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St. Augustine Halloween Events

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When the sun goes down in St. Augustine, darkness has a whole new meaning...

As the ghostly spirits come out to haunt

Climb aboard Ghosts & Gravestones Night Tour for an evening of spooky fun as we transport you to some of the city’s most haunted spots. Your costumed ghost host will share the eerie tales of the ancient city’s haunted past and guide you as you discover the secrets of the Tolomato Cemetery. Be sure to keep a watchful eye while passing by the old City Gates. You might catch a glimpse of Elizabeth, a child victim of the yellow fever, waving to passersby. Face your fears in Potter’s Wax Museum’s Chamber of Horrors and enter the town’s most haunted building, the Old Jail, for an up close and personal encounter. Arrive early to explore Cromwell’s Parlour of Paranormal Curiosities, St. Augustine’s only collection of the paranormal and unexplained.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. St. Augustine’s most frightening Ghost Tour is very popular during the ghoulish holiday so make your reservations well in advance for St. Augustine Halloween.

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Creatures of the Night at The Alligator Farm

October 20-22, 2023, 5:30PM to 8PM

St. Augustine Farm Zoological Park

Join the wild side for 3 nights of treats, costumes and fun! Meet eerie bugs and beasts, explore the park and fill your bag with treats! Please bring your own bag. It is sure to be a spooktacular time!

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Jailbreak 5K

October 21, 2023, 8:00AM

The Old Jail

Do you have what it takes to make a break? Make your escape from the Authentic Old Jail to the Atlantic Ocean! We invite runners of all ages and abilities to make a break and join in on the fun! Running not your thing? That’s okay! You can still be a part of the team, enjoy the fruits of no labor, and donate! Costumes encouraged!

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Ancient City Brewing Boos and Brews 5k Race

October 28, 2023, 5:00PM

Ancient City Brewing

Florida Race Day, Run4 Beer and Ancient City Brewing are teaming up again for Boos and Brews 5k Race with a built in Halloween Party.

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Oktoberfest Beer Tours

September 16th – October 3rd, 2023 , Begins at 12PM on opening day

Tours depart from the Ponce de Leon statue in downtown St. Augustine

During the month of October, enjoy special Oktoberfest Beer Tours. Choose from a haunted carriage ride which includes wine, or a haunted walking tour which includes wine and beer. Learn about the eerie happenings, ghostly encounters and other tales of St. Augustine while sampling tasty spirits. Admission is $49 per person.

The Old Jail After Dark

11:50PM, Nightly

Prepare yourself for a spine-tingling night you’ll never forget at The Old Jail After Dark. This 45-minute chilling experience allows visitors to participate in an actual paranormal investigation of St. Augustine’s Old Jail. Recognized as one of the most haunted buildings in the country, the Old Jail is shrouded in mystery and lore. The historic building housed prisoners from 1891 to 1953. It was closed due to its deplorable conditions and the inflicted cruelty on its residents. Eight documented hangings were carried out on this site and many other deaths that can only be described as unnatural. Perhaps these are why many believe the Old Jail is an epicenter for paranormal activity and why it has become a popular destination for ghost hunters everywhere.
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Spooky Spots To Visit in St. Augustine This Halloween

Each year visitors come to explore the more than four centuries of history, exquisite architecture, beautiful natural scenery and pristine Atlantic coast beaches. And among those visitors are those with an affinity for apparitions and the paranormal — because inside the walls of the historic buildings, along the cobblestone streets and lingering among the people, are many spirits of those who’ve lived and died here, those who’ve chosen never to leave.

The Old Jail

St. Augustine’s Old Jail is one of the most haunted locations in the city. Listed on the Florida and National Register of Haunted Places, tourists and locals alike visit the Old Jail to experience the supernatural stories firsthand. Henry Flagler, a key figure in St. Augustine’s development, built the structure in 1891 and conditions for prisoners were notoriously inhumane. Some of the most dangerous criminals were housed in the jail’s maximum-security area, and eight men were hung from the gallows.

