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While some of these images were taken at Lighthouse Park, the Ghosts & Gravestones tour
does not stop there but instead gives you exclusive access to Potter's Wax Museum.

Click on pictures to make larger.


Lady Bending Over a Gravestone at Huguenot Cemetery

Took picture of side view of Huguenot Cemetery and found what looks like a woman bending over a grave wearing period dress. I can see the white cap on her head, a long dress and you can even see her waistline!. I looked at the same view without the camera and could not see the same image as in the picture.

Photo submitted by: Andrew D.

  cemetery grounds
  black line  
old jail front porch  

Girl on Old Jail Porch

This photo was taken during the Ghosts and Gravestones tour with Nicole as our guide. My husband was snapping random pictures as we were waiting to board the bus. This girl was not there when he took the picture.

Photo submitted by: Thomas M.

  black line  

Cemetery Grounds

I didn't see this orb till I looked at my photos today. There were no other orbs or oddities on any of my other photos. It's funny because I'm a complete skeptic. The tour was great fun and I'll always take my guests on this ride.

Photo submitted by: Christine H.

  cemetery grounds
  black line  
castillo san marcos bridge  

Castillo De San Marcos

I snapped this photo while walking around Castillo De San Marcos. Below the bridge in this photo, it looks like there is a person standing underneath it. Also, if you look at the post where the bridge begins, there is a face looking directly at my camera if you zoom in. Creepy but so cool!

Photo submitted by: Amanda B.

  black line  

Lighthouse Park

I took this picture last Tuesday night in the park near the base of the lighthouse... pretty crazy...

Photo submitted by: Martinez Family

  park and ghost host
  black line  
girl at lighthouse  

Girl at Lighthouse Park

This picture was taken at the Augustine lighthouse park while on the Ghosts and Gravestones tour. Me and my boyfriend walked off from my group and I started snapping random photos. Out of 27 pictures shrouded in darkness, this is the one picture that freaked me out. You can see the silhouette of a girl in a dress. If you look closely, you can see her arms with her hands clasped together in the front. Completely unedited. Straight off my iphone.

Photo submitted by: Laurie

  black line  

Ghost on the Swing Set?

So I am normally a skeptic but I got nothing for this. we were on the tour with Julie and saw this at the park near the lighthouse. It looks like something is in the swing set. Other shots, the set is empty but in this one it seems like something is there.

Photo submitted by: Matthew W.

  swing set
  black line  
running man at fort  

Running Man

If you zoom in on the bottom right hand corner, you'll see a men that seems to be running.

Photo submitted by: Elizabeth M.

  black line  

Young Ghost at Huguenot Cemetery

This is my daughter standing in front of the gate to Huguenot Cemetery. If you look closely you can see what looks to be a young girl, around 13-14 yrs old standing behind my daughter who was 8 years old at the time. Also, look at the shadow on my daughter's right arm.

Photo submitted by: Tammy

  haunted places in st. augustine
  black line  
gallows gallows  

Gallows at Old Jail

Left: I snapped this photo in the succession of about 100. Was shocked to see this apparition appear after the guide dropped the hatch of the gallows.

Right: This is a photo shot moments later as the tour guide runs from the gallows.

Photos submitted by: Eric S.

  black line  

Old Jail

This was taken at the old jail upstairs ... of the cells; however no flash on and it came out with a red light; next to the red light approx. 3ft from the ground when zoomed in you can see a mouse! Ghost mouse..

Photo submitted by: Mandy

  st augustine old jail- red flash
  black line  
real life st augustine ghost stories with orbs  

Sheriff Perry?

This was taken in the upper part of The Old Jail, definitely one of the most haunted places in St. Augustine. Last cell on the left before exiting the center where the table is in the middle... I felt something so I leaned back in and snapped a photo. If you look to the right of the photo you will see something "ORB" like with what appears to be a man's face with a large mustache... Could it be Sheriff Perry ? Or... Is it just dust inside the cell ? You decide...

Photo submitted by: Lisa D.

  black line  

Spirits by the Gallows

We took this photo behind The Old Jail. After we took this photo and reviewed it, the camera automatically died. When we got home and charged our camera and looked at the picture again, the orbs were all gone. Once uploaded to the computer, they reappeared! True Story! Spooky!!

Photos submitted by: Stefanie J.

  gallows at night st augustine
  black line  
people and apparition in dark room  

Original Photo

Note the definition of the eyes, nose, mouth, forehead, and right ear.

empty dark room  

After everyone left

This photo was taken at the Old Drug Store during the 8:20 pm haunted tour using an Olympus FE-310 camera in "fireworks" mode. The fireworks mode uses a slower shutter speed for night time photography in order to make better use of ambient light. Note the orange face in between the old-time full-length photograph of the two gentlemen. The face of the person who is facing to the right of the apparition was our guide, Rachel.

Photos submitted by: Matt W.

  black line  

Flying Orb

Orb flying in between friend and I at the Old Jail on the St. Augustine ghost tour.

Photos submitted by: Drewe H.

  two girls sitting inside old cell
  black line  
painting above mantel and mirror on right  

ORB in Old Jail Office/Living Room

This picture was taken during a daytime tour of the Old Jail. I did not see this until I was looking back at my pictures on my way home. The interesting thing is that I was not using a flash as the room was plenty bright at that time of day (approx 3:30pm or so) so I am pretty sure it is not dust reflecting the light. Also take a look at the mirror on the desk, you can see an outline of a person, the only person in the office at that time was the guide and her back was to the desk and the lady to the left of the photo.


Face in the Curio Cabinet Door

This picture was taken at the same visit as photo above about 1 min apart. Take a look at the Curio Cabinet doors. The left door about midway all the way to the right of that door, you can see an outline of a face. To me this looks like one of the past Sheriffs.

Photos submitted by: Bob M.

  black line  
Orbs at the Old Jail

This photo was taken on October 25 at 10:49 p.m. in the Old Jail. Notice the large orb beside the sheriff and the smaller one below.
  sheriff standing with lasso
More Orbs at the Old Jail

This picture was taken 17 minutes later from same spot. Notice large Orb is gone but numerous smaller Orbs are in the picture at this time.
  sheriff standing next to rail

No Orbs

This picture was taken earlier in the day. Notice no Orbs are in the picture.

My wife and I were down in St. Augustine for our 10 year wedding anniversary. We decided to do the day tour of the area and the Ghosts & Gravestones tour on October 25. During the night trip to the Old Jail, several Orbs were found on pictures taken by my digital camera. We first saw the Old Jail featured on TAPS as being one of the most haunted places in St. Augustine. We were excited to get the opportunity to experience the paranormal during our trip.

