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Key West Reviews

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- D.D.

"The Hooker was informative and very entertaining. I am a Floridian and really enjoyed his narration of Key West's history. I highly recommend this tour. It is the fun way to learn about Key West."

the hooker with tiki torch

- C.A.

“Our ‘Ghost Host’ Mr. Hooker is probably the absolute best performance tour guide I have ever had the pleasure of seeing perform. Not only did Mr. Hooker know the history of “Bone Island”, where all the skeletons were buried and such, he also knew why the hauntings were so focused on Key West. He never broke character- no matter how much I questioned, heckled, and dared him to give up Mr. hooker to his ‘normal’ persona. By the end of the tour, he had me completely convinced that he was exactly the Mr. Hooker from times long past, connected to Robert the Doll, the deadly epidemics of the past on ‘bone isle’ and that he was really there to hook my ole bones.”

- J.C., Aberdeen, MD

“My family took your Ghosts and Gravestones Tour and had the best tour guide we have ever had and her name was Lily Lynch; she made the tour informative, scary and a bit funny at the same time; we have taken the tour before and have always liked it but she went over the top with a great pirate costume and what I thought for sure was a real old English accent. My wife who really is not that much into history paid attention to her every word and had a blast. This young lady deserves a pat on the back for a job well done. If we had history teachers like her in schools, we would have all the kids learning about history. Aye Aye to Captain Lily Lynch. We will be sure to ride again the next time in Key West! Thank You!”

- P.F., Overland Park, KS

“Our entire family had a great time on your tour. It was informative, entertaining and your guide was a great story teller…”

- R. & C. E., Bloomington, IL

“My new husband and I took the trolley tour in Key West this past week while visiting on our honeymoon. We had such an amazing time!!! Richard the driver and Raven our tour guide were AWESOME!!!! I have always wanted to take one of these excursions but never had the chance before. From my husband and myself, THANK YOU for making our honeymoon even more amazing!!! I do have some photos that I’d like to share with you – or at least have someone take a look – I may or may not have gotten some orbs. Either way it’s a sweet story!!!!”

- L.D., Malden, MA

“Hi, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for a wonderful time. I took the tour with my family, and we had so much fun. I came into work this morning and recommended it to everyone. Our tour guide was Madeleine – she was great! Thanks very much for a spooky and fun time!”

- F.J., Jasper, IN

“All the characters were great. Would definitely recommend. Fun, fun, fun!”

- A.J., Stoughton, MA

“My mom and I went on the Ghost Tour last Friday and we had an amazing time!!! The tour guide was outstanding and he was what really made the tour. Thank you very much and we both can not say enough good things about the tour. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!”

- C., Schofield, WI

“This was one of the best ghost tours I’ve ever been on”

- G & A, Ft. Myers, FL

“Our family really enjoyed this tour! Ghost & Gravestones was a hoot! We had a blast!”

- T., Port Charlotte, FL

“My children loved the ghost tour to Death!”

- R.S.

“Bloody Braids was an amazing host! She was charismatic and funny while simultaneously making the tour just spooky enough for everyone. She also made sure everyone was comfortable and felt safe before each activity! Super informational, learned about the history of Key West and heard some spooky stories, best tour ever! We also booked this tour online the same day and had no problem checking in and getting on the trolley immediately. Lulu and Roger were also wonderful!”

- C.C.

“What a blast we had on the ghost tour!! We’ve been before but learned a bunch of new things this time around. Our guides (“dead flower arsenic” lady and “circus lady” and our driver Howard) were in character and had awesome storytelling skills. Kids loved it! Thanks!”

- V.

“Really enjoyed the tour. Our guide, Bloody B, was awesome making the tour that much more fun and enjoyable. The stops we made were great, the history of Key West fascinating and the ghost stories wild. If you’re looking for something fun for everyone… Hop on and become one of the doomed.”

- F.K.

“The tour was a lot of fun! The Butcher and Art the driver did a fantastic job entertaining us during the drive. The stories were horrible in the best way possible and brought in an excellent manner. The lovely Lulu gave a great performance and made the whole trip even better.”

- M.A.

“We have been to Key West multiple times, we have always wanted to do this! Definitely worth it! Loved all of the cool things we learned about the island. My son was absolutely thrilled with this whole experience. It was fun and engaging for the whole family.”

- S.

“We had a great time on the tour. The “Hooker” was very funny, informative and kept everyone involved. My wife and I laughed often and also learned a lot of interesting facts about Key West.”

- L.

“We had a great experience on this tour. Gerardo was our tour guide and told some great ghost stories throughout the tour. His storytelling was greatly entertaining and very informative on Key West lore. The whole family enjoyed the tour and really got into the ghost hunting aspect of the tour. Fun time!”

- L.

“Whenever we know we are going to be in Key West, we book this tour weeks ahead of time. The tour is incredible from start to finish. Boarding the “Trolley of the Doomed” you meet a local personality that “died” in some mysterious way at some point in Key West’s seedy and diverse past. The personality serves as your guide for the duration of the tour. The stories are weird and creepy and true. All things that I LOVE. I take a ghost tour in every city I visit. It really is the best way to learn about the area and its past. If you like ghost tours, this is one of the best in the U.S. Seriously. If you don’t care about ghosts, this is still a really cool way to start your vacation in Key West. I recommend doing this on the first night of your trip. So fun!!”

- J.W.

“It’s so much fun! Stories about Key West that you won’t find in brochures. Visits to places that you’ll be amused/amazed/awed. Very well done. Enjoyable, fun and just a really cool couple of hours to spend in the evening in Key West.”

- J.R.

“First of all, I fell in love with Key West and its history and then we did this tour and it was so much fun! Learned a lot, Crazy Dolores and the rest of the staff were the best. Great time, highly recommended!”