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Salem, Massachusetts seaside scene at night

Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Massachusetts

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Where there is history there is always mystery

And the great state of Massachusetts is no exception

When you look beyond the famed historic landmarks, architectural wonders and popular attractions,  there is darkness and tragedy, spirits of the dead and lost souls who wander about the buildings, streets, parks, graveyards and open spaces, never wishing to transition to their next life. If you’re ever traveling to Boston, be sure to experience the Ghosts and Gravestones Haunted Tour. As the most haunted city in the Northeast, you’re going to want to explore the treacherous grounds with a guide and group.

Now let’s get down to business; here are the Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Massachusetts:

Salem, The Witch City

Just 17 miles north of Boston, this small city was founded in 1626 and began as a simple, religious town with a peaceful, communal way of life.

Everything changed in 1692 when hysteria and fear spread through the community in what we all know as the Salem Witch Trials. Hundreds of local people were accused of witchcraft and subsequently tried, imprisoned and condemned. 19 of the convicted men and women were executed by public hanging and the 20th, an elderly man named Giles Corey, was pressed to death with large stones. It was a harrowing time – when regular folks were afraid of dark magic, of their neighbors and friends and even more so, of being the next to die. It’s this tragic history that has led to the numerous accounts of hauntings.

Some of the city’s most haunted spots include:

  • The Old Burying Point Cemetery, one of the oldest burial grounds in Massachusetts
  • The Salem Hospital
  • The Salem Jail
  • Salem State College
  • Saint Mary’s Cemetery
  • The Joshua Ward House
  • Gallows Hill and others

The Houghton Mansion, North Adams

The Houghton Mansion was built in 1890 by Albert Charles Houghton, a former mayor of North Adams.

This historic building has been called one of the scariest places in New England and with good reason. During tours, guests have reported hearing footsteps and voices when no one else was in sight. Flickering lights, loud knocking and ghostly shadows have also been witnessed. Paranormal experts believe that Houghton himself haunts the house; he died there after suffering fatal injuries from a car accident. His driver also died in the mansion after shooting himself out of guilt after the accident. Investigators regularly visit the Houghton mansion and you can too. Walking tours are available for $5 per person.

The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, Fall River

Most folks know the sordid tale of Lizzie Borden.

In 1892 her parents, Andrew and Abbey Borden, were found brutally murdered in their home in Fall River, Massachusetts. The couple’s youngest daughter Lizzie was accused of the violent, crime and soon put on trial in an event that became a spectacle across the state. Although acquitted, Lizzie Borden’s name became known across the world and associated with the reprehensible act that killed her parents. Throughout its horrific past, visitors to the Lizzie Borden house have felt cold fingers tapping them on the shoulder and heard footsteps coming from empty rooms. A ghostly apparition of a woman in Victoria era clothing has also been seen. Stop in for a tour or if you’re brave enough, book an overnight stay at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast; you might just uncover the truth behind this tragic story.

The Hoosac Tunnel, North Adams

A railroad tunnel built in the 1800s, the Hoosac Tunnel’s nickname is “The Bloody Pit”.

The dreaded structure took 25 years to build, during which more than 190 people were killed. Another 30 people were killed after the tunnel opened and several tragedies have occurred inside the dark tunnel, including an explosion in the shaft that killed 13 miners. Legend has it that you can hear the cries of agony coming from inside the tunnel and people have seen the ghosts of miners and floating lanterns lighting up the darkness from within.

USS Salem, Quincy

The USS Salem was built between 1945 and 1949 and although it never saw battle, it was instrumental during the Cold War.

The former Navy cruiser is now a museum ship and open to the public for tours and events. Those who visit get much more than a fascinating history lesson – they get a chance to have an encounter with the many spirits that inhabit the famous ship. Featured on TV’s Ghost Hunters, the USS Salem is one of the world’s most haunted ships; almost everyone who has ever visited it has had a paranormal experience. Apparitions have been spotted throughout the ship, the spirits of women in the birthing room have been seen and the sound of a woman screaming, “Get it out!” was recorded using an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Other ghosts roam the decks, deck hatches bang violently open and shut, things go bump in the night and a shadowy figure looms in the machinery room, among other inexplicable occurrences. The USS Salem is a popular site for ghost hunters and paranormal experts, and offers the public a chance to do their own investigations with tours, hunts and even special Halloween events.

The shadowy side of Massachusetts spans across the entire state where centuries of history are filled with darkness, torment and mystery. Explore the spookiest, more frightening sites, where ghosts linger about, awaiting a visit from you.