Photos submitted by: Robert P.

  sheriff standing on top of staircase
  black line  
dark background with orb in foreground  

Standing outside the cemetery

We were standing outside the cemetery and I was holding the camera above the fence just snapping pictures and here is what we found: A face floating in the air smiling at us!

Photo submitted by: Jay P.

  black line  

Inside the Old Jail

This picture has some orbs too...but what I can't figure out is what that orange glow is...it's not in every picture.

Photo submitted by: Tina A.

  jail cell and walls
  black line  
orb on the ground at night  

Here's the Proof

I am not a believer but I CANNOT explain the orb seen in this picture. It was taken March 25th In St. Augustine, FL on the Old Town Trolley Ghosts & Gravestones tour. I did not see the orb until I got home and looked at the pictures on my camera. All I can say is: It is there and I can not explain it.

Photo submitted by: Bill T.

  black line  

Old Military Hospital Orb

On the first stop of the tour, as you enter the Old Spanish Military Hospital, I snapped this photo of the empty rocking chair. Well, ALMOST empty!

  old rocking chair in the dark

Orb in Graveyard behind drug store

Snapped a few photos in the graveyard behind the Old Drug Store. This photo had a HUGE orb floating right over one of the gravestones.

  graveyard at night

The Old Jail Ectoplasm

Snapped a photo of the parallel jail cell doors upstairs just as you walk in the main door at the top of the stairs. Notice the bars on the left door look normal. The bars on the right? I think they call that ectoplasm. I've never had that show up on any of my nighttime digital photos.

Took the Ghost and Gravestones tour in St. Augustine. Had a great time and the tour guides were excellent. Snapped as many photos as possible, and came up with some great orb photos...The Old Jail part of the tour is pretty spooky if I don't say so myself, and played out quite nicely.

Photos submitted by: Tom A.

  olt table and ceiling
  black line  
cemetery at night  

Tolomato Cemetery

You can see several possible "orbs" in the photo around the graves.

gallows at night  

Old Jail Gallows

There appears to be many potential "orbs" in this photo at the Jail Gallows.

Photos submitted by: Amy C.

  My fiance and I love Old St. Augustine and live only about an hour away. We had always wanted to take the Ghosts & Gravestones tour there and decided to do so on this occasion. We as well decided it would be a nice surprise to include my mother (who loves the city as well) and my younger sister, in our fun. We had a tremendous time both on and off the tour. To be honest we were a little bit skeptical about the tour, hoping it wasn't a "tourist trap ... It was quite informative and very entertaining! Especially the Old Jail! I'm not certain if we had really seen anything but, while at the Tolomato Cemetery, we did see something "moving" out of the corner of our eyes. But, just as soon as we'd seen it it would move away. At first we thought it was a cat, or plant moving about. But, we never saw anything of the sort. I wanted to stay a bit longer to investigate but, it was time to move on. However, in the Old Jail, both during the day and again at night, I did feel as if someone were touching me. I felt very light touches on the back of my neck and my thighs, almost as if someone were brushing a bug or something off of me. At night, I was very hot and then very cold in the Old Jail, if you know Florida weather, then you know in late March, we're well in the 80's, mid 60's at night, it's not cold. I did feel the touching and a VERY uncomfortable feeling walking in the jail cell area and especially in the living quarters of the sheriff and his family. I don't know if it was supernatural or just coincidence/imagination, but it was incredible. We loved our visit and are most certainly going to return! Thanks for a great experience and a wonderful time! Sincerely, Amy C.  
  black line  

Man in Window

Not sure but don't understand where this image came from; I think the jail window.

Photo submitted by: Marci N.

  jail cell and wall
  black line  
tree and fence at night  


Almost looks like a foot hanging from the tree... what a fantastic photo.

three ladies in old jail cell  

Friends in Jail Cell

See the orbs behind our heads?

Photos submitted by: Connie A.

  22 of us went to St. Augustine to take a tour of the unknown, had a great time, went through photos on the way home and found some great orb shots.  
  black line  


Photo submitted by: Alexandra M.

  lady stading next to table and emitting light from her hand
  black line  
cript at night  

Tolomato Cemetery

This is the original photo I took of one of the crypts in Tolomato Cemetery while on the Ghosts & Gravestones tour last night. Notice the white figure in the front.

dark figure and light at night  

Tolomato Cemetery - zoomed 150%

This is the same photo as above, but zoomed to 150%. No other editing was done on this photo. Doesn't that look like a cat?!?! ...you can see the ears, eyes, and tail very clearly.

Photos submitted by: Jenny H.

  black line  

Face in the Glass

There is a small reflection of a face in the glass box. It's at the top and the image is upside down. I cannot see anything around it that would have reflected this image.

Photo submitted by: Cat F.

  sculpture inside glass box
  black line  
orange streak on ghost trolley  

Orange Streak

Look at the orange streak on the left side of the bus.

orange light on door  

Vibrant Orange Energy

This is a photo I took in front of the Sheriff's office in the Old Jail. I thought it was a glare but you can clearly see the Orange Ball and the tail as well. I showed it to our ghost tour guide and she said that it was probably one of the most vibrant pics she's seen so far.

exterior of Old Jail at night  

Orb in front of the Old Jail

Here's a picture I took right before we entered The Old Jail - looks like someone escaped!

Photos submitted by: Florinda G.

  black line  
Cemetery Orbs

Taken on the night of February 26, 2010 while on the Ghost Tour. First photo taken at the cemetery. Shows no large ORBS. Shows two small ones by two gravestones.
  graveyard at night

Cemetery Orbs

Taken within seconds... shows two large ORBS on the right side of the tree and the small ORBS are gone that were by the gravestones.

Photos submitted by: Kathy L.

  graveyard at night
  black line  

Old Jail Gallows

This was taken at the end of the 8pm tour at the gallows outside the Old Jail with a digital Canon Rebel XT. I had a full battery. The shutter speed was normal and all my other pictures came out crystal clear. My fiance swears you can see a face next to the noose.

jail cel  

Old Jail Cell

This was taken in the Old Jail during the 8pm tour. It's looking into one of the cells in the room with the sheriff, bottom level; I think it was the second cell on the left; whichever has the manikin standing in the cell. My redeye was off, so I'm not sure what the red lines are... maybe a ghost? It was taken with a digital Canon Rebel XT with a full battery.

Photos submitted by: Saundra S.

  black line  

Death Row

If you look close at the wall you can see what looks like or is a skull or shadow of a face.

