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  While some of these images were taken at the Cemetery, Sorrel Weed House and Gribble House, the Ghosts & Gravestones does not stop there but instead gives you exclusive access to the Perkins and Sons Ship Chandlery on River Street.  
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spirit orb


Spirit Orb Comparison

I was the last person to walk into the Andrew Low house and was heading into the first room to start the tour when I looked at the doorway and thought “that’s a creepy doorway” and took a picture. Then I went into the room and was told about the house and how Andrew Low’s first wife and young son died of illness and that they may still be roaming the house. They also said it’s not uncommon to see “Spirit Orbs” in photos. I didn’t notice this photo until I went back to my room and uploaded the photos on my computer where I could see it on a bigger scale. Since I took multiple pictures of the doorway, I compared them side-by-side and noticed that the “bubble” was moving independently from picture to picture! (I even created a side-by-side diagram proving my theory). I showed my husband and in-laws who were on the tour with me and they freaked out (with the exception of my husband who was still skeptical). So I did what you're supposed to do when you capture a ghost in your photo; you send it to your family and friends and post it on Facebook. Some people were skeptical on my findings, however my Aunt had the instinct to zoom in close on the “Spirit Orb” (which I didn’t do). She sent the close up back to me and asked “Who the Hell is that Lady?” It was obvious that the Spirit Orb up close had a FACE!!! I am only assuming it’s Andrew Low’s first wife but I can’t be sure...

Photo submitted by: Jennifer G.

  black line  

Juliette Gordon Low from Her Window

We were just exiting the trolley and I snapped a picture without flash. I wanted to take a picture of the gorgeous Andrew Low House. If you look up in the left hand window, you can see an image of an older lady sitting in a rocking chair looking out of the window. She’s kind of faded. You can make her out. I learned during the tour that the room was where Juliette Gordon Low liked to overlook the people on the square below from her rocking chair in front of that window. That’s also the place where she passed.

Photo submitted by: Jill

  andrew low house
  black line  

lady in mirror


Lady in the Mirror

I took this photo on the evening of June 4th at the Andrew Low house in one of the upstairs bedrooms. I didn't see the woman until after I was looking through my photos. What I thought was weird when I took this photo is that the camera recognized where the woman was as a face but I didn't see anything until I looked back through! My first ghost I've ever captured!

Photo submitted by: Vickie S.

  black line  

Orbs and shadows

Our friend in Savannah went ghost hunting with us and snapped this awesome photo. Orbs and shadows? Now that’s one heck of a scary sight!

Photo submitted by: @mrlambchops

  alice riley ghost
  black line  

alice riley ghost


Definitely the Outline of a Person

Our friend Ross Tyner snapped this photo at the Andrew Low House. Don’t know if he’s ever going back.

Photo submitted by: Ross Tyner

  black line  

Wright Square

This was my 3rd ghost tour in Savannah and by far the best yet. I seem to always get something in my pictures on every ghost tour I've been on in Savannah but didn't want to get my hopes up. As we rode the trolley through Wright Square and heard the story of Alice Riley I snapped about 10 pictures. Later on during the tour I scanned over each picture and this caught my eye. Beside the first tree towards the left you can see a sort of blurred figure in a pink dress almost as if she is running. The picture I took immediately after didn't have the same woman. At the end of the tour I showed my picture to the tour guide and she agreed and believed that I had caught a picture of Alice Riley as well. When we got back to the hotel I began researching Alice Riley and what I saw seemed to match up with my picture. A woman in a tattered long dress, almost looks to have a hat on, seen running, and has no feet. All fit what I see. I'm so excited that I found her in my picture and can't wait to go on another tour during my next visit to Savannah.

Photo submitted by: Courtney S.

  alice riley ghost
  black line  

old herb house


Apparition on the porch at the "old herb house"

I took this picture on the 10:00 pm Savannah ghost tour. When I was uploading it to my computer I noticed something strange in the door of what I believe is called the "old herb house". You see a humanlike form in the door but if you look closely you will see that whatever it is, is not inside the glass window in the door but actually passing through the glass window, the edges of the apparition are clearly on the outside of the window.

Photo submitted by: Tim F.

  black line  

George Washington and Friend

Notice the face (it's upside down) on the shoulder in Washington's picture...

