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St. Augustine Ghost Stories

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Truth is stranger than fiction

In studying history, most folks quickly realize that real life events are much more fascinating than any fictional account. In fact, some St. Augustine Ghost Stories are so bizarre that they could only happen in real life…

The Seminole Wars in Florida took a mighty toll during the early 1800s. Three times the fighting escalated and three times the losses were great on both sides. During the Second Seminole war in 1837, capture of the great warrior chief, Osceola, came under a white flag of truce offered by the United States. He was briefly taken to the fort in St. Augustine where he became ill and was treated by local physician Dr. Frederick Weedon. Osceola was then transferred to Fort Moultrie in South Carolina where he died from malaria. This is where the tale takes a bizarre turn.

It seems that Dr. Weedon took the opportunity to further his medical study when he requested to be alone with the remains of Osceola before he was buried.

Once alone, the doctor placed his medical bag on the table, removed his sharpest surgical knife and walked slowly toward the lifeless body of Osceola. Then…

The Boy in the Tree

Founded on the site of an ancient Native Indian village, the Tolomato Cemetery hosted Catholic burials until 1884.

If you want a vivid paranormal experience, this is a best bet. Known for the quantity of sightings, the Tolomato Cemetery seems to be filled with strange lights, shadows, temperature changes and apparitions.

Little is understood about the connection between the gravesites here and the sightings, but many suspect that those buried here are making themselves known to the living. Such is the case at the massive oak tree just inside the cemetery gates. It all started with children standing at the gates who began seeing a little boy playing around the tree. They would tell the adults about this little boy in old fashioned clothing who looked to be five or six years old, but no adult ever saw him until one day, when he was seen by everyone while sitting up in the ancient oak tree. There he was dangling his legs and smiling at the crowd. Everyone gasped as they suddenly realized… he was transparent…you could see right through him. But who was he? Where did he come from? Soon, the mystery was solved just thirty feet from the old oak tree.

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