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Haunted Guide to Juliette Gordon Low House

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The Juliette Gordon Low House holds a special place in the hearts of Girl Scouts across America and around the world...

It is here that Juliette Gordon Low was born on October 31, 1860

Although she’s been gone since January 17, 1927, the founder of the Girl Scouts of America left an indelible impression on the world. Today, many who visit her birthplace feel that members of her family still linger within the home.

As one can imagine, thousands of visitors come each year to tour this historic home in Savannah, Georgia. And while a walk through this National Historic Landmark, now Savannah museum, will impress all who enjoy history and want to learn more about the fascinating life of the visionary Juliette (Daisy) Gordon Low, there’s even more in store for those who are curious about the paranormal.

You Never Know...

What You Might Encounter

Ghostly Apparitions

Upon entering the stately Georgian mansion, visitors immediately express a feeling that there is someone else in the room beyond what their eyes can see. Staff members and other guests have reported hearing the sounds of footsteps and the apparition of Nelly Gordon, Juliette’s mother.

Nelly is one of the most frequently appearing spirits inside the home – she is often seen peering out a window, sitting at the dining room table in her robe, or heard softly playing the piano.

Nelly’s Last Moments

One of the most well known events that paranormal experts confirm is that on the day of Nelly’s passing, Juliette, other family members, and staff were gathered around her as she lay in her bed. Nelly sat up in her bed, stretched her arms out as if she was greeting someone, smiled a wide, beautiful smile and then lay back down on her pillow and took her last breath. Margaret, Nelly’s daughter-in-law, was seated outside the bedroom and was surprised to see her father-in-law, Arthur Gordon, coming out of his wife’s bedroom, smiling, dressed in a gray suit. It was quite a shock for Margaret because Arthur had been dead for more than 5 years.

Captain Came to Collect

After he walked out, Margaret’s husband stepped out and announced that Nelly had passed. The family butler spoke to Juliette moments after, telling her that her mother was fine, that her father, whom he called the Captain, came to collect her and the two walked out the front door, arm-in-arm.

When you visit, expect to see Juliette’s artwork and furnishings that belonged to the family. And keep your eyes open for seemingly inexplicable occurrences and sensations; they might not seem like such a mystery now that you know who haunts the home.