Photo submitted by: Mary C.

  painting of George Washington
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haunted tours room interior


Very Strange

I took this picture with my cell phone. We were at the Sorrel Weed House on the ghost tour. I didn't really look at the picture until I downloaded the picture on my Facebook. I saw the blue streak at the bottom and what looks like a man in a red uniform with a tan hat on. Maybe a uniform. The man on the right is an actual person. the other is, well, I'm not sure. You decide.

Photo submitted by: Leslie D.

  black line  

Sorrel Weed House

Basement of Sorrel Weed House- One of the Most Haunted Places in Savannah; absolutely no lights on in the basement. Photo was taken with a flash and digital camera after my wife started having problems breathing.

Photo submitted by: Jeff G.

  haunted places in savannah sorrel weed house basement
  black line  

tour guide talking


Our Tour Guide

...This picture of our tour guide, Beatrice, was taken on the 8:30pm Ghosts & Gravestones tour on June 7th. Honestly, I don't believe in ghosts but this picture is definitely questionable.

Photo submitted by: Angela E

  black line  

Most Haunted Home in Savannah

During the tour, we were told about this house and about the odd things that happen in the attic. After the tour guide was telling us about the middle window, I snapped this picture. I couldn't believe what I had caught. I showed the picture to the guide who said she had never seen anything like that ... So here it is. It freaked me out!!

  savannah haunted tours home


This picture was taken at the cemetery. It freaked me out because I took two pictures in succession, and the second one came up with nothing next to the tree.

It was a great trip to Savannah, one I will soon not forget, and one that will keep me coming back! Great job with the ghost tours and I will see you again soon!!!

Photo submitted by: Dan S.

  orb in haunted cemetary
  black line  
haunted tours pirate house  

The Pirate's House

When I took the picture there was not a bird on the roof. In the picture you can see what looks like a parrot on the roof. When you zoom in on this picture you can see the boards through the bird.

savannah haunted tours- side of pirate house  

The Pirate's House

I took this picture of the side of the Pirate's House. I'm not sure what is in this picture. The lower left side looks like a horse and on the side of the building there seems to be what looks like an eye and a partial mantel with a book on it. Weird.

haunted tours savannah orb  

The Warren A Candler Hospital

I was excited to see what looks like an "orb" in the left side of the tree. In the middle is the emblem of the tour bus. In the lower right corner you will see what looks like a female in a dress from long ago and is pretty transparent. Weirder.

My husband and I were on a weekend trip, first time to Savannah. I took pictures of everything so I could share the trip with my children. I joked about maybe finding a ghost but on my trip I never realized what I had taken a picture of. When I got home I saw the "orb" in the tree and I had zoomed in to see it, when my Mom said to go back down to the bottom of the picture. Wow! We didn't have to zoom in on that.

Photos submitted by: Beth H.

  black line  
Ghost figure

When opening picture, zoom in on the head and shoulders figure in the distance. It looks like the upper half of a woman. This picture was taken from one of the 11:45 pm Savannah ghost tours. My niece took the picture with no flash on her digital camera.
  ghost sighting savannah

Ghost Light

I am not sure what this is a picture of. My niece took this picture on the 11:45 pm tour in Savannah, Georgia. She took this picture with no flash and we saw nothing like it in the cemetery at the time the picture was taken. We freaked out when we reviewed these pictures when we got home.

Photos submitted by: Trisha V.

  savannah tour cemetary
  "I was on the 11:45 pm tour when we entered the Sorrel Weed House. I have gone on many ghost tours before and I have never had an experience. When we entered the parlor on the first floor, the tour guide started talking and I was snapping pictures. I started to feel dizzy... I was with my niece and didn't want to scare her. At the same time my camera's battery was drained of all power. I had just put in new batteries before the tour. I was about to leave the room to get air when the tour wrapped up. I rushed back outside to the bus and started to feel better. As I was speaking to our tour guide Fiona about my experience, my camera turned on and the batteries were at full power. By the time we got to the cemetery, I was feeling back to normal. I can not explain what happened to me. It was truly a Real Life Savannah Ghost Story!" Trisha V.  
  black line  
savannah haunted tours- ghost in the kitchen  

Ghost in Kitchen

My friends and I went on the Ghosts & Gravestones Tour in Savannah and went to a haunted mansion. This was the kitchen where the slave girl Molly would cook for the master and his wife. I don't know what the white mist is in the bottom right hand corner but it seems very erie and I've never seen anything like it in a picture. I believe it may be a spirit but...who knows. OOOOOOOOOO.

