulder

If you look really closely behind her left shoulder, you can see a red area, and when you look even closer, it looks like an old man's face. I'm pretty sure there wasn't someone behind her. It looks a little bit like a gravestone; it's likely it could be that. It just seems a little odd. Some orbs can be seen too.

  lady holding lantern and orbs floating


Most could be dust, but it's a very interesting photo.

  orbs floating at night

More Orbs

Orbs around John Hancock's monument.

These pictures were taken on a 7:00pm tour... All three were taken in the Granary burial ground, one of the most Haunted Places in Boston. The first one (Creepy Face Behind Shoulder) is the most interesting. When I took it, there was no one behind the tour guide. It looks as if it is the face of an old man, angrily staring at her. When I took the second picture (Orbs) I could see some of the 'orbs' when my camera flash went off, so I'm sure most of them are dust. But some there could be actual orbs. The third picture (More Orbs) was taken by John Hancock's monument. What's really interesting is I took the picture a few seconds after I left a penny there for respect. Perhaps the penny aroused some sort of manifestation, considering the orbs in the picture?

Photos submitted by: Hannah M.

  john hancock monument and orbs floating
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orbs at cemetery  

Orbs Galore and a face

Boston tour at the Granary Burying Ground. Many orbs in this picture. This picture was taken without a flash. Any pictures I took with a flash showed no orbs. These orbs are NOT mostly from dust as the ground was a bit wet and muddy at the time. If you look in the far right upper corner there seems to be a face or it is just overlaying orbs and your mind making you see faces.

Photo submitted by: Mark S.

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Ghostly Guide

Anthraxicon looking a little ghostly in Copp's Hill Burying Ground.

Photo submitted by: Trisha M.

  anthraxicon carrying lantern
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Orb with Face

We were on tour Saturday. Picture with a lot of orbs! One particular orb at top had a different color to it and can see a face in it. Looks like a woman to me.

Photo submitted by: Colleen K.

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A ghost behind our tour guide

Our tour guide was telling us real life ghost stories in Copps Hill Burying Ground when a ghost (I think it was a girl's ghost) appeared behind her. Look under her arm. You can see something floating in the air.

  ghost tour guide at cemetery

A female ghost behind us

When I took this picture, there was nobody in Copps Hill but us, the tour guide and the watchman. But when I saw it later, I could notice a mysterious woman behind us. I've never seen her before. And if you compare our figures with hers, you can see a difference.

Photos submitted by: Maria R.

  people at cemetery
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Copps Hill

Ghostly watchers.

Photo submitted by: C.P.

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Paul Revere Grave

Photo submitted by: Will N.

  paul revere gravestone
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tombstones at Copps Hill Cemetery  

Copps Orbs

Copps burial ground; Looked at pics the next day and found this orb storm.

Photo submitted by: Mark A.

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grave site  

Paul Revere Grave Site

Random blurs on woman and ground. Nothing wrong with camera.

Photo submitted by: Anna A.

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Apparent Figures

I was going through the photos I took to make sure the orbs I was pointing out were not just gravestones. While looking at the orb in the red circle, I looked below it and thought to myself what an odd shaped stone that is. After looking at it again, I realized it looks like a small child, head in the ground, and legs in the air. You can see one arm out to the side as well. Right behind him appears to be an older gentleman, pants/shorts, you can see the belt loops. It appears as though his left arm is bent as if it is in a sling, or he's holding a lantern. No one else was behind our group in the cemetery at the time.

Photo submitted by: Kaitlin M.

  cemetery at night
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Paul Revere Grave at Granary Graveyard

I took this picture October 9. I had my flash turned off. You can see Paul Revere's grave stone centered in picture. You can also see the white sleeve of the tour guide to the right. If you look at this picture in a dimly lit room it's easier to see. But to the left of Revere's grave is quite remarkable.

Photo submitted by: Sharon H.

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Interesting Apparition

Took your 8:00 tour on August 10th and thought this image was interesting. Look in the upper right hand corner.

Photo submitted by: Susan

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ghostly figures  

Two Ghostly Figures

While at Copps Hill, I took this picture while every member in the group was behind me. In the center of the picture there is a transparent looking figure; to the right and slightly behind the center figure there is a second one. Neither were gravestones or trees; I made sure to take it in an area where neither were present.

Photo submitted by: Jake L.

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Misty Figure

These photos were taken in a graveyard in Boston. The night wasn't foggy at all, and when I reviewed my photos I could see a white misty figure. Two photos were taken, one after the other.

Photo submitted by: Anita O.

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top hat man behind window  

Top Hat Man

During my Boston tour I took a picture in the window of a very old building; I think it was a restaurant. Nobody was inside, except the ghostly man in the top hat (mustache and all). Kinda creepy... very cool.

Photo submitted by: Gracie

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Ghost at Dusk

In Copp's Hill Burial Grounds my wife broke away from the tour to get some good pictures as the light was quickly fading. Clouds started blowing in quickly and distant flashes of lightning threatened but (thankfully) produced no rain, only wind. As we reviewed our pictures later we noticed a figure along the right side of the photo. Eerie! Our tour guide recognized her and said it wasn't the first he'd seen of her. You never know what will happen at dusk in Boston...

Photo submitted by: ...

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top hat man behind window  

Granary Burying Ground Orbs

Looking for orbs on our tour last Friday night and caught these images. Enjoyed the tour; very interesting historical facts. Chainman was great.

Photo submitted by: Joyce M.

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