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Female ghost in front of Ghost tour in Savannah
Female ghost in front of Ghost tour in Savannah

Take a ride to a different dimension…

Where reality and the supernatural collide.

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Historic Ghost Tales
Scariness of Content
Jump Scares

About This Tour

Welcome to the “Ghost-iest” City

Widely considered by ghost hunters and paranormal investigators as being America’s Most Haunted City and seen on The Today Show and the Travel Channel, Savannah’s dark past is unveiled on this spooky tour! Learn about the city’s origins with its founding in 1733 when it was built upon native American burial grounds. Will you encounter the ghost of Civil War General Robert E. Lee at the famous Andrew Low House? Take the Trolley of the Doomed to the burial grounds in Wright Square and try to contact the spirits at the Perkins & Sons Ship Chandlery!


This rates the level of authenticity and historical accuracy of the content you’ll encounter on the tour.

This ranks the intensity of the chills you’ll experience as well as the overall spooky factor.

Whether it’s a scare that makes you jump out of your shoes or if something else does the jumping, we rank it here.


Select Your Journey

Discover more than just the eerie tales of Savannah’s spooky past. Journey through the breathtaking charm of the Hostess City of the South and learn all about its illustrious history aboard the Old Town Trolley.


678 reviews

Ghosts & Gravestones Tour Boston

Ghosts & Gravestones

savannah haunted trolley on river street
  • Hear tales no other tours tell as shadows play tricks on your mind
  • EXCLUSIVE night-time entry into 2 of Savannah’s most haunted venues
  • First is a stop at the Andrew Low House
  • Then on to the Perkin’s & Son’s Ship Chandlery

Day/Night Package

Savannah Old Town Trolley and night tour trolley
  • Old Town Trolley Tours - 1 day of unlimited re-boarding
  • More than 100 points of interest
  • Ghosts & Gravestones Night Tour admission
  • EXCLUSIVE night-time entry into 2 of Savannah’s most haunted venues

Ghost Hunters of Savannah Paranormal Investigation

Savannah 416 W. Liberty Street
  • Participate in an actual paranormal investigation with our expert guides.
  • Get hands-on with the latest ghost hunting equipment.
  • Learn the darker side of Savannah.
  • Track down evidence of ghosts and other supernatural beings.

Old Town Trolley Tours

savannah davenport house
  • 1 day of unlimited free re-boarding
  • More than 100 points of interest
  • Hop on and off all day at 15 Stops
  • Live narrated, 90-minute tour

American Prohibition Museum

Savannah American Prohibition Museum display
  • Not your average "Dry" Museum - step back in time to a wild era of flappers, bootlegging, and gangsters
  • View confiscated items from mobsters and 200+ Prohibition-Era artifacts
  • Discover why Savannah was referred to as the “Bootleg Spigot of the South"
  • Slip into our Speakeasy to enjoy authentic craft cocktails

Savannah Ghost Tour

Do you dare join the other brave souls aboard the Trolley of the Doomed to experience “the darker side” of “America’s Most Haunted City”?

Your voyage will take you throughout Savannah’s historic district, focusing on some of Savannah’s most haunted sites, eerie legends and frightening residents. Your Ghost Host will entertain you with their expert storytelling and knowledge of all things “shadowy and sinister.” One never knows what one might encounter when you “cross-over” aboard Ghosts & Gravestones

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Top Reasons

To Take a Ghost Tour in Savannah

Journey through time with EXCLUSIVE nighttime entry into TWO of Savannah’s most haunted venues. FIRST is a stop at the Andrew Low House. There have long been reports of spirits that inhabit the home and tales of staff seeing apparitions. THEN on to the Perkin’s & Son’s Ship Chandlery to commiserate with the spirits and truly EXPERIENCE the stories of haunted River Street.

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Ghost Tour Schedule

Ride the Trolley of the Doomed before it's too late...

Tours depart nightly.

Subject to availability

We are open Thanksgiving and Christmas evening 2023.

Closed Saint Patrick’s Day – March 17.

Tour times vary depending on the time of year.

Where to Find Us:

Ghosts & Gravestones Frightseeing Tour boards at the Simply Savannah Depot. 301 East River Street. Directly to the right of the Lincoln Street ramp on River Street.

Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Reservations are required.

October means Halloween and our tours sell out quickly. ADVANCE securing of your ghost tour is highly recommend, especially for the week of Halloween, October 24 to October 31. Space is very limited for this very popular excursion, so DON’T DELAY!

Warning: Strobe lights may be used. This tour is rated PG-13. No children under 6 allowed. An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18.


What Our Guests Are Saying

...Everyone really made the tour worthwhile

Tonight my mother and I took our first ghost tour in Savannah. Our tour guides Ruby Bates and Tyler truly made the whole experience worth every penny. Their sense of humor really kept everyone engaged and on our toes. Ruby really is a wonderful storyteller. The tour guides at the Lowe house played their parts well. Just as the tour guide at the cemetery did also. You can tell everyone loves their jobs…

A.O., Fort Stewart, GA

Truly an exceptional experience

Took the Savannah ghost tour last evening. Truly an exceptional experience. The actress who portrayed Rose, the ghost, was a phenomenally gifted young lady. The driver, Brittany, was friendly and courteous. Will definitely recommend this to friends.

A.T., Winterville, NC

..The guides did an excellent job of storytelling

My wife Jen and I truly enjoyed our macabre tour of some of the historic, beautiful and haunted places in Savannah. Cecilia White and Nick our driver were so very kind and entertaining. We both are lovers of dark humor and Cecilia was hitting all the right notes of both historical fact and the ethereal. Being able to go through the Low and Davenport houses after hours was a real treat…

S.J., Wilmington, DE

Can't wait to return...

