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Ghosts and Gravestones
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join us for a spirited and entertaining tour built on stories, history, mystery and legends



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grimsleyWe found Grimsley wandering around the railroad station where he was employed as a railroad sheriff. He always has that grim look about him; that's how he got the nickname.

His dark and morbid way of relaying the grave and creepy stories of Old San Diego will give you pleasant dreams. All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. Grimsley likes giving people the creeps.

Grimsley, also known as Curly, has been at Old Town Trolley Tours for 11 years. He is the lead conductor and loves giving the Ghosts & Gravestones tour. He has been doing it for the past three years. As the lead of Ghosts & Gravestones, he has assembled a group of ragtag spooky ghost hosts that will open your mind to the wonders of the Spirit World.

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  Ace “The Gambler”
aceAce can be seen walking around with a leap in his step and a smile on his face. Some say he still doesn’t know he is dead. Always joking around and in good spirits, it is not until nightfall when he sees his reflection in the window of his buggy that he remembers the fateful night when a turn of fortune and a quick-witted prank ended his happy life.
It was truly a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ hand, 4 aces and a King, only Ace didn’t have it.  He convinced his buddies he did. Little did he know, his friend, “Scales” actually held 4 Aces.  Not being too bright, Scales figured since he had 4 aces, the only way Ace could too was if the deck was loaded or Ace had cheated. The argument escalated quickly and ended with Ace shouting, “Scales you are about as smart as a box of my hair.” Not even recognizing the insult, Scales thought for sure that Ace just admitted to cheating and shot him right through the chest. 
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  professorThe Professor
The Professor is an ambitious lifelong learner consumed with curiosities of the Transcontinental Mosaic. His travels and research in cultural anthropology focus primarily on folklore, customs, music, and superstition, exploits in the paranormal, and things perceived yet unexplained prevail as well.
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  wyattWyatt Earp
I am Wyatt Earp and you know me from my gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. I arrived in San Diego during this city's "1880's Boom." I managed a couple of gambling halls, owned race horses, and on occasion refereed boxing matches. I experienced something else too... "Ghosts." As a lawman familiar with death and dying, let me share with you what it really means to be "Wanted Dead of Alive."
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  MorbiousDr. Morbious
Hello, my name is Dr. Morbious. I lived in the late 1800s and worked out of my caravan selling all types of healing aids ranging from flu elixirs to snake oil for rashes. I have witnessed around these parts of Old Town things that went down. I am here to set the record straight. Nothing to fear, but fear itself! Let the truth be your guide.
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  DescendantThe Descendant
"I am continuously channeling my ancestors who passed beyond the veil in 1644, 1782, and 1934. Each under unclear circumstances"... The Descendant is able to speak of the other side... from the other side.
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