Photos submitted by: Savannah K.

  black line  

Ghost in the Graveyard?

I took this picture during the Savannah ghost tour. I tried many times to recreate it and eliminate possible factors that could contribute to this. No headlights, no other cameras, fingers or anything. Now it is in the bottom left corner. It's a blueish, purplish mist. You can see through it but I have no idea where it came from and it was only in this picture.

Photos submitted by: Taylor C.

  ghost in the savannah graveyard
  black line  
sorrel-weed house ghost  

Missing Head

I took this photo at the Sorrel-Weed house at 9:05 pm. I placed the camera on the buffet next to me and set the shutter to open for 4 seconds. It seems that the head of the hostess is missing and the long dress she was wearing has an opening at the bottom.

Photos submitted by: Charles B.

  black line  

Stairs to basement of Sorrel-Weed House

I was the last one up the stairs on our tour and decided to take a picture of the stairwell. It was pitch black down there and there was no one else down there and no lights.

Photo submitted by: Matthew H.

  sorrel-weed house staircase
  black line  
ghost photo in savannah  

Hanging around

I took this picture over labor day weekend on tour; it was pitch black in the basement of the Sorrel House. When I zoom in behind the lady in pink, there seems to be an image either with loose limbs or hanging.

Photo submitted by: Joan H.

  black line  

Sorrel-Weed Basement

This was the first photo we took as we entered the Sorrel Weed Basement on the 7:00pm tour. I don't know what got in front of the lens, but something caused the flash to focus closely and as the flash went off, this image is what we got. There was very little light down there so I was shooting into a dark area. Perhaps it was an insect.....or not. At least we thought this was interesting. None of the other pictures we took had anything like this in them and I took several in the basement during the tour.

Photo submitted by: Ken and Angie J.

  sorrel-weed haunted ghost tours
  black line  
message in the mirror on savannah tours  

Message in the mirror

Look in the mirror! It says DIE!

ghostly activity on haunted tours savannah  

A night on a Savannah Ghost Tour

A lot of activity in Savannah on a Saturday night.

hidden messages on the ghost tours savannah  

Hidden messages

The door says HI on left and HELP in the center! CREEPY!

Photos submitted by: Nicole.

  black line  

Elderly gentleman at graveyard

I took a picture of the graveyard without a flash. When I got home, I applied the maximum 'fill light' to the picture and immediately the ghost of a man walking with a walking-stick appeared! (Upper right side). Perhaps this is the elderly gentleman that was killed on the bench in the graveyard a long, long time ago? Eerie!!

Photo submitted by: Andrew N.

  savannah haunted graveyard
  black line  
creepy church in savannah  


I went on this tour just a few days ago and had a blast...it scared me too!

night scene  


ALL of the pictures that I took during the tour have orbs in them. Here are just a couple of pictures I took along the way. I highly recommend this tour!!!

Photos submitted by: Stacy

  black line  

Creepy Light

After the tour we went back to the cemetery to just walk around and take some more pictures. Near the corner of the cemetery there was a building facing towards the center of the cemetery and it looked completely empty except for this one light turned on hanging from the ceiling. It was a little creepy!

Photo submitted by: Katie

  light bulb
  black line  
carriage at night  

Ghostly Horse and Buggy

I took the tour on November 13 and I was standing on the sidewalk by the cemetery. I had my camera set for nighttime and when I took this, the horse and buggy were solid. I can't explain it! Just creepy!!

Photo submitted by: Sandy C.

  black line  

Kehoe Twins

My boyfriend and I went on a tour. I was snapping pictures left and right hoping I would get something. I think I did! This is a picture of the Kehoe House. Right in front of the stairs are two figures. The one on the left looks like a child in a gown with his hands up. The other is dark standing right next to the other. It looks like he could be putting his hands up also. Could this be the Kehoe twins that died in the house while playing in the Chimney in the 1800's?!?

Photo submitted by: Mandy K.

  kehoe house
  black line  
park bench  

Old Man on the Bench!

While on our tour we went to pass the bench where the old man had been beat up. I snapped a quick picture and went to review it on my computer. We got to looking closer and started to notice what looked like someone sitting in the very middle of the bench. So as they say, the old man still takes his evening stroll through the cemetery.

