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Haunted Guide To Flagler College

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Originally Built as the Ponce de Leon Hotel

The Ponce de Leon hotel, built by Henry Flagler in 1888, was a true masterpiece that combined luxury and art in one of the most beautiful locations in Florida — St. Augustine. Flagler’s love for art was reflected in every detail, from the carefully selected pieces of art that adorned the halls to the stunning architectural design that included spacious rooms, a courtyard with a fountain and a spectacular dining room. When it opened to the public, the hotel was ahead of its time with electric lighting, fans and elevators — innovations that set the standard for the hotel industry. It was also one of the first buildings in America to have an electric fire alarm system. Over the years, the Ponce de Leon Hotel played an important role in Florida’s history and tourism industry, hosting guests from all over the world, including many famous musicians, writers and politicians. However, as the years passed, the hotel fell into disrepair and started garnering negative attention for mysterious happenings and sightings. Fortunately, it was saved by a group of local citizens who recognized its historical significance and convinced Flagler College to purchase the property in 1967.

Haunted History of Flagler College

From mysterious hooded figures to strange noises echoing through the halls, there have been numerous reports of ghosts hovering around the campus throughout its storied past. With that in mind, here is a haunted guide to Flagler College. The most famous haunt on campus is known as “The Gray Lady.” Legend has it that she was the wife of Flagler and can be seen wandering near the college’s towers late at night. She is said to linger in a stupor, her gaze distant and her body hidden under a long flowing gray cloak. It is said that she is searching for her lost husband. The ghostly sightings don’t end there — students have reported hearing strange noises emanating from the dormitories, particularly in the towers. Some have also claimed to feel an eerie presence while walking through the grounds.

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Spirit of Henry Flagler

Henry Flagler, a railroad magnate and industrialist, is credited with transforming Florida’s economy in the late 19th century. His passion for the state led him to build several luxury hotels here, including the Hotel Ponce de Leon, which now serves as the main building of Flagler College. Legend has it that Flagler’s ghost haunts the college’s halls and can be seen walking around the Ponce de Leon Hotel’s rotunda, lobby and fourth-floor balcony. Many eyewitness accounts describe a man who closely resembles Flagler, wearing a white suit and walking with a cane, moving through the college’s corridors. Even though some people have debunked this story as a myth, several college employees and students firmly believe that Flagler’s ghost still visits the place he loved the most, where his legacy and impact on Florida’s history continue to inspire generations of students.

The Spirit of Henry Flagler's Second Wife, Ida Alicia

Ida Alicia Flagler was the second wife of Henry Flagler, an American industrialist and co-founder of Standard Oil. She was born in March of 1851 in Virginia and was the daughter of a Confederate Civil War soldier.

The Spirit of Henry Flagler's Mistress, the Woman in Black

The Woman in Black, also known as the spirit of Henry Flagler’s mistress, has been a part of St. Augustine folklore for decades.  After her untimely death, her spirit has been said to haunt Flagler College and the areas surrounding it in St. Augustine, Florida.

Students at Flagler College Report Haunted Occurrences

Known as the “jewel of St. Augustine,” Flagler College is one of the most beautiful campuses in Florida. But Flagler College has one mystery that lies beneath the beauty — haunting stories of spirits and supernatural occurrences in some of its buildings. Many Flagler students report seeing unexplainable shadows, hearing strange noises and feeling a presence in certain places. Flagler College has even been featured on the Travel Channel for its Flagler ghost stories. Whether these Flagler ghost stories are true or not, one thing is certain — Flagler College has a mysterious and sometimes spooky atmosphere. So, if you’re ever looking for a good scare, Flagler College is the place to be!

