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lady's head  

Lady's Head at Entrance to Museum

We took the Ghost Tour. At the East Martello Fort, I took random pictures with my camera, hoping to get "orbs" [which I did get a few]. This picture was taken on the way in to the museum... I was the last one going in, my husband holding the door urging me to hurry. Neither of us saw anyone else. The pictures were all very dark, so when I got home I lightened them a little and was shocked to see this head. I thought maybe it was a statue, but pictures of the museum during the day do not show any statues at the entrance ramp.

Photo submitted by: Lynne

  black line  

Robert Looking Out

My husband and I took your tour on September 26. This photo was taken at the fort; of course you see the streaks of light on the photo. If you zoom in where I have circled, you will see the image of Robert looking out. There also looks like a face just above Robert's head. We really enjoyed your tour!

Photo submitted by: Tim E.

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robert the doll haunted places in key west  

Reflected Robert the Doll

Inside the museum, I decided to take a photograph of the hearse on the other side of the room from Robert. Got a great shot - and in the upper right hand corner? There was Robert, up to his tricks. I thanked him, of course!


haunted mansion  

Mansion Haint Blue

I was photographing in black and white, but kept getting shots filled with 'haint blue.' Spooky!


Robert's Company

Including this just because I thought it came out cool. How often do you get black and white shots of skeletons, anyhow?

I consider myself an open-minded cynic, really. I believe there are things other-than-us here on the planet, and that there are a lot of unexplained phenomena. At the same time, I don't believe that all the haunted places in Key West are really haunted- I wait to see for myself. Raven Cadaver gave me one of the EMF devices while in East Martello Fort with Robert, and I have to admit, there was a lot of activity. I checked the EMF device against things like my camera, electrical outlets, lights, and etc. and for the most part it never read them (it read one very large A/C unit). It lit up in several places inside Robert's room, and even while I headed to the exit. Guess he was there after all. I got so many great photographs, I had to send them along for you guys!

Photos submitted by: Patricia L

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Explosion of orbs

This photo was taken while on the Key West ghost tour and really caught me off-guard when I looked back at it. I could not see them with the naked eye. Took several at this same spot and did pick up other orbs, but this one took them all.

We went to Key West on vacation August 15-23 and had a blast! I really enjoyed the Key West ghost tour you provided and with all the photos I have, I am really convinced of the ghosts that roam Key West at night!

Photo submitted by: Dana W.

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fence and light  

Spanish War Burial Plot

There is a bright mass. This is a great ghost tour; take lots of pictures. Key West definitely has a lot of spirits.

church and orbs  

Church Graveyard

Caught a lot of orbs on this one!... Had a great time; caught a lot of unexplained things on my pictures.

Photo submitted by: Connie M.

  black line  

Orbs at fort gate

Photo submitted by: Don F.

  orbs at gate
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inside fort  

After leaving Robert's area

My wife and I recently took your ghost tour and I captured this image. I am a seasoned police investigator but I am not a forensic photo examiner so I'm not sure what exactly the image is in the picture but my kids and my wife both had a strong reaction to the picture. I took numerous pictures during the tour and this one I took inside the Fort. As I took the photo a young woman behind me had a strong reaction on her EMF monitor and I heard a voice, which I thought at the time was my wife saying "what are you doing?" but my wife was about 30 feet away and denied making the statement.

Photo submitted by: Thomas S.

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At the Fort

My husband and I took the Key West tour to learn some history of the islands. When I looked at my pictures the next day, we discovered we got a bit more than just the history lesson. This picture was taken at the Fort, right after our visit with Robert the Doll. I was having difficulty with my camera, which was strange because I had never had issues with it before, nor have I had any issues with it after we left the fort. I have no explanation for this photo, even though I consider myself a logical person. If anyone can explain this in a reasonable manner, I would love to hear it! It's one of my own Real Life Key West Ghost Stories.

Photo submitted by: Natalie H.

  real life key west ghost stoes and apparitions
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We're Not Alone...

This photo was taken at the East Martello Museum in Key West, FL. In addition to the orbs, in the distance there is what appears to be a figure of a man in the doorway.

Photo submitted by: Liz

  black line  

Porter House

Listening to the story of the hauntings in the Porter house, captured orbs by the haunted room.

