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St. Augustine Reviews

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Royston, GA

- M.L.

“We were in St. Augustine, FL. We enjoyed the tour. I would like to especially point out the excellent storyteller and guide for our tour. I believe her name was Marilyn. She did a wonderful job telling the stories on the tour. She was vibrant, energetic, and a wonderful storyteller. She holds your interest at all times and has a great talent for story telling. I hope that you recognize her for her great talents, friendly manner, and her great way of interacting with all the riders on the trolley. She is very talented and I hope that she extends her storytelling skills to other areas as well. She would be great at recording books and also for in-person story telling events. I was very impressed with her skills and wonderful personality, and care for others. She truly enjoyed her work and she was excellent. She understands and appreciates the qualities of good storytelling.”

Leesburg, FL

- V.V.

“My wife & I enjoyed your Ghosts & Gravestones tour… This was my very first experience and my wife’s 5th or 6th tour. I just wanted to express how much we enjoyed ourselves. The cast of characters were perfect! So enthusiastic & engaging! … Thank you for an amazing evening!!”

Jupiter, FL

- M.M.

“Our tour was last night at 9:20. It was amazing… The guy who played Charlie was incredible and always kept you on your toes. Even my 85 year old mother-in-law had fun!! Thank you!!”

Nashua, NH

- C.P.

“Our guide was Julie. Her enthusiasm was wonderful. She easily got the audience involved in tales that were scary, but never horrifying. Her diction was distinct and easy to understand. The audience had all ages, and they were all included. It wasn’t all about spooks, but a lot of history that was easily explained. Stories that were obviously history versus those that were supernatural were clearly divided and let the audience determine veracity of the latter. Suggestions and stories about ghosts and photos were given, which gave a lot of information not anticipated. Our initial driver was “Not Guilty,” and his humor was delightful, and so was his driving…

Entertainment was at the forefront and so was safety. No matter where we went there was help going up and down stairs and concern over all guests, but because of the other activity it was almost imperceptible. That’s amazing!

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole tour, and just wanted to say thank you. We would definitely recommend this tour for anyone coming and would look forward to doing it again.”

- Breeann

“Super fun and scary – with my amazing guide Julia”

- A.

“Our ghost tour guide was Marley and she was fabulous!!! She did a fantastic job at telling us stories and helping us find spirits… We had such a good experience and are still just as excited after the tour as we were before it started!!”

- J.J.

“My husband and I took the Ghosts & Gravestones tour tonight and we had a blast. Justin was our tour guide and he did a fantastic job. I am somewhat a sensitive when it comes to paranormal activity and one thing that I found strange was that there were at least 7 pictures that I could not take with my digital camera. 2 were at the cemetery that the little boy visits… My camera was working fine and I changed my batteries before taking the tour.”

- M.E.

“A very enjoyable evening! For starters, the ghost host was super nice! Regrettably, I have forgotten her name, but I believe it started with an ‘M’. She was entertaining and incredibly sweet… Overall, I really fancied our time on the Ghosts & Gravestones tour bus.”

Bradenton, FL

- C.T.

“I was in St. Augustine on Tuesday and went on the Ghost tour. I have been coming up to St. Augustine for a couple of years now and I have wanted to do the tour and finally have the time to do so. It was GREAT and have told a lot of my friends about it. The best part of the whole thing was Charlie Powell and the famous exploding Bishop. Really loved it. Every time I come up, I try and do something different and this was the best that I have done thus far. I really love history…”

- L.E.

“We visited St. Augustine for the first time in April of this year. My sister is an avid ghost/spirit hunter so this was the one must do event on her list. We weren’t disappointed… It was a great tour, loved our tour guide Chris; he gave us great background on the places we toured. Couldn’t have asked for a better time. Thanks again…!”

- A.P.

“Went on the Ghosts and Gravestones tour about a week ago and absolutely loved it; very fun and the tour guides were very educational. Enjoyed all of the stories, and I am a firm believer of ghosts. This only makes me want to go back and take more pictures!”

Palm Coast, FL

- J.G.

“Just have to say what a wonderful experience we had on the tour. Sherry Morgan who took our reservations was amazing! Cassidy our tour guide and Chris the trolley driver were awesome! … My family and I had a terrific time and can’t wait to come back.”

Clearwater, FL

- K.J.

“I wanted to contact your company and tell you what a great time we had! We took the St. Augustine tour. Our tour guide was a petite blond who was full of enthusiasm and so fun to listen to. It was obvious she enjoyed her job… wanted you to know how good she is. “Unbelievers, be doomed!” Great fun!”


- B.

“Chris: Thanks for the great ghost tour on Friday April 29 in St. Augustine, Florida. Here’s the photo I took of you on the bus while you were giving your talk. I hope you like it, and, congratulations on being a real ghost on your own tour!”

St. Augustine, FL

- E.B.