Photo submitted by: Tiffany H.

  jail cel
  black line  

Old Jail Ghost Gallows

I took this picture at the ghost tour. Note the bright blue/white light up in the tree. I was taking a tour and I wanted to take pictures of the old jail since I had heard it was apparently haunted. While out back of the jail we were being told of the gallows and all the history so I decided to take a picture of it with my camera. I was shocked to see the white/blue glowing light in the top of the tree. Thinking it was my camera, I decided to take another picture discovering it had disappeared and everything in the picture seemed normal. It was awe inspiring.

Photo submitted by: Sarah H.

  black line  

Lady in red

Look at the lamp post. We went on vacation and I was looking and caught two pictures of this woman.

Photo submitted by: Eleanor J.

  street lamp
  black line  
haunted tree  

Old Cemetery

Our guide told us that he's seen the spirit of a young boy in this tree, dressed in 18th century clothes. He did research and found out that a young boy fell from this tree to his death! He's buried nearby. Look how many orbs there are in this photograph.

Photo submitted by: Brandon D.

  black line  


If you zoom in on this picture you can see a face in each of the 2 windows...

Photo submitted by: Amy C.

  old jail windows
  black line  
old jail at night  

Old Jail

My husband and I took this photo on our way into the Old Jail in St. Augustine... we could clearly see the "man" standing in the window.

Photo submitted by: Amanda K.

  black line  

Jail House

We took this picture as we were walking into the jailhouse; we took a picture before and after, and this is the only one that has this light in it.

Photo submitted by: Vanessa N.

  exterior of jail house and light
  black line  
lighthouse and tree  

Face at the Lighthouse Park

Not really sure what's up with this but it is very creepy. My husband was shooting into the darkness and this appeared. As a side note, this was the 13th picture taken in the evening. Also take note of the "snow" on the trees to the right side. It was easily 95 degrees that night.

Photo submitted by: Kate F.

  black line  

The Lighthouse Park Ghosts

This photo was taken on the grounds of the lighthouse park. The smeary translucent "blob" at the left looks suspiciously like ectoplasm.

We went on the ghosts and gravestones trip... It was raining a little but that only added to the ambience! Felt a presence at the lighthouse park. Not so much at the jailhouse. The actor at the jailhouse was a kick but I did not pay as much attention to the surrounding area because of the "show". Next time, I want to take the daylight trip to the jail in order to see more. Anyway, all three employees handling the trip were really great ...driver, guide and prisoner!! A lot of fun.

Photo submitted by: Rosemary M.

  orbs in st augustine
  black line  
orb and gallows  

Old Jail Gallows

I did not notice the orb approaching the gallows until I downloaded my pictures to my computer.

reflection at old jail  

Old Jail Front

I tried to take several pictures of the front of the Old Jail and all were too dark to see any detail. This one was a mystery to me but I believe it is only a reflection off of some object. You can be the judge.

Photos submitted by: Sandra R.

  black line  

Lighthouse Park Face

If you look close on the left in one of the branches of the tree, there is what looks like a face; you can see two scary pairs of eyes. There are also orbs everywhere.

Photo submitted by: Rebecca D.

  tree and orbs
  black line  
image on window  

Figure in the window of Old Jail

This photo was taken behind the Old Jail during the tour where we were being shown the gallows. I was taking random photos of everything and something interesting caught our eye later that night while going over our photos. We were all outside and there was no way at that time that the shape in the window was a reflection. Pretty cool huh?

Photo submitted by: Kyle T.

  black line  

Mysterious Figure

This is the original copy of this figure. My aunt was standing outside the old jail and was taking pictures by the bench in the front and at first thought it was a foggy mist... When I got home, I went through the pictures with her and realized that this is a figure of a woman and it sent chills through my body.

Photo submitted by: Danny

  mysterious figure
  black line  

Death Row Cell

I snapped this on the way out of the cell that housed the prisoners that were going to be hung. When I got home, the image showed up near the door. Kinda looks like a guy with his arms over his head and he's been hung against the wall by a chain.

Cell in the main cell block

Notice all of the "orbs" in the pictures. The one in the lower corner of the bunk is the best. My camera was completely losing power every time I would stick it in the cell and snap a picture. I would pull it out and walk away from the cell block and it would start working again.

My wife and I had visited the Old Jail and we took a tour of the place... I took my digital camera into the jail and just started randomly snapping pictures while I walked thru with the guide and my wife. Every picture I took of her had "orbs" around her... my camera was acting totally crazy when I started taking the pictures in the main cell block. It was like they didn't like it at all. I didn't expect anything until we got back home and I downloaded them onto the computer and here you go. I was a skeptic before but not anymore.

Photos submitted by: James R.


cell block

cell block

  black line  

Cemetery Ghost

The bus was stopped and there was no window glass or plastic between the camera and photo.

Photo submitted by: Michael S.

  black line  

Old Jail

I took a few pictures of the jail cell next to death row and this picture had an extra item in the right lower corner that was not on the other pictures of the same cell. Vortex?

Photo submitted by: Terry

  ghost in st augustine old jail
  black line  
park swing  

Park Sighting

This photo was taken in the park by the lighthouse .

st augustine old jail exterior at night  

Old Jail Sighting

This photo was taken outside of the old Jail in St. Augustine. Vanessa our tour guide was astounded by the number of images present in this one picture.

Since I saw nothing with my naked eye upon taking these pictures, it was with great surprise that I saw all these images upon reviewing the pictures that I had taken. It was definitely an eye-opening experience.

Photos submitted by: Larry B.

  black line  

The Old Drug Store


Photo submitted by: Mark

  roof in st augustine
  black line  
lights in st augustine  

Strange Lights

My friends and I took the 9:40 pm tour. We stopped at Lighthouse Park and learned of the story of the three little girls who were killed at that sight. There was nothing wrong with my camera before we left, but when we got to Lighthouse Park it wouldn't work. I kept snapping pictures, but nothing happened so I put it away after several attempts to get it to work. I didn't see these pictures until the next day.

Photo submitted by: Melonie

  black line  

Taken at the Lighthouse Park Playground. There is an image of a skull in the branches, top and left of center.

Photo submitted by: Jennifer P.

  black line  

Huguenot Cemetery

I was doing a little ghost tour of St. Augustine with my mum and sister just about a week ago at The Huguenot Cemetery in St. Augustine - we took hundreds of shots and caught loads of orbs. I noticed in one of the photos taken towards the end what seems to be a figure in the left hand corner at the bottom. At first it looked like just a long white gown, but if you really look closer there is a lot going on. It kinda looks like a person sitting with head in between hands or perhaps a person with a baby on their knee. The long legs and feet are a bit strange. My sister thinks it looks like a gargoyle.