Photo submitted by: Peggy and Julia

  black line  

Colonial Park Cemetery

Out at night trying to photograph orbs, we went to the Colonial Park Cemetery and took 2 pictures in succession. There are orbs but also this bright flash of light that appeared in the image but not to us when there!

Photo submitted by: Maryann i.

  colonial park cemetery flash of light
  black line  

Savannah Cemetery Ghost

Hi: I was on this evening ghost tour a few weeks ago. One of the stops was outside the local Savannah Cemetery where it is believed that a Ghost in a black suit is seen there often. I took this picture with my iphone as our guide was sharing the story of him. Upon viewing this photo, I noticed a dark object to the far right - it appears to be a man with a black suit, head, mustached, standing and staring towards the camera!! A little freaky!! And I really had to share the photo!! I think it's him!...

Photo submitted by: Dianne P.

  black line  

Window Apparition

So me and a few friends decided to go check out the supposed haunted house on 432 abercorn street and as I took some pictures, I realized there was something in one of the top windows. The strange thing is that there was nothing behind the window to explain why I could clearly see two faces in the window. One resembles a mask and the other an older male wearing a hat staring out the window.

Photo submitted by: Joshua H.

  black line  

Colonial Cemetery Haunting

On our Honeymoon we enjoyed a wonderful ghost tour. We had already been to Colonial cemetery during the day as I always visit the cemetery when I go to a new place. I take lots of pictures and always say out loud "I mean no disrespect, if anyone here has anything to say now is your time to be heard" or something like that. Of all the pictures I have taken in a cemetery over the years this is the first time I have had a strange picture. Brilliant orb over the tomb and what looks like a half a person sitting in the bench. Just the upper half. I assure you there was no mortal there. I guess this murdered man had something to say after all.

Photo submitted by: Ginny F.

  black line  

Faces on Window

After photographing the entire house with CRAZY ISO values I ended up with NOTHING. But outside , I got these images "reflected " in the window... It's a cropped image, covering maybe 5% of the original frame, the resolution is not that great since the camera has only 12MP but... I see faces, like 4 of them, in 4 different parts of the window... The photo was manipulated only in exposure, contrast and so on; nothing was added or removed.

Photo submitted by: Bogdan L.

  faces on window
  black line  
guest holding ghost meter ghostly apparition  

All Children Come to me

At the warehouse stop, after 6 or seven minutes in the dark chasing ghosts with the ghost finder, my granddaughter called out for any children present to "Come to me and let me see you." I snapped the photo without flash approximately 15 seconds later with no expectations. The room was cool and had over a dozen other people present. The night was May 24, weather clear outside, no apparent light except in a far corner stage. The toy that she held to find a ghost changed color and provided the tiny jolt of electricity. Not until after leaving the building did I note the apparent vortex that surrounded her in the picture. Abby believes she saw a child and she questions herself in thinking she heard the words, "I'm here." Abby also thinks there is a face in the upper right quadrant of the photo.

Photo submitted by: Jim J.

  black line  

Little Girl

I was just snapping random pictures and I found this in one of them. I didn't believe in ghosts until now! It looks like her head is faded into the bricks and her hair is coming down over her shoulders. I think she has a V-neck white robe on. I thought these kind of pictures were only in movies!

Photo submitted by: Samantha

  child ghost
  black line  

Look out on the Balcony

We took these pictures on August 30. We didn't notice anything till we got them home and looked at them on the computer. It wasn't till I zoomed in on a blurry blob beside the pillar outside that I saw her face. But that's not even the creepiest thing about the picture. If you look above her head it looks like she has wings, but the one on the top right looks like a demon that you see in books.

Photo submitted by: John V.

  black line  

Gribble House "Shadowy Figure"

Captured this "shadowy figure" using the camera on my phone, at the site of the old Gribble House in Savannah, GA! Almost immediately after taking the photo, the paranormal detector we were using glowed bright red... Definitely a spooky and exciting experience!

Photo submitted by: Katharine O.

  shadowy figure
  black line  
ghosts in warehouse  

Ghosts in the Warehouse

My husband took this with his cell phone in total darkness on the ghost tour in Savannah. It looks like there are two apparitions, one at the top of the stairs and one underneath. He didn't notice until loaded on the computer. Great tour!

Photo submitted by: Karen

  black line  

Sorrel Weed House

Faces in the shadows.