We had a great time. Nicodemus kept us engaged and excited to see what was coming next. Can’t wait to return and do the other tours with your company.


It was the best part of our trip

We had a fabulous time! Not believers before, but we definitely had a ghostly experience. It was the best part of our trip.

J.M., Marianna, FL

A perfect first paranormal experience!

…This tour was fun and taught me so much about the hauntings in Savannah. Our awesome tour guide took us to a warehouse that was buzzing with so much paranormal activity. I got a lot of pictures of orbs and eco-mist… Afterward we went to another building where we were told urban ghost stories from centuries ago in Savannah. We were surprised with jump-scares and creepy laughing…


We hope we can get Chris again!

We live in Savannah and had family in from Tennessee. We wanted to do something fun and decided to try out a tour. It was AMAZING! We all had a blast! I definitely recommend going on the tour! Our guide Chris was absolutely great and when friends and other family members come to visit we plan on going on another tour.


Anna was very, very good!

I and a friend went on your ghosts & gravestones tour on Sunday night and just wanted to let you know that our tour guide – Anna- was very, very good! She stayed in character from the moment she stepped on the bus/trolley until the moment the tour was over and we all departed the bus. She was fun, energetic and well versed in the particulars of the tour! You are truly lucky to have her! She’s a gem!!!

V.M., Glen Burnie, MD

We absolutely loved our tour

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you what a fabulous time we had on our recent Ghosts & Gravestones tour in Savannah. We were regaled with great stories by Dementia and she kept us all enthralled. She is a great tour guide and we were amazed at how much knowledge she was able to keep straight. We absolutely loved our tour and will definitely recommend it to any of our friends…

K.K., Beaverton, OR

We really enjoyed our experience!

We took the Savannah haunted tour and Miss Violet was our guide. She was very entertaining, funny and the perfect person to conduct the tour. I thought the stories were very pertinent, the jokes great, the right amount of creepiness, great acting. We really enjoyed our experience!

C.G., Wilkesboro, NC

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. They’re not all scary.
  2. It can be a fun way to be a tourist in your own backyard.
  3. You can find them in almost any destination.
  4. They give you an inside look at local culture based on their ghost stories and legends.

It can help you gain a new perspective and you get to explore the city in the dark and very different way.

Ghost Hosts accompany you through the sinister streets and graveyards on your ghost tour, providing background information and ghostly tales of the city’s haunted past.

You’ll visit the Andrew Low House and Perkin’s and Sons Ship Chandlery!

YES! The tour runs on dark and stormy nights. The only time tours will be cancelled due to weather is if conditions prove to be too dangerous to proceed. In this event all reserved parties will be notified.

Reasonable accommodations for all of our disabled guests will be made. Please call us at least 24 hours in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

Unfortunately, because a significant portion of our tour takes place in historic sites that do not have any accommodations for people with disabilities (as historic sites, they are exempt from such requirements), and include stairs, cobblestones, and other types of rough terrain, the tour is not recommended for guests who are unable to safely navigate such elements.

This tour is rated PG-13 and is not intended for young children. Due to the loud noises on our tour, children under the age of 6 are not allowed onboard. It is not a haunted house; but it is a historical tour turned completely on its head. We use haunted house style moments, historical facts, and creative storytelling to thrill, entertain, and scare our guests.

Yes. Ghosts & Gravestones has a limited number of seats per tour and frequently sells out.

Comfortable shoes are recommended so that you don’t become dead on your feet during the walking portions.

The stories are based on local legend and lore and have been historically researched. The stories weave together the history and haunted tales associated with the sites.

Many of our guests have reported unusual sightings on the tour. Remember to have your camera ready… you never know what might appear.

A ghost tour gives you the opportunity to visit and learn about the haunted past of the city. With a mix of historic ghost tales, jump scares, and more, it’s an enjoyable way to visit and learn about the city’s ghostly past.

Ghosts & Gravestones can arrange any group tours – small or large parties can be accommodated on a ghost tour.

A ghost tour is an excellent way to visit and learn about the haunted past of the city.

There are a variety of attractions on the ghost tour. Some of the most popular are “the Andrew Low House”, “Perkin’s and Sons Ship Chandlery” and many others.

Yes, the ghost tour is open and running on Halloween.

Food and drinks are welcome. However alcoholic beverages are not allowed under any circumstance for the safety and comfort of all of our guests.

For guests with epilepsy and/or photosensitivity, please contact us before booking a tour, as some equipment used features a flashing/strobing effect, and we will need to make the proper accommodations.

Savannah Ghost Parking

See below for parking available near our departure point. Please note that these are not run by Ghosts & Gravestones

Prices subject to change.

There are 3 small parking lots along River Street. Parking can be problematic in this area. You may take advantage of parking up on Bay Street. When parking for the Ghosts & Gravestones Tour, keep in mind that the intersection of Lincoln Street and Bay Street offer the closest parking.

Metered parking is available in the Historic District and varies from $1.00 to $2.00 per hour depending on the street. 8am – 8pm Monday to Saturday. Sunday is free.

Lincoln Parking Garage
Address: 20 Lincoln Street – Map
Fees apply.

Parking at Meters and Pay Station spaces are free Monday – Saturday after 8 p.m. and free all day on Sunday.

Ghosts & Gravestones Frightseeing Tour boards at the Simply Savannah Depot. 301 East River Street. Directly to the right of the Lincoln Street ramp on River Street.

Ghosts & Gravestones Frightseeing Tour boards at the Simply Savannah Depot. 301 East River Street. Directly to the right of the Lincoln Street ramp on River Street.

Lincoln Parking Garage