Photo submitted by: Eva M.

  black line  
old jail cell  

Apparition at The Old Jail

This was taken at night at the Old Jail while we were on a tour with Chris (The Englishman) who by the way was an awesome tour guide. We are dying to come do another tour with you on our next visit!!!! If you look closely at the cell bars there seems to be an orange light emanating from it. Upon further review we found that it seems to be a face. This was also verified by 2 investigators from Paranormal Seekers who were on site at the time. This can only be seen if you enlarge the picture and pan left towards the bars.

Photo submitted by: Carlos R.

  black line  

Tolomato Cemetery Star

You will notice a bright star shape. This star was not in any of the previous photos I had taken of this tomb. It's a very interesting photo.

Photo submitted by: Jacqueline

  star at tomb
  black line  
old jail at night  

Old Jail Prisoner Or Woman In Dress?

This picture was taken at the Old Jail... I took this at the end hoping to get some orbs near the back porch, but I actually got more than just what could be orbs flying around... If you zoom in towards the left side of this photo you can actually see an apparition of someone standing there. In my opinion it looks like a woman in a dress, my Fiance believes it's a prisoner and that you can even make out the white and black stripes of the outfit... no matter who it is, it's definitely an apparition standing there.


Old Schoolhouse Girl?

Coming to the end of the tour, I decided to take a random picture of the old schoolhouse window... if you look all the way to the bottom right hand corner of the window, you can see what appears to be a face of a child- a little girl peeking behind the curtain at me. You can make out the eyes, nose structure, forehead and hair. Seeing this really freaked me out...

Ghosts &Gravestones tour really made my dream to investigate the paranormal in one of the most haunted buildings EVER... come true. I got some pretty cool (creepy at the same time) evidence in my photos - Thanks guys!

Photos submitted by: Michelle m.

  black line  

Being Watched

Took this on the second floor of the Old Jail; look to the right in the back of the picture; looks like someone or something is coming out of the bars; there were only 2 of us there.

Been here many times and will keep coming back; always get something on my pictures; it is so great to come home, load my pictures on the computer and see what I get.

Photo submitted by: Tammie N.

  black line  

Face at Lighthouse Park - Apparition staring at me

During the tour outside the Lighthouse Park, I took several pictures into the dark through the trees. When looking back, this unaltered face was staring at me. If the picture is lightened, one can see the face is framed in a Spanish Helmet.

We have taken tours in the past, but this by far has given us the best apparition picture. We had a strange feeling when listening to the guide's story and decided to take several pictures into the dark. He was looking right at me.

Photo submitted by: Chuck G.

  face at lighthouse
  black line  
lighthouse park  

Lighthouse Park

We were on the tour at the park in front of the lighthouse... When we got done with the tour, went back to Hotel and was looking at pictures. Zoom in the top where you see the orange lights.. look at the face in front of the orange lights at the top of the picture. I went back down to our tour guide Lyndsey and had to show her these to see if I was really seeing what I had seen. She said yes.. that is a face! Is it one of the girls??

red light at old jail  


This was taken at the jail; right inside the first dark hallway. I had seen this light and went back to make sure this cell was dark with nothing, no lights in it; and it was. This is really weird; it goes thru the bar!!??

These are just a few of the pictures that we captured on our tour.. This was a really fun trip..

Photos submitted by: Tina P.

  black line  


Three little girls died when they were playing in a construction site; three lights were caught near the swings.

Photo submitted by: Gina H.

  three lights
  black line  

Mist Moving In

This is at the Old Fort. You will see in the pictures how the mist moves.

We come up at least two times a month and each time I get something different. We have been on the Ghosts & Gravestones tour many times and will go again; can't wait for our next trip.

Photos submitted by: Tammie N.

mist mist

  black line  

Behind The Old Jail

I shot this photo at the end of our Ghosts & Gravestones Tour at the Old Jail... The tour was so fun, that I decided to take pictures everywhere. I was randomly taking pictures behind the Old Jail at the end of our tour. I did not see anything when I snapped this photo, but once I started to review all my photos at the hotel I couldn't believe what I saw! In my opinion, the ghost is in the center of the photo, standing on the porch, near the back window. I think it's the warden's wife. We had such a great time and cannot wait to return to St. Augustine!

Photo submitted by: Davina D.

  old jail porch
  black line  
mary peck house  

Mary Peck House

We took the Ghosts and Gravestones tour on Friday evening... We took the tour of the jail earlier in the day. We were snapping random pictures during the night tour and didn't notice the detail of this one taken of the Mary Peck house until we got home. Notice the elderly person in the bottom left window.

Photo submitted by: Colette S.

  black line  
Random Orbs in the Oak Trees

Shot looking back toward the swing set... I have ALWAYS found orbs in my photos but have never had anyone to share them with or never really knew who they may be... Looking forward to being spooked next time!
  oak tree orbs

Front of the Old Jail

Just a few Orbs... Before we walked in.... it was ever well lit and I was using my flash... To think I did not think I caught anything while on the tour... I am waiting to see my friend's photos. From what she has told me I collected a few "friends" along the way. I am looking forward to spending the night in the hospital over the holidays and bringing my daughter with me this time! Thank you for a very educational night!

Photos submitted by: Shawna S.

  orbs in front of old jail building
  black line  


My boyfriend and I were just passing through St Augustine for the night - and I thought this would be a fun way to see the city. I also happen to be an avid believer and he an avid skeptic... Our guides were great and the stories were fun! But I had NO idea I would come away with a photograph like this. I am a professional photographer. I don't take a lot of stock in orbs or lens flares... but this? This is no lens flare. This image is raw - with no editing what so ever done to it.

Photo submitted by: Beth B.

  black line  

Orb? Lighthouse Park Speck?

orb at lighthouse lighthouse

At the lighthouse Park; I have a dslr with auto cleaning so this can't be dust; taken with flash on.

The next set of photos, I took with flash off. If you zoom as close as you can to where the orb is in the previous flash on pic, you can see a vibrant red speck. The speck moves all around the lighthouse park in other pictures. There is also a bright white speck on the left hand side that is moving up and down.

Photos submitted by: Daisy C.

  black line  

Lighthouse Park Night

We went to the lighthouse Park and I had heard a woman say: "Do you hear something," so I turned and snapped this picture. Some may say it's nothing but when you are in the middle of hearing a story about 3 little girls that died there and you are standing where they played, it makes think twice. I DO BELIEVE this is one of the girls. (There was no little girl on our tour).