Photo submitted by: Chris

  porter house
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east martello entrance  

Orbs at East Martello Tower

Several orbs at the entrance/exit, taken as we leave. Looks like most do not like going beyond the gate.

This was a very active night. I took about 30 photos, and almost everyone has orbs or some anomaly. The EMF meters were also quite active. We had a wonderful and enjoyable time on the tour and we will be back to "visit"!

Photo submitted by: Julie S.

  black line  

Our family recently visited Key West and took the Ghosts & Gravestones tour where we heard about "Robert the Doll" for the first time. When we arrived at the fort museum, we knew the proper protocol for taking pictures of Robert. Our daughter, Brianna, very politely and respectfully greeted, asked permission to take a picture and then thanked Robert. Nobody else took any pictures that I know of or at least they didn't ask to. Before any of this started, while waiting for the guide to begin speaking, my son tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned to him, he very discreetly did the sign of the cross to himself. I nodded in reply and did likewise, as did both our girls. My husband raised his camera to take a picture and I tugged his shirt and said "You haven't asked yet", to which he shrugged, then took the picture anyway. We went on with the tour which continued outside for a time, then back onto the trolley. It wasn't until we got back to our hotel and my husband and I were alone that he told me his camera malfunctioned when he tried to take Robert's picture. It wouldn't take, then did a bunch of rapid strobe-like flashes all by itself. It didn't work on any of the pictures he tried to take outside in the fort. Then when we got back on the trolley, it began to work again!! We told the kids when we were leaving Key West and they all said "Way to go, Dad"! Now you're on his list! Well, the 12 hour drive back home was hard on my husband. It seemed nothing was going his way and everything that could aggravate someone happened to him! Every time something happened we'd say "Robert did It", like the story goes. Then I prayed a very reverent prayer for help and asked for forgiveness if we had offended anyone and things got better. Let's just hope it worked. Now I think, even without saying it, my husband has a much greater respect for the story of "Robert the Doll" and the supernatural than he had before!!! Thanks for a great time of the tour! - S.S.

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Spooky Side of Key West

Hello: We took the Key West - Ghosts and Gravestones tour on the evening of August 5... My girlfriend Tracey and I love to hear about and very much respect the spooky side of Key West. When the tour stopped at the Museum and we got out to visit the "Robert" doll, our host encouraged us to take many pictures because of the history of this fort and the ghostly encounters taken place there. Well sure enough - We believe that Tracey captured an "Orb" at the front gate... We loved the tour; very much enjoyed the tour guides... Thanks a lot and see you next August.

Photo submitted by: Stephen M.

  fort gate at night
  black line  
face in glass  

Face in Glass Case Reflection

We went on the Ghosts & Gravestones tour on Wednesday, September 7. Going through and deleting several photos I took at the East Martello Fort when I saw "the face" reflected in a glass case near the back. I played with several adjustment settings in PhotoShop but this "face" does not go away. Creepy!

Photo submitted by: Carol F.

  black line  

Apparition at East Martello Museum

We were on the tour this past August and went to the East Martello Museum. We had visited Robert and were leaving through the courtyard when the tour guide asked us to stop and take pictures along a wall where orbs were often seen in photos. When we were on the bus on the way back, we looked at our photos through the camera and didn't see anything. Then we got the photos developed last week... as you can see we were quite surprised to see the image in the lower left of the photo. Neither of us are real believers, but we cannot explain this picture. We have photos right before and after this shot, and nothing similar is seen. Pretty strange...and eerie!

Photo submitted by: Kathleen F.

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old jail house  

The Old Jailhouse Gallows

This is the old jailhouse. You are looking at the hanging yard... the Gallows. If you look to the right just above the fence line you will see a hanging skeleton. Feet, up the legs to the hips, see the spine, the ribs, the shoulders to the neck... My daughter took picture with her camera at just about the same time I did from other side of trolley and she had a light orb. Very cool... "Robert did it"

Photo submitted by: Gary G.

  black line  

Suspicious Apparition

I was in Key West,Fl and went on ya'll's ghost tour. We had approached a bench and I had forgotten the story behind it, but the tour guide had told us to take pictures and see if anything suspicious shows up. In this photo, it only appears once and the second time I had taken a photo, it did not show up in the next photo so it seems obvious to me that it is not photo scum or any water on the lens.

Photo submitted by: Haley D.

  black line  


We were in front of the building of the Robert Doll and I randomly wanted to take a picture and then this showed up on my camera. I took multiple pictures and the circles had moved!