Photo submitted by: Robert

  black line  

Woman Holding Infant

I went on the 8:30pm tour. This photo was taken at the inn. If you look at the left side of the photo in the corner there appears to be a woman holding an infant.

Photo submitted by: Jennifer

  black line  

On the Walk Near River Street

My husband and I took the Ghosts and Gravestones tour in Savannah. I took a ton of pictures on the tour, and throughout the city at night and day hoping to capture something, and nothing. We were taking random pictures from the over-walk between Bay St. and River St. above the cobblestone areas where they used to unload and inspect cotton in the old days. When we got home and hooked up the camera to our TV, we saw this.

Photo submitted by: Becky.

  river street
  black line  

Savannah Cemetery

My daughter took this picture while at the Savannah Cemetery where the yellow fever victims are buried. She said there was nothing she could see when she took the picture but when she was looking at her photos later she noticed the apparitions.

Photo submitted by: Varena M.

  black line  

Warehouse Ghost

I was in Savannah in November and took the ghost tour. This is a photo from my iphone when we were all in that warehouse. I believe I caught a ghost - see left hand side of photo. Appears to be the shape of what I believe to be a woman - maybe a pregnant woman.

Photo submitted by: Lori T.

  black line  
warehouse apparition  

Red Handkerchief

My husband and I were touring the haunted places.... this was taken at the warehouse... I see a male holding something in the air and a bloody or red handkerchief around his forehead.

Photo submitted by: Dannielle A.

  black line  

Mr. Hunter

This is my first sighting at the warehouse. In the left it looks like a man who is missing an eye.... I was in the warehouse during the tour and I was taking pictures, but my flash was acting weird and I did not have space for many pictures so I deleted most but after seeing one who looks like he was missing an eye, I kept it and heard it was Mr. Hunter.

Photo submitted by: Matt Z.

  ghostly sighting
  black line  

Lady Ghost

My daughter and I took the 7:00 pm tour. We were the first ones in the warehouse and I snapped this picture. Didn't notice the outline of a lady till my wife pointed out to me later at night. Creepy picture.

Photo submitted by: Jay S.

  black line  

Woman in White Dress

My friend and I met in Savannah for a girls weekend. She wanted to go on the ghost tours... so I agreed. My sister recommended Ghosts & Gravestones (as she has been in St. Augustine). We ended up taking this tour on our last night in Savannah. The 10:40 pm tour with Erik Frost, our tour guide. I cannot believe this picture! There is a woman in a white dress in the right hand corner of this picture. I took the picture at one of the houses Erik told us about before we arrived to the warehouse. Not sure which house, but I believe it might have been outside the Sorrel-Weed house.

Photo submitted by: Missy W.

  ghost in white dress
  black line  
pirate house window  

Pirates House

As we were leaving the trolley tour... I took this picture with my cell phone. It looks like a guy smiling at us! It was at the Pirates House. We turned around just to take another... and there was just candles.

Photo submitted by: Ashley C.

  black line  
  "On the night of June 30, my fiancée and I were on the 9:30 pm tour in Savannah. When we got to the house where the girls were murdered with an ax, I felt very uneasy before even entering into the building. Once we were in the building, both my fiancée and I felt as if someone was watching us from one side of the room. When we received our devices, we walked around and I said "I know that you are here, I can feel you. Please let me know that you are here". Right after I said that I heard a loud scream and then I had a sharp pain in the left side of my head that almost brought me to my knees. It felt as if I was experiencing what the child had felt the night she was attacked. Then as I was experiencing this pain, our detector went off bright red and for a long time. We walked around a little more and came back to the same spot where we had stopped the first time and my fiancée said he felt very uneasy himself and I felt like I had been running. As soon as we asked "Is this where it happened to you?", the device went crazy again and everyone else who was on the tour started to try to take photos. One lady who was trying to snap a photo said her camera kept acting up and then it let her take a picture; I have no idea if she captured anything but the girl was there with me. One child whose mother was trying to snap a picture when our device went off was frightened and I heard a voice tell me "I won't hurt her, please let her know" so I went and told the little girl it was okay that she isn't going to hurt her." - Hannah  
  black line  

Shadow Behind Woman

Just randomly taking pictures in a dark warehouse of the Gribble Murder not understanding that I would see anything but black on my film. Clearly a man standing behind our tour guide here... Great tour of the Savannah Gribble house. I guess they really exist. Camera doesn't lie.