Photo submitted by: Nikki G.

  night time
  black line  

Old Cemetery Streak

There were lots of orbs I caught with my camera and I also noticed the blue streak on the left side. The cemetery was dark except lights on crypt in the back.

Photo submitted by: Wanda P.

  black line  

Child Running Around Tree

This was taken at the cemetery where the little five year old boy is known to be seen running around the tree. There also seems to be a man in black with a black top hat leaning against the tree to the left.

Photo submitted by: Kim

  child running around tree
  black line  

Death Row Inmate

This shot was taken of our 'Inmate guide' just as he turned away. As I took the picture I saw him move and knew I was going to be deleting it later. Back at the hotel I was looking through the pics I had taken and saw something unexpected. Not sure what it was but even my skeptic husband couldn't explain it.

Photo submitted by: Dora P.

  black line  


I was on the 9:20 tour with Ashley and driver Nick. I can honestly say that I will never second guess if ghosts are real or not after tonight and it's because of these pictures I captured. I took 1 and questioned it; so I took 2 more and then took 2 more; and the last 2, nothing was there.

Photo submitted by: Jennifer T.

  black line  

Front Porch of Old Jail

You can see a hand and figure at the top of the steps and several other shadows. Two pictures were taken one right after the other and only the second one showed the figures.

Photo submitted by: Lori E.

  front porch
  black line  
old jail hallway  

Old Jail photo-arm?

We toured on the 8:30 tour. After the stories inside the cell block we headed out to the Gallo; as I was walking, I saw the hallway by the cell and snapped 1 picture on the way out. As I look closer in my mind's eye I see an arm coming out of the cell, fingers possibly (on the end of the light) waving in an up and down motion.

Photo submitted by: Joh M.

  black line  

Old Jail Death Row Cell

Photo taken on the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour while looking into the last cell on the right hand side. Appears to be a moving orb.

Photo submitted by: Todd A.

  jail cel
  black line  
window reflection  

Man with a Hat

We went on a tour this past Saturday night and were in the back of the group. When the group headed out to the gallows, we were the last two people in the room so we took a couple of quick photos and headed out the doors to join them. Once we got home and looked at the pictures we were shocked to see this one. If you look in the window all the way at the end of the hallway you will see what appears to be a man standing and looking towards us... It appears to be a man with a hat. His left hand seems to be resting on something, a rifle maybe? Could this be Sheriff Perry? Really eerie!... We had an awesome time and this was a great souvenir to share of our haunted Old Jail Tour!

Photo submitted by: Jenny B.

  black line  

The Blue Lady

We had a wonderful experience... And I find this picture to be fascinating; look at the lower left hand corner; it looks like a lady in a blue dress... her hair pulled back wearing a ladies' hat.

Photo submitted by: Kimberly M.

  lady in blue
  black line  
ghostly figure  

Across from the Lighthouse Park

We took your 10 pm tour on June 29. Nobody was standing there when I took this pic. I loaded it on the computer when I got home and was so freaked out. And if u look in the crook of his arm on the left it looks like another face also.

Photo submitted by: Brandy T.

  black line  

Something is Blocking my Aunt

This was taken by my 14-year-old niece. She said she saw a dark gray and blackish something cover my face, but she could still see my face but it was distorted. She said nothing, but calmly took her Cannon Rebel and snapped one shot. The flash went off and she saw the thing blocking my face "move" into a cell. I then went into the cell and said my hand was really cold and my hair was being "touched". I asked her to take another picture of me and there was nothing abnormal in that photo. I have not altered this original digital copy. I will assure you that normally red is a good color on me...and I usually don't look as scared in the picture. I can say I was not scared at all... and neither was she. HIGH FIVE St. Augustine!

Photo submitted by: Michelle F.

  old jail
  black line  

Man In The Window At Old Jail

Snapped this picture in the old jail on a night tour. The man in the window appears to have his hands up on the glass. Also sort of looks like words above his head. Maybe the inmates "Photo Identification Card?" He almost looks as if he is smiling.

Photo submitted by: Jessica L.

  black line  

Windows of the Jail

My friend and I took the tour on November 10. At first I thought the circles in the pictures might be water drops on my camera, but some shots had the circles and others didn't. We greatly enjoyed the tour and loved the jail inmate. I have no idea what is coming out the windows of the jail????

Photo submitted by: Suzi G.

  old jail windows
  black line  
red mist inside cell  

Red Mist

Unexplained red lights.

Photo submitted by: Cathy W.

  black line  

Apparition at the Park

I was in your tour last night with my family. At our first stop which was the park in front of the lighthouse park, we began to take lots of pics. After we left the park I only spotted 1 picture with an orb. Then today as I was looking at the pictures again, we noticed that we caught an apparition floating with no feet in the ground. Take a look at the image...

Photo submitted by: Luis S.

  park apparition
  black line  
sisters at park at night  

Sisters at the Lighthouse Park

You can see the sisters at the lighthouse park watching. Look on the left by the trees... it is an amazing place and I am glad I was able to capture this great picture!

Photo submitted by: Michelle A.

  black line  

Sister Spirits

This image was taken while walking through the park across from the Lighthouse; I can not explain what it is. There was no light source, the park was dark. It was south of the playground area.

Photo submitted by: Joe V.

  lights on ground
  black line  
lighthouse ghost  

Lighthouse Ghost

Met Jason our tour guide for the Ghosts and Gravestones tour last night. We had so much fun, we went ghost hunting on our own tonight. Jason had a tour going on at the lighthouse when we were there. After catching this amazing pick we actually met up with Jason at the end of his tour to show him and he was blown away... What an amazing adventure.

Photo submitted by: Kathi R.

  black line  

Man at Old Jail

This picture was taken on my ghost tour of the old jail. If you look below, you will see a man's face. There was no man there when I took the picture. When I went through my pictures I showed everyone in our party and nobody could believe the imagine. It's crazy.

Photo submitted by: Jennifer

  man apparition
  black line  
pirate apparition  

Pirate Apparition

Taken at the jail in the rear to the right of the hanging platform. Bottom right, you can see a smoky apparition of what seems like a pirate. The forehead, hat, eyes lips and beard are very distinct. Creepy!!!!

Photo submitted by: Nicole and Bobby M.

  black line  

White Robed Man

My husband and I took this tour together. We were looking through our pictures the next morning and noticed that if you look To the right of the house it looks like there is a white robed man...

Photo submitted by: Chapman

  white robed man
  black line  
guide and two faces  

Two Faces

There are two faces and two bodies facing different directions and only one tour guide.