“Hello, I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your old St. Augustine ghost tour, and especially with your tour guide, Iris. I live here, and have done several different St. Augustine tours, but we had guests from out-of-town (my mom, my aunt and uncle) who wanted to do “something different”. A ghost tour was not on our plans, but since my uncle wanted to do it, we reluctantly decided to go for it. Aside from the fact that we had a great time, and that the ghost tour was a lot more fun that we had anticipated, Iris was absolutely delightful, going above and beyond to make sure we were all having a fun time, and going out of her way to give my mom – and other people on the tour – the special attention they needed. My mom could not walk up the stairs, so she and I went out the front door and waited on the rocking chairs (on the front porch) to wait for the next trolley. Iris dropped her group off upstairs, then came back out and greeted us. Then, she gave us the whole upstairs part of the tour outside, so we would know what we were missing upstairs. My mom was most impressed with how personable Iris was. Also, there was a young boy who got scared and started to cry, so Iris promptly started talking to him, trying to calm him down. It was so sweet to see. She, then, made him her personal helper for the rest of the tour. You could see that change in him. He was giggling and didn’t want her to leave when the tour was done. He gave her hugs, and wanted to take pictures with her. She surely went out of her way to answer questions, make sure everyone was getting enough attention, and be as helpful as possible to everyone around. She was knowledgeable and cute as could be! I’m so glad we decided to go on this tour! We have more friends and family coming down for Spring Break, and we cannot wait to get them on your ghost tours! And I sure hope we’ll be able to get Iris again! Thank you for a wonderful experience, and please let Iris know that she made our tour experience an unforgettable one!”

- G.

“Griz and Nicole were a perfect combination giving these tours. Griz – 6-feet tall with a deep southern drawl really contrasted Nicole – the high-energy firecracker from New York beautifully. We loved it! Nicole’s energy and enthusiasm as the Ghost Host was intoxicating, and most definitely the highlight of our ghost tour. There was a performance quality there like no other and I hope those who come visit in the future get to see her go at these stories. Ask her to tell you about Bishop Verot; you won’t be disappointed!”

- A.K.

“I went on this tour and Jorden ‘accidentally’ left her flash light in the trolley. My mom and I were in the front when suddenly the lights went out. We heard mysterious bangs and slams of the cells as well as creepy laughing. From someone’s camera flash, I noticed a man coming slowly towards us. When the lights went back on, we discovered a man dressed in stripes in the doorway which we found out later was Al. In the pic, Al came towards me and said ‘What are y’all doing here? Nobody comes in here unless they are dragged kicking and screaming.’ From there, he stepped towards me, pointed his finger at me and said ‘You aren’t kicking and screaming!’. My mom and I were amused and frightened at the same time. All in all, the tour was awesome and we had plenty of experiences… All in all, great job to everyone who was involved! Thank you, we all had a great time!”

- A.M.

“This Ghost tour was AMAZING!!! Our tour guide was awesome; his name was like Nicholas Higganbotom or something! … This was a fun tour, would sooooooooooo do it again!”

Groveland, FL

- G.P.

“I was in St. Augustine for my birthday, and saw a brochure for the Ghosts & Gravestones tour so I signed up for the 8:40 tour. I have been working in the entertainment industry for 13 years, and have seen many talented actors in my time. Samantha was my haunted tour guide and she was terrific! Sam stayed in character the whole time. The other cast members were also very good. Your cast members gave me a very memorable birthday and to them I say Bravo!”

Johnsonville, SC

- K.O.

“I went on the Ghosts & Gravestones tour on October 10th at 8:45. I would really like to give my driver and guide, Spencer, a big thanks for it was very interesting and fun. And the best actor of the night was Pip!!!! These actors deserve a reward!!!”

Ft. Myers, FL

- G & A

“Our family really enjoyed this tour! Ghost & Gravestones was a hoot! We had a blast!”

- C.S.

“I went on St. Augustine’s Ghosts & Gravestones trolley tour five days ago, and let me just say that our tour guide was a rather fantastic fellow. Brennan (“Nick”, a British gravedigger) was enthusiastic and humorous throughout the entire thing, and was, come to think of it, one of the best tour guides I’ve ever had. He constantly kept his character alive and was also polite enough to take photos and such with the crowd afterwards. He, along with “Charlie Powell”, made that evening memorable. Those two are the best at what they do, no doubt about it, and I would love to see them again on a future tour. Any crowd that gets Brennan as a guide should consider themselves lucky.”

Port Charlotte, FL

- T.

“My children loved the ghost tour to Death!”

Winter Haven, FL

- P.M.

“Hello; I am extremely happy to say that I took the Ghosts and Gravestones tour tonight… and it was the best tour I have taken here and I have been here for 4 days!!!!! Thank you soooo much for the wonderful experience. I WILL be submitting my photos when I get back home”