Photo submitted by: Shannon C.

  black line  

Town Hall / Jail House

In the top right of the photo, it appears to be a skeletal face coming out of the building.

Photo submitted by: Scott

  town hall
  black line  
  "Well, my family and I were just leaving Key West to go home when we decided to stop by Robert's home (the museum) to say goodbye. We went in and saw Robert. I then proceeded to ask for his picture knowing that without doing so, something bad would happen. I took the picture with my cell phone and right then and there my phone shut off with a full battery. Once I turned it back on, there was no signal and I could not text or make calls. This "curse" lasted until my car passed the "Welcome to Key West" sign. Never again will I take his picture." - A.  
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Orbs on Tour

Had this one picture I took when not looking up the tunnel. 3-4 orbs(one above tunnel), and not sure what is at back of tunnel. Did not see it until I uploaded pictures to computer. Lots of fun.

Photo submitted by: Jerilyn R.

  black line  

Robert Looking Out

My wife and I took your tour this year. This photo was taken at the fort. Of course you see the streaks of lights on the photo. If you zoom in on the lower right corner of the left window you see the image of Robert looking out. There also looks like a face above Robert's head. We really enjoyed your tour. Thank you

Photo submitted by: Tim E.

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apparition of man  

Apparition of Man at Museum

This was taken at the museum as my husband and I were leaving. There was no one in front of the buildings that we were photographing but clearly saw this full image of a man when we reviewed our pictures back on the trolley.

Photo submitted by: Susan W.

  black line  

East Martello Orbs

I took the Key West tour on Feb 1. I got some pretty cool photos, but this one is the best by far. I saw all the orbs over the top of my camera before this photo showed up on my camera screen. I have a photo that was taken less than 10 seconds before this of the same thing, and it didn't have anything. This photo has the most amount of orbs that I've ever seen in a photo.

Photo submitted by: Angie B.

  east martello orbs
  black line  
face on window  


I took my daughter on the 9PM tour... I took pictures with my new iPhone and was going through our pictures this morning... look in the window. My daughter asked me if I altered the photo but I can barely answer my new phone so no-I did not alter anything...

Photo submitted by: Jennifer

  black line  

Orbs & a ghost?

This was taken outside the doors at the Fort where Robert the doll resides. Where many soldiers died from sickness... There were no lights present to cause the orbs.

Photo submitted by: Joanne B.

  black line  
robert the doll reflection  

Robert the Doll

Last night, my husband and I took the Ghosts and Gravestones tour... The picture I posted is in the room with Robert the Doll. I snapped a picture of the Plexiglas sheeting separating that room from another room. Upon downloading the pictures I found this one that I'm sure is Robert looking out from the other side. Our guide said that sometimes he likes to leave his hand print on the sheeting... but I can make out more than just a hand! I am not a skeptic of the paranormal. I've been on quite a few tours... and have several times captured images of orbs and shadows and smoke-like images. So, I think this is something... I'm impressed that Robert made himself known while we were there!

Photo submitted by: Ginny F.

  black line  

Blue Face

I was talking to Robert telling him about my uncle Robert who likes to pull pranks.

Photo submitted by: Connie C.

  blue apparition
  black line  
east martello fort  

East Martello Museum Ghosts

My boyfriend and I recently visited Key West. We went on the ghost tour. Snapped a few shots and thought nothing of it. The next day we looked at them. Now mind you we were in the back of the group and I mostly wanted shots of the grounds/buildings in the blue light after the sun went down. In this photo, yes there is a gentlemen on the right side who was part of the group but we had a little visitor as well... or 2 depending on which friend you ask of ours who has looked at the photo. Two days later we went to the fort during the day and I went to step into that building in the photo and a few steps in just was overcome and I refused to step any further without my boyfriend present and I was still very uneasy. I've experienced many paranormal things in my life and this put me off a little and yet I'm fascinated by it.

Photo submitted by: Andrea H.

  black line  

Entrance to East Martello Fort

My wife took this photo waiting to go into the fort and this came out. I took the same picture with my phone and the picture was clear.

Photo submitted by: Joseph F.

  fort entrance
  black line  
house pillar and tree  

Image in Between House Pillar and Tree

We were on your tour in August and I just reviewed the pictures here is what we got.