Photo submitted by: W.S.

  black line  

Moving Swing

A swing was moving in lighthouse park. My phone went haywire as I began telling my 12-year-old son that these little girls were from SC like us. The swing started moving faster and my phone started working... I asked a group of people to my right if anyone moved the swing. They said they didn't think so. Either way we saw it begin to move faster.

Photo submitted by: Tammy

  black line  
red mist at jail cell  

Red Mist

Shot with a canon EOS 50D; Not sure what this is but really cool! Was in jail by myself; last person to leave; this was my last picture before I left.

Photo submitted by: Everett P.


Someone's Watching

This photo was taken during a tour of the old jail in the women's cell with the window. You can see the outline of a face in the blanket that appears to be looking at my daughter, Trinity. We didn't notice it at the time and got totally freaked out when reviewing our pictures later.

Photo submitted by: Amanda C.

  black line  
old jail window  

Prisoner in Window

Look at the left tall window above the back porch and you can see the back of a prisoner standing in the window. I called and asked if there were any mannequins in the windows and was told there are none that can be seen from outside looking into the building.

Photo submitted by: Shelby

  black line  

Old Jail Demon

Taken on at the old jail. Walked past this cell very quickly and snapped the picture as I was moving. It looks like some sort of demon holding the bars? Perhaps an old inmate?

Photo submitted by: Alexis R.

  old jail bars
  black line  

Man in Huguenot Cemetery

What got me was the lights; then I noticed the man on the right side; kind of looks like a soldier.

Photo submitted by: Todd B.

  black line  

Little Girl

This is a zoomed in photo of what appears to me to be a little girl. Photo was taken at the park in St. Augustine on August 13.

Photo submitted by: Shannon L.

  ghost in tree
  black line  

Huguenot Cemetery Walking Figures

I took this picture late into the night with just my 17-year-old sister in tow... I can't find anything like what I have captured. Though I'm somewhat of a skeptic, I have always effected electricity and as such have always been able to have a knack for knowing when to be present. In this picture you can obviously see figures, adults and children amidst the gravestones.

Photo submitted by: Lori B.

  black line  

Girl at Lighthouse Park

I took this photo September 20 on the Ghosts and Gravestones tour. No one was around me and an image showed up on the left side. I have had several physics look at the picture and all have said it was a teenage girl trying to make contact with me and none of the physics knew anything about where the photo was taken. At the time I took the photo I also felt a light touch on my back. Very much enjoyed the experience!

Photo submitted by: Stephanie M.

  black line  

Apparition in the Old Jail

I snapped this picture in the Old Jail. It looks to me like a male apparition (cheekbones, nose, mustache and chin). I shot another picture instantly after I took this one, and the man was gone! Next time I am in St. Augustine, I am going to do the full paranormal investigation! I had such a spooky blast!

Photo submitted by: Katie H.

  black line  

Swirling Fog on Lighthouse Playground Park

We were taking pictures during the night tour in St. Augustine on January 14 in the playground park across from the lighthouse park and I took this photo. At the time I didn't see anything in particular till I got home tonight and uploaded it to my computer. It was a little shocking actually. Julie told us to expect this, but I was not looking for anything at all.

Photo submitted by: Cherie G.

  black line  
old jail window  

Man in the Window

Took this picture at the end of the tour. I was just randomly taking shots outside the jail house. On our way home I was scanning through the pictures and noticed that in this picture there was a silhouette of a man looking outside located at the bottom right window. Got a little freaked out. Great tour!!

Photo submitted by: Ria T.

  black line  

Orbs Across Lighthouse Park

Several solid looking orbs moving upward in this picture. Starting at the tour guide's belt line... and in the trees.

Photo submitted by: Rusty

  black line  

Unusual Image Behind Old Jail

This was taken behind the Old Jail in St. Augustine. We were near the gallows. Note the blue image.

Photo submitted by: Melinda

  black line  


This photo is iffy; it looks to me that the chain on the second swing when you zoom in is bowed and the swing looks slightly elevated. In all the other swing pictures the swings are exactly even.

Photo submitted by: Jennifer L.

  black line  
ghost on floor  

The Lady Who Died On The Floor Of The St. Augustine Jail

When were on the tour we had stopped at the jail and I heard the story of the lady who died on the 1st floor of the jail because she was razed to death on her neck and when I took a photo I found a picture that had an orb on the floor and I think it was the lady who had died from being razed to death.

Photo submitted by: Avery

  black line  

Moving Swing

... I took (this picture) of the moving swing at the playground area near the lighthouse where the three young girls died. (There are two swings, but only one was lightly swaying.) Not sure what's in the swoosh, but there was no light reflecting or anything. (I even took another one shortly afterward, but that produced nothing.)

Photo submitted by: Elizabeth B.

  moving swing
  black line  
jail window  

Jail House

I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it. But my Daughter took lots of pictures and I took a few. In the picture that my daughter took you can plainly see nothing in the window but in this one that I took if you look closely in the window you can see a silhouette of a young figure.

Photo submitted by: Cristina

  black line  

Man Behind the Swings at the Lighthouse Park

We went on the ghosts and graveyard tour and I was just shooting in the pitch dark. Nobody around the tour went ahead of us and there is an image in the background behind the swings... I took many pictures at night that weekend and when we arrived at the lighthouse park I found all these orbs and energy lights were in every picture I took. We were the last ones in the area of the swing sets and I was just taking pictures in all directions. We were the only ones around and to my surprise there was a man sitting behind the swing sets. Neither me or my husband saw anyone else around when we were looking around.

Photo submitted by: Mary

  man at swing set
  black line  

The Hangin' Gallows

I'll admit to being pretty "jumpy" at the slightest of unusual noises during this portion of the tour. These pictures may confirm the "why"...

My first night in St. Augustine, I took this tour. It was enjoyable & informational. I'm not a committed believer in paranormal activity, but I'm also not a complete skeptic. The more I take these types of tours, especially when going inside buildings, the more I question....

Photo submitted by: Teresa

  black line  

White figure at Old Jail

I went to St. Augustine last year on the ghost tour... As I was looking (through my pictures), I noticed a white figure in a photo at the Old Jail house. I zoomed in and noticed a man.

Photo submitted by: Mahiya

  old jail cell and white figure
  black line  
large orb  

Large Lighthouse Park Orb

This was my fourth time going on the Ghosts and Gravestones tour, but the first time I got any orbs in my pictures. I use a Nikon D7000 and it does a good job of not capturing dust and the like. Maybe it's one of the little girls that died at the lighthouse park tragically...

