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Savannah Reviews

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- S.J., Wilmington, DE

“My wife Jen and I truly enjoyed our macabre tour of some of the historic, beautiful and haunted places in Savannah. Cecilia White and Nick our driver were so very kind and entertaining. We both are lovers of dark humor and Cecilia was hitting all the right notes of both historical fact and the ethereal. Being able to go through the Low and Davenport houses after hours was a real treat and all of the guides did an excellent job of interpretation and storytelling. Many thanks!”

- J.

“Before I want to start my story, I want to thank Miss Sadie and Mr. Bob for a wonderful tour; they really did a great job; now my story begins at the Andrew Low house; we went upstairs to the bedrooms and they told us to turn off the flash so I turned off my flash taking pictures… I was drawn to the children’s room and I have some in the children’s room; I’m taking pictures and then all of a sudden my flash started going off and I must’ve took a couple of pictures with my flash before I realized that it was on so I try to shut it off; I just finally shut it off and so I’m going over to the other bedrooms; my flash came back on and I am trying to shut it off again. I couldn’t until I got out of the building then I could shut it off; and while still in the same building, Andrew low home, I was downstairs in the dining area and I smelt a light; Sense of roses as I was walking out the door.”

- J.T.

"Whispering Willow was an awesome tour guide! I loved listening to her tell the tales of Savannah's ghostly history!"

savannah haunted tour guide telling a ghost story

- D.M.

"We had a great time. Nicodemus kept us engaged and excited to see what was coming next. Can't wait to return and do the other tours with your company."

savannah ghost tour guests and tour guide

- J.M., Marianna, FL

“We had a fabulous time! Not believers before, but we definitely had a ghostly experience. It was the best part of our trip.”

- W.A.

“This summer I got to visit Savannah, Georgia with my family. Me being a big ghost nut wanted to go on the ghost tour and visit all of the haunted places. This tour was fun and taught me so much about the hauntings in Savannah. First our awesome tour guide took us to a warehouse that was buzzing with so much paranormal activity. I got a lot of pictures of orbs and eco-mist… The whole time in there I felt drained of energy and weak though. Afterward we went to another building where we were told urban ghost stories from centuries ago in Savannah. We were surprised with jump-scares and creepy laughing. In all though this has been a perfect first paranormal experience!”

- L.D.

“We came on the tour knowing that it would be a bit corny, but we enjoyed it more than we thought we would! We found ourselves aimlessly wandering around the abandoned warehouse with everyone else, with our “ghost finders”! At the final stop we jumped at the appropriate times, along with everyone else, and then laughed at how silly we all were. Evelyn was a wonderful guide and really engaged our bus-load of tourists, our driver was very sweet, and Chris was a good storyteller. We would recommend this Savannah ghost tour to our friends for sure!”

- J.S.

“We live in Savannah and had family in from Tennessee. We wanted to do something fun and decided to try out a tour. It was AMAZING! We all had a blast! I definitely recommend going on the tour! Our guide Chris was absolutely great and when friends and other family members come to visit we plan on going on another tour. We hope we can get Chris again!!”

- V.M., Glen Burnie, MD

“I and a friend went on your ghosts and gravestones tour on Sunday night and just wanted to let you know that our tour guide – Anna- was very, very good! She stayed in character from the moment she stepped on the bus/trolley until the moment the tour was over and we all departed the bus. She was fun, energetic and well versed in the particulars of the tour! You are truly lucky to have her! She’s a gem!!!”

- K.K., Beaverton, OR

“I just wanted to take a minute to tell you what a fabulous time we had on our recent Ghosts & Gravestones tour in Savannah. We were regaled with great stories by Dementia and she kept us all enthralled. She is a great tour guide and we were amazed at how much knowledge she was able to keep straight. We absolutely loved our tour and will definitely recommend it to any of our friends heading your direction.”

- B.J., Argo, AL

“The tour we went on was the 8 p.m. ghost tour where we stopped by the Colonial Park Cemetery. It was a great experience; I haven’t been scared like that in years. I also managed to capture what looks like a man dressed entirely in black on video that might be the ghost of Mr. Baker. It even scared my parents, who don’t believe in ghosts but love horror stories and haunted houses. The tour was great and we’re sure to book another one on our next trip to Savannah, Georgia.”

- C.G., Wilkesboro, NC

“We took the Savannah haunted tour Wednesday, August 20th and Miss Violet was our guide. She was very entertaining, funny and the perfect person to conduct the tour. I thought the stories were very pertinent, the jokes great, the right amount of creepiness, great acting. We really enjoyed our experience!”

- C., Schofield, WI

“This was one of the best tours I’ve ever been on”

- J., Upton, MA

“Excellent tour – especially our “gravedigger guide”

- B., Ellenwood, GA

“Guide was very entertaining and the house was very interesting.”

- P., Tampa, FL

“Lots of fun!”

- T., Venice, FL

“Thought is was good, really enjoyed the Savannah haunted tours!”

- L., Lithonia, GA

“Olivia was a wonderful “spooky” hostess.”