Photo submitted by: Liz T.

  black line  

East Martello Face

My wife and I took pics while on the tour; after downloading them on the computer, we saw a face under the top rung of the stairs at the Fort East Martello Museum. We had other pics with orbs, but this was the most spooky.

Photo submitted by:Russ and Lisa C.

  east martello fort stairs
  black line  
hearse window  

Face in the Hearse Window

My daughter and I went on this tour Friday night. I took 3 pics of the hearse, and all were clear until I looked at this picture. You can see someone - Robert I believe - staring out of the window of the hearse. Very chilling. Thank you Robert.

Photo submitted by: Deborah T.

  black line  

What Do You See

We took this picture and noticed the orange light with a face. It has not been altered in anyway and freaked us out. We were the last in line and didn't have anyone behind me.

Photo submitted by: Brenda

  orange light
  black line  
light anomalies  

Light Anomalies

Weird light anomalies that I thought nothing of until I saw another one with similarities on the website! I too was having weird fluctuations with the EMF meter and my camera was going off on its own, and a couple of times while standing by Robert!

Photo submitted by: Brett M.

  black line  

Strange Face

We were walking around the perimeter trying to capture an orb. I took a picture of the window expecting the light to play off the glass; but what I saw later when I reviewing the pictures... looks like a face in a box...

Photo submitted by: Erika M.

  face on window
  black line  
ghost host and shadow  

Robert Did It!

We did the tour August 26. I took this photo when our guide was talking about the soldier who shook hands with someone and then turned around and walked through the wall. That made the other person run off screaming. My photo was spooked bombed! It's a perfect lined shadow on one side, which if it were my thumb, then it always comes up in an oval, and her shadow looks as if it's going through the wall. Loved, loved, loved... the tour!

Photo submitted by: Marci W.

  black line  

Civil War Soldier

This was from the Key West tour. Blow it up and look at the image at the bottom center - looks like the face of a soldier. I had no idea I had this photo until the next day. The guide was telling us a story about a ghost on the site with crossed rifles on his hat; when I blew up this image and saw the face I could not believe it!

Photo submitted by: Chris B.

  face of soldier
  black line  
boy in window  

A boy in the Window!

I went on the tour and had nonchalantly been taking pictures from the trolley. Now please let me tell you the whole time I kept saying in my head: "yeah right; I'm not going to get anything from these pictures; it's impossible to capture anything!" Well the next day I'm sitting down with my fiancé and mom showing them the pictures I took. I come to the tour pictures to examine if I got anything all. Turns out that I captured a young boy basically in white in black color ( basically out of a vintage photo) from the 1920s-1940s in a window looking straight back at me. This is no set up! Here's the proof ghosts exist! They're here with us! Thanks guys for a great tour!!

Photo submitted by: Karissa B.

  black line  

Key West Cemetery Little Boy

My husband and I spent the weekend at the Francis Street Bottle Inn which is two blocks from the Key West Cemetery. The last evening of our stay we decided to take one last adventure and walk the outside of the cemetery at about 9pm. With senses on high alert and goose bumps very visible, we walked along the fence and stopped to take a picture through the iron fence every 10 or so feet. After making it all around the perimeter of the cemetery and about 50 pictures taken, we headed back to the Inn to view them. While taking the pictures I was very careful to make sure car lights, street lights, our own shadows or night bugs were not able to "corrupt" the shots. The start of viewing the photos became quite a disappointment due to there not being one image of anything ghostly, not even a single orb appeared. Once I came to the last few photos, my heart jumped! There it was! I caught something! Between the two grave sites a small boy looks to be reaching for the urn of flowers. Creepy but so exciting!

Photo submitted by: Sharlee

  key west cemetery
  black line  

Mysterious Figure

This was taken when I got off to see Robert the doll out where soldiers passed away. I did not notice the figure on the right hand side until I posted it and my brother pointed it out. Gives you goosebumps!

Photo submitted by: Kylie R.

  black line  

Orb on Shipwreck Museum Tower

The orb is clearly in front of the wooden beams on the tower staircase. We went on the Key West tour and visited the Shipwreck Museum. As I exited he trolley I snapped two quick photos of the tower with the moon. After reviewing the images, I noticed the orb. There were no lights nor planes visible to account for these.

Enjoyed the tour, very entertaining.

Photo submitted by: Angela B.

  shipwreck tower orb
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