Photo submitted by: Kristin B.

  black line  

Back of the Jail

Everyone was walking down the stairs. I stayed at the top with another man. We were both taking pictures. I leaned over a little, aimed my camera towards the right where no lights were and finally got orbs! Until I got back home and looked at my pictures and saw I had orbs all over my pictures...

Photo submitted by: Julie M.

  back of old jail
  black line  
cemetery fence  

Close up of back fence line at Huguenot Cemetery, ordinary.

Just looking at a section of the back fence line at the Cemetery; nothing going on; ordinary picture. I keep snapping.

fence and orb  

Moved closer and snapped again!

Now right at one of the same black top posts my strong flash bathes it white and shows two long and very straight white lines, semi transparent, that seem to run from the post to hitting the ground right at that small gravestone. The lines superbly center the gravestone between them and then they end! Above and slightly offset from the grave is one orb; on zoom in, it shows an oblong shape and looks like it's trying to eject from the area. Is this small grave in the back of Huguenot Cemetery trying to attract attention?

Photos submitted by: Rick P.

  black line  

Lighthouse Park

Taken before getting back on the tour bus. This was the first time we visit St. Augustine and had decided to do a ghost tour. My family and I were hoping that we would capture something when we took pictures. This tour/town is not a disappointment! We were all happy with the great tour and all involved, tour guide, driver and prisoner at the Old Jail.

Photo submitted by: Maria S.

  black line  
lighthouse and ghost  

Woman in White Dress

We visited St. Augustine the last week of July. We took the ghost tour of the lighthouse park on Thursday. We had my 10 year old daughter and her best friend with us. They were afraid to go into the lighthouse park so they sat on the benches outside and waited for us. My daughter took a couple of pictures with her cell phone that we didn't know about until the next day. Upon looking at the pictures she took, we noticed this full body apparition of a woman wearing a long dress with her hands clasped. If you zoom in on the photo you can see the details of her dress and face. We have noticed several more pictures on this site of what looks like the woman my daughter captured in her photo.

Photo submitted by: Angela S.

  black line  

Woman Looking Out Window

This was taken after tour, standing outside trolley .There appears to be a woman/man looking out window...

Photo submitted by: Tammy

  woman apparition and trolley
  black line  
lighthouse grounds  

No One In Front of Us

My husband took this picture at the light house grounds. It was when he was getting off the bus and there was no on in front of us. Pretty creepy!!

Photo submitted by: Karen

  black line  

Face at Old Jail

My family and I visited the The Old Jail in Saint Augustine on Saturday. We participated in a tour at approximately 4:00 in the afternoon. As we entered the jail, (we were the next to the last family to enter) our nine year old daughter began taking pictures with her father's cell phone. The picture that is attached is the very first photo taken inside the jail; it is the first female cell as you enter the building. When we physically observed the cell, it was well lit as the outside door was open from the family behind us. There was nothing unusual - we simply observed an empty cell. Later that evening, upon returning home, I went through all the pictures she had taken. When I came to this particular picture, I was stunned to see the bright 'square' on the back wall. But I was even more stunned when I looked closer and then enhanced to discover a well defined face! This is the only photo to show this image.

Photo submitted by: Kimberly M.

  jail cel
  black line  
ghost guide  

Our Ghost Guide

Guide at Lighthouse Park Area.

Photo submitted by: Kristen M.

  black line  

Ghost Child in Photo

My family and I drove through St. Augustine on our way to catch a cruise out of Port Canaveral. I took this photo on Friday, October 3 in front of the Tolomato Cemetery. There is a blurry image in the lower middle part of the photo. It looks like the outline of a child.

Photo submitted by: Jennifer H.

  black line  

Death Row Cell at the Old Jail

During a recent trip with my wife, we took the Ghosts and Gravestones Trolley tour. Little did we know - I captured this photo while in the Old Jail. This is the death row cell looking out toward the Gallows.

Photo submitted by: Tim S.

  black line  

Tolomato Cemetery Orb

This picture was taken at the Tolomato Cemetery on September 16. Me and my husband were both taking pictures. My phone froze with the flash on and we could see several orbs but I could not take a picture. My husband could take pictures and did not get anything. When I was able to finally take a picture, this orb was very clear.

Photo submitted by: Linda B.

  black line  
jail cell  

Old Jail Tour

It was during the day; we just took the tour to see the Old Jail. I decided to try to takes pictures thinking what are the odds of getting anything especially during the day. I made sure it was a little quieter and no one around. I decided to take the picture at the darkest part of the jail cell. I checked out my picture later in the day and saw a white mist and enlarged the photo; you can see a man. I wished I had taken more. Very exciting!

Photo submitted by: Monika R.

  black line  

Old Jail House Window Ghosts

We just toured the old jail house and I snapped this picture on the way in. The two bottom windows both have apparitions in them. The far left window has a figure (figure 1) of a man facing the street and the window to the right shows the profile of a man (figure 2). I can even see his mustache. These pictures were taken with my cell phone. I didn't see anything before snapping the picture.

Photo submitted by: Nicole K.

  ghost and window ghost and window
  black line  
park apparition  

Lighthouse Park

I took this photo while on the tour of Lighthouse Park.  I was snapping pictures the whole time, not really noticing anything. Towards the end of our stop there, our ghost-host gathered everyone up for a story. My wife and I were in the back of the group, and I turned to the left to take this picture. There appears to be some kind of apparition to the left of the tree. There looks to be some detail in the shape, possibly clothing but hard to tell. Definitely my favorite pic from the tour!

Photo submitted by: Ed B.

  black line  

The Face Behind

My family and I decided to check out this ghost tour... due to receiving praises from one of my family members who went in early 2014. This is an after picture that was taken by myself of the Gallows... I noticed that there was a face behind him (creepy). I've asked many people as to who/what they think that 'object' was (behind him) and they all agreed that it is NOT the wood...

Photo submitted by: Lori H.

  face hiding in the gallows
  black line  
orange light and door  

Orange Light

Was taking photos by the old jail. I happened to notice an orange blob on the door that is not there in other photos; if you zoom in closer it kind of looks like a guy's face with a mustache! Very creepy.

Photo submitted by: Audrey T.

  black line  

Floating Green Orb

I recently went on the Ghosts and Gravestones tour in St. Augustine. I took several consecutive photos of the side of the Old Jail building and this photo was the only one that caught a floating green orb in the window of the general population area.