Nearby Haunted Points of Interest in St. Augustine

The St. Augustine Lighthouse

The St. Augustine Lighthouse is a 165-foot tall tower located in Florida on Anastasia Island. It was built in 1824 and has been in operation since that time. The lighthouse was originally built using brick and coquina stone, but it was later reinforced with concrete to protect it from the elements. Its beacon of light has helped guide ships safely to their destinations for almost two centuries. The lighthouse is a popular tourist attraction, and visitors can climb the 219 steps to reach the top of the tower.

st augustine lighthouse

The Huguenot Cemetery

The Huguenot Cemetery in St. Augustine, FL, is renowned for its haunted history and offers a fascinating glimpse into the past. This cemetery is said to be one of the most haunted places in St. Augustine, and it dates back to the late 16th century. Huguenots were French Protestants, and the cemetery was named after them due to the French influence on this area in the 16th century. The cemetery is home to the graves of some of the earliest settlers in the region, dating back to the 1700s. Many people have reported witnessing strange occurrences such as orbs, apparitions, and unexplained sounds around the cemetery.

st augustine huguenot cemetery

Legend has it that the cemetery is home to the spirits of several people who died unexpectedly or under tragic circumstances. One such story is that of three young girls whose bodies were found floating in the nearby Matanzas River. Their spirits are said to haunt the cemetery, and many visitors have reported seeing them or feeling their presence. Another ghost that is said to lurk in the cemetery is that of a monk who was hanged for breaking his vows. Visitors have reported hearing strange chanting around the cemetery, which is believed to be the monk’s ghost.

The cemetery is also home to several famous graves, including that of Andrew Anderson, a prominent St. Augustine resident, and his family members. The cemetery is an important historical site in St. Augustine, and many visitors come here to pay their respects to the people buried here.

The Ghosts of Castillo de San Marcos

The Castillo de San Marcos is a colonial-era fort located in St. Augustine, Florida, and has a long history of being haunted. The fort was built in the 17th century and served as a military post for over two centuries, playing an important role in the history of Spanish Florida. During this period, it was said to be haunted by a variety of supernatural entities, from ghosts to mysterious lights and eerie sounds.

st augustine castillo san marcos

The Ghosts of the Old City Gates

The ghosts of the Old City Gates are a mysterious and intriguing phenomenon that has baffled visitors to the city for centuries. Reports of ghostly apparitions and strange noises have been reported by many who have ventured into the city gates. Some of these sightings date back to medieval times, but they continue to occur even today. The ghosts of the Old City Gates are not believed to be malicious or dangerous, but rather simply a reminder that the city of the past still lingers in some form.

st augustine city gates

The Oldest Wooden School House

The Oldest Wooden School House is a historic landmark located in St. Augustine, Florida. It was built in 1716 and is the oldest wooden school building still standing in the United States. The building has been restored to its original condition and is now open for tours.

Oldest Wooden School House Ghost Tour


What are some interesting facts about Flagler College?

Interesting facts about Flagler College include its small size, with an enrollment of only 2,600 students, as well as its student-faculty ratio of 12:1. Flagler College also offers 35 majors and 34 minors, as well as a variety of unique opportunities for students to study abroad and engage in service learning projects. The college also offers numerous student organizations, sports teams and a range of cultural activities for its students.

What are the best places to visit near Flagler College?

If you find yourself strolling around the charming and historic campus of Flagler College in St. Augustine, make sure to check out these top-notch destinations located within walking distance. First up is the Lightner Museum, housed in the former Hotel Alcazar built in 1887 by Henry Flagler. The museum boasts an impressive collection of art, decorative items, and curiosities from the Gilded Age, including antique furniture, musical instruments, and even shrunken heads! You can easily spend hours exploring the three floors of exhibits and admiring the stunning architecture of the building. Second on our list is the sprawling Castillo de San Marcos, a must-see for anyone interested in the history of the city and the country. Built in the 17th century, this impressive fortress made of coquina stone played a crucial role in many battles and sieges, and now serves as a beautiful and educational National Monument. Visitors can take a guided tour, watch cannon firings, and enjoy breathtaking views of the bay and the city.

Is Flagler College still haunted?

Flagler College has a mysterious past and many ghost stories. Rumors have circulated for years that it is haunted by the ghost of Henry Flagler, the college’s namesake. Although there is no scientific proof to back up these ghost stories, many visitors and students claim to have encountered paranormal activity in the historic buildings and classrooms.