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Come hear Boston’s real history – the stories you won’t hear before the sun goes down.

What do you get when you combine a cursed privateer, a pyromaniac circus ringleader, a demon spat out of the pits of Hades, a homicidal opera diva, and a deranged nanny? An experience unlike anything else in Boston!

Those are just a few of our guides who will drag you kicking and screaming through Boston’s sordid past. Never was there a more treacherous lot of characters - each one dying to tell you tales of Boston’s dead in their own unusual way. There are so many of us that each time you take our tour, you’ll have a startling new experience. So join us again and again! You will never know with whom you will be trapped.

copps hill burying groundWalk amongst the dead in burying grounds nearly four hundred years old, hear stories of those whose mortal remains lie beneath your feet, and listen to tales of many of the sordid practices that went along with them. Venture to the site of the biggest grave-robbing scandal in New England’s history. And ask yourselves - are you afraid of being buried alive? Walk atop Boston’s largest unmarked burying ground and hear tales of the tortures, punishments and executions that took place there. You may even find yourselves involved in some… To learn more, go to our Boston Ghost Tour.

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Because we believe so strongly in the quality of our tour, Ghosts & Gravestones of Boston offers a 100% money back guarantee*. To find out more, go to ghost tours money back guarantee*.

*Special exemptions apply to charters.

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