Photo submitted by: Nicole C.

  old jail window green orb
  black line  

Apartment with Orbs

We were on the riding portion of the tour when we stopped at an apartment. Walking in the apartment there was loud music playing below because of a party or something. When we walked into the upstairs apartment, it was like a horror movie. The room made me feel so uneasy. Matt, our tour guide, had told us the things that had gone on in that house, which were horrible. We went into the kids' room and Matt asked the little boy, Hank, if he could turn off the flash light. Seconds later the flash light turned off. The boy did it every time Matt had asked a question. Toward the end of the tour of the apartment we heard jumping on the bed when we were in the lounge area of the apartment. Many people freaked out because in my opinion it was really cool. On the way out we were allowed to take pictures so I did and I got the images that I submitted. I didn't know I got the orbs on camera until one night after we had taken the tour. I was just going through some of the images when I found the orbs on one of my pictures! I was thrilled because I had evidence of my amazing experience on the total paranormal tour in St. Augustine!!

Photo submitted by: Elizabeth E.

  black line  

Face in the Window

Picture was taken at the Old Jail. Last cell on the left upstairs.

Photo submitted by: Doug M.

  face in window
  black line  
fireplace apparition  

Lady Killer

I was standing right by the fire place when our tour guide looked over at me and said that this was his favorite spot to be at. She also told me how he LOVED blonde girls in their early twenties (yes that's a pretty good description of me). I thought the tour guide was just teasing me. Once I took the picture, I moved away and continued through the tour of the Warden Castle. Towards the end, I decided to go through my camera and I found some cool orbs and shadows but nothing out of the ordinary. Until I got to this picture. You can clearly see the silhouette of a man. Comparing my height to the position and size of the fire place, the man looks to be around 6 feet tall. This is completely unedited and taken with a cellphone camera when NO ONE was around!

Photo submitted by: Jennifer R.

  black line  

Prisoner Sitting

I snapped this photo and I looked in the cell first. Then I didn't see anything. Then I looked at the photo and I was shocked.

Photo submitted by: Patrick B.

  jail cell prisoner
  black line  
city gates and orb  

City Gates Orb

This photo was taken in front of the City Gate in St. Augustine. The ORB is near the TOP of the City Gate... There were no lights around us; it was not raining; no one was shining lights anywhere. The orb was not visible when I took the picture and was not visible afterwards... only visible on the picture.

Photo submitted by: Paula S.

  black line  

Under the Gallows

Myself, my husband, 2-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter took a Ghosts & Gravestones bus tour on Saturday... We gave our daughter an iPhone to take pictures during the tour. While at the Old Jail, she took numerous photos of the gallows because she thought the "prisoner" telling stories under the gallows was really cool. When we got home, we were going through all of our vacation photos and came across this one. It appears to be a young man, possibly a child, hanging out (pun intended) under the gallows. Other pictures taken in the same location do not show this strange image.

Photo submitted by: Kathryn D.

  black line  
dapper gent at old jail  

Dapper Gent

This shot was taken at the Old Jail in St. Augustine. Gina and I took a ghost tour for some fun. We were told people see ghosts walking these cells and hallways. I saw how close the beds are and had to take a picture. Four men slept in this tiny space. Then I noticed the dapper gent wearing the flat cap or golf style hat pulled low. He's walking down the hallway behind the cell bars as if leaving or maybe making rounds.

Photo submitted by: Maxine B.

  black line  

Boy at Tolomato Cemetery

I had taken this photo when our tour guide brought us to Tolomato Cemetery, where in the 1800s a little boy had climbed and fallen from this tree, dying from a broken neck. The little boy was buried at the cemetery, next to this tree. Our tour guide said people have reported seeing the ghost of a little boy climbing this tree. When reviewing our photo, we saw something unusual at the upper left hand side of the tree. After enlarging the area, we were surprised to see what appeared to be a light colored image of a small child climbing up the tree, with its head slightly tilted upwards and turned to the left (facing the camera). We also saw a face with dark hollow eyes and a mouth that appeared to be wide open, either smiling or laughing. The image appeared to be in a climbing upward position and we could see part of its left arm, with its torso bent forward, its backside pushed out, and its left leg/foot standing on the branch below.

Photo submitted by: D. Family

  tolomator cemetery tree at night
  black line  
man pointing at old jail  

Man Pointing in the Background

We were at the Old Jail October 14. When we got home, we looked at our photos; we thought this one was cool because of the bright streaks of light. THEN when we looked closer and closer at the very back of the hall on the right of the second light, you can see a man from the waist up pointing to the right. Looks like he is wearing suspenders and some sort of a hat. He either has a mustache or his mouth is open shouting. The more you look the more you see.

Photo submitted by: Kristina F.

  black line  

Drug Store/Wax Museum Face

I noticed this face after zooming in on the image.

Photo submitted by: Alice S.

  wax museum face
  black line  
old jail apparition  

Old Jail Apparition?

I could not be certain if there was any light coming through an inside window, but it appears to be someone standing against the left side of the far right window. It also looks like a crow perched in the window next to it...

Photo submitted by: Alice S.

  black line  

Face in Jail

During a tour of the jail I snapped a picture of a cell and caught what looks like a face looking towards the camera. Could be light reflecting but gave us all a spook anyway.

Photo submitted by: Emily C.

  face at jail
  black line  
ghost horse at graveyard  

Ghost Horse

To the very left you see a horse standing in the graveyard. I don't remember there being any horse statues in there. Also its eyes are glowing. Spooky. So I conclude a ghost horse was paying a visit!

Photo submitted by: Katie M.

  black line  

Lady in White Gown

We were taking a walk and decided to take some photos after eating dinner because of my sister's birthday. We caught a female in a white gown staring at us; it's the real deal; we're kinda freaked out. We don't know her name though.

Photo submitted by: Savannah M.

  lady in white gown at graveyard
  black line  
face at old jail  

Sinister Face

I took this photo in the old jail with flash on my phone. When I took it there was only a circle of light - the reflection of the flash. But when I looked at the picture I saw a very sinister face looking back at me.

Photo submitted by: Apryl B.

  black line  

The Gallows

I took a few pictures of the gallows and this is the only one that looks like there is a man in a suit standing up there.

Photo submitted by: Abby h.

  man at gallows
  black line  

Solders in Graveyard

I captured this image in the graveyard in St. Augustine. There is a man who appears to be in a military uniform in the front and if you look closely there are 5 more men lined up behind him.

Photo submitted by: Kevin M.

  black line  

Spooky Guy

So I went on this tour tonight and if you look in the window of the guy, you can see a face of a guy with handlebar mustaches.

Photo submitted by: Chandler G.

  old jail inmate
  black line  

Face in the Orb

This was taken in front of the Old Jail in St. Augustine. 2 other photos did not show it. I think if you look closely you can see a face in the Orb.

Photo submitted by: Chris W.

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