Castillo de San Marcos

The largest masonry structure of its kind in the USA, the magnificent 17th century fort stands as it has for many centuries, guarding the coast against invasion and surviving more than 300 years of battles and storms. It’s here that many supernatural enthusiasts flock to investigate the accounts of inexplicable events. Within one of the watchtowers there have been reports of a light shining from a fixture that has no electricity running to it. Other spooky occurrences include the sighting of a Spanish soldier standing at the edge of the fort, looking out to sea just when the sun is about to rise or set. In the dungeon, many people say they felt as if someone with cold hands was touching them; others felt queasy and cold while walking through. It’s also not uncommon for visitors that have shot videos and taken pictures while taking a tour to report the appearance of misty shapes, glowing orbs and even the see-through shape of a person.

Spanish Military Hospital

When you enter this historic building don’t be alarmed by the unnerving sensation you feel — as if a sad, heavy presence is surrounding you. This feeling has been experienced by many who enter into the hospital, which was rebuilt in 1821 when the city had to replace the water lines that ran under the building. When construction began, workers discovered thousands of human bones buried underneath the hospital. After some investigating, they learned that the hospital sat on a Timucuan burial ground – the Indians that were native to St. Augustine in its earliest years. Whether the presence people felt was that of the spirits of these lost souls is unknown, but hauntings in the building still occur to this day. Moans, screams and cries, misty sightings of patients in hospital gowns and the outline of a body laying on the beds when no one was there are just a few of the accounts.

Huguenot Cemetery

Located just across from the Old City Gates, the Huguenot Cemetery opened in 1821 to offer a final resting place to those who were of other faiths since the nearby Tolomato cemetery was reserved for Catholics only. In the beginning, many of the deceased laid to rest were victims of the yellow fever epidemic that swept through the city. The ancient burial ground is believed to hold approximately 436 bodies and was open for burials until 1884. Today, it is home to a variety of ghosts who’ve been spotted by visitors at all times of the day and night. The most famous ghost is the spirit of Judge John B. Stickney who was well liked in St. Augustine and known for offering free legal advice and services to his neighbors. After passing away from yellow fever, the honorable judge was buried in 1882 and remained there until his grown children decided to relocate him north to be closer to the family. During his exhuming, it is said that thieves stole the judge’s gold teeth from his mouth and other valuables he’d been buried with. It’s this unfortunate event that many feel is the cause of the Judge’s unhappy spirit that still resides within the cemetery. He’s been seen sitting in a tree and roaming the grounds. The judge isn’t alone here — there are several other spirits that have chosen to haunt the cemetery including one of a young girl who also died from yellow fever.

Casablanca Inn

Step inside the Casablanca Inn for lovely views of the Matanzas Bay and an elegant hideaway on your St. Augustine vacation. But be prepared to be spooked, as this Mediterranean-style bed and breakfast has a history of ghostly activity that is sure to send a chill up your spine, even on the warmest Florida afternoon. The story goes that the woman who owned and operated the Casablanca began consorting with and working for some seedy characters involved in bootlegging when she was faced with financial ruin. She became their lookout – warning them when investigators were nearby by waving a lantern in the window of a second story room that faced the ocean. As payment, she not only got paid handsomely, she also got alcohol to serve her patrons. Since her death, many have reported seeing a white light shimmering back and forth in that very same window. Other eerie activity includes the sounds of light footsteps on the wooden floors, disembodied voices of children and a misty shape resembling an elderly lady floating about the inn.

St. Augustine Lighthouse Park

The St. Augustine Lighthouse was built in the 1600s by Spanish settlers and served the city for many years until tidal erosion and damage from harsh weather conditions made it necessary for a new one to be constructed. Its replacement, built in 1874, is a St. Augustine historic landmark visited by thousands of people each year. It’s also well known for its ghostly inhabitants and has been featured on TV’s popular Ghost Hunters show. During its long history, several tragic events have occurred that many feel attribute to the unusually high level of paranormal energy and ghost sightings within the lighthouse and on its grounds. One of the first was when the lighthouse keeper Mr. Andreu fell to his death while painting the tower. During one of the visits from the Ghost Hunters show, they captured an apparition on film that many believe to be the old keeper’s ghost, still watching over the lighthouse. Another horrific event was the death of two young girls who drowned when the handcart they were playing in broke and fell into the ocean. Many have seen at least one of the girls roaming about and others have heard the voices of children playing inside and outside the building. No matter what anyone believes, the fact that there is something mysterious and unusual about this famous St. Augustine icon is never disputed.