Photo submitted by: Lisa S.

  tour guide and shadow
  black line  

Little Girl

Saw this on our photo after we got home. Looks like a little girl with a big bow in hair on lower right of picture.

Photo submitted by: Gloria C.

  black line  

Apparition of Woman Coming Through Door

We were on the "Ghosts and Gravestones Tour"... The group was in the dinning room of the Juliette Gordon Low House. The door was closed after the group entered the room. An African-American woman seems to be coming through the door. We believe this is an apparition that stays in the home... There were no African Americans in this room, nor on this tour... We believe she is an apparition.

Photo submitted by: Deborah C.

  door apparition
  black line  
dark figure  

Dark Figure

This photo was taken in the basement of the Sorrel Weed House around 11:30 a.m. There was no one in the room at the time and my husband and I were shocked to see the dark figure on the right side.

Photo submitted by: Rachel G.

  black line  

White Mist with Two Faces

This photo was taken the evening of March 5 in the Andrew Low House, upstairs in the Robert E. Lee bedroom. Look closely at the mirror reflection to the right. The left side is my reflection taking the picture... the right side is a white mist with 2 faces. One looks like a demonic half face, the other is a white head with mist surrounding it. Pretty cool!

Photo submitted by: Dean B.

  white mist wiht two faces
  black line  
males faces on mirror  

Two Male Faces

I am in the middle of the photo taking a picture through the mirror. If you look closely to the right there are two male figures. One looks tall and thin and the one on the left looks shorter and heavier. I need an explanation!! They are looking straight into the mirror at my phone camera. Everyone on the tour beside me was listening to the tour guide facing the other way. They seem to be back by the window that no one on the tour could access because it was roped off.

Photo submitted by: Megan H.

  black line  

Black Smoky Specter

My friend and I toured the Andrew Lowe house on our Ghosts & Gravestones tour. I snapped about a dozen pictures during the tour, and not until I left did I notice this unexplainable image captured in one of them. This dense smoke moving over the head of the guide as she told us all about the strange happenings that had occurred on that floor. If you look closely you can see that it is a 3D image, darker/denser on the bottom and misty/more transparent at the top. Weird!!

Photo submitted by: Christy H.

  black line  
green orb  

Green Orb

This was taken at the Andrew Low House on the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour in Savannah. I didn't notice it until I downloaded my pictures to my computer. There appears to be a green glowing orb on the second floor to the left. It's quite clear when I zoom in on it. No flash photography was used. The tour wouldn't permit it in the museum. Several of my photos have these lights in them but this was the biggest and clearest.

Photo submitted by: Wayne K.

  black line  

Blue Lights

I took this picture during a tour on Friday, June 23 at 10pm. That room was really creepy to me and gave me a weird feeling. If you look closely at the picture, there are blue lights in front of the lady's picture. My husband took the same picture with his phone but his doesn't have the lights.

Photo submitted by: Wilmarie R.

  painting and blue lights
  black line  

Man in the Mirror

In going through my photos from the 10pm tour on 6/27 (Dahlia was our guide), I started to enlarge the photos. This is in the first upstairs bedroom on left on the Andrew Low House. I've blown up the image and switched to black and white to make it easier to see. Appears to my wife and I as a bearded man from about chest up in the mirror. You be the judge. Really enjoyed our tour!

Photo submitted by: Kevin G.

  black line  

Davenport House Flying Object

Looks like something flying out the upstairs window. This photo was taken last night outside the Davenport House.

Photo submitted by: Stacy W.

  davenport house
  black line  
davenport house  

Man in Mirror

Do you see the white hair standing behind the brunette on the far left? That man haunts the Andrew Low home in Savannah. He is not really there and there was no one on our tour with that hair, nor was there any male employee at the home. Any other pictures captured of this man is while the customers are standing in this mirror; he's in a different spot every time and is always standing behind you or to the side. There's definitely an energy in that particular room of the home. You can tell in all of the other pictures that he doesn't appear in that there is nothing that could make it seem like a trick...

Photo submitted by: Kyli S.

  black line  

Dining Room Window

Clearly a face, beard, hat, eyes, but very transparent. My cell phone dropped battery power after for some reason.

Photo submitted by: Ryan J.

  black line  

Peeking Behind a Gravestone

If you look behind the grave to the left you will see what appears to be a dark almost black head peeking out from behind a gravestone.

Photo submitted by: Kali M.

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