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east martello museum and robert the doll

Haunted Guide Key West

Key West Ghost Stories

At the Audubon House, a tall man dressed in a ruffled shirt and a long jacket of another era, has appeared on the entry porch and in the gift shop gallery which displays the famous Audubon bird prints. Since no other person in these parts would dress in such an affected manner, it could be none other than the famous naturalist himself, John James Audubon, who visited Key West to find tropical bird specimens for his work on “Birds of America.” He stayed on the island for less than two weeks in 1832 – long before the house was built. He never stayed overnight on the island; as a matter of fact, rather, he chose to stay on a boat anchored in the harbor, so fearful was he of catching the dreaded yellow fever… Read on for more tales…

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The Most Haunted Places In Key West

Take your seat on the Trolley of the Doomed and discover Key West’s darkest side—the side you can only see at night.

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Halloween Events

Discover Key West’s darkest side—the side you can only see at night. We’ll travel along the dark, narrow streets of Old Town, where centuries old wooden buildings are said to be the home of raging occupants, souls who’ve never moved on. Be brave as we enter into an old Civil War barracks where soldiers died of yellow fever and where an eerie doll named Robert believed to be possessed, hopes to play with you. Learn the gruesome details of some of the island’s most tragic deaths, ghastly residents and more as your Ghost Host takes you on a tour of Key West you’ll not soon forget. The Travel Channel deemed Key West as one of America’s most haunted places; see for yourself during the Key West Halloween celebration.

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Most Infamous Ghosts of Key West

With a history steeped in pirates, Indians, shipwrecks and buried treasure, it’s no wonder Key West has its share of haunted tales. Visitors to the southernmost city often spend some time seeking out the tiny island’s spookier spots hoping to have a paranormal encounter.

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Robert The Doll

We’ve all experienced it: That eerie feeling that something or someone was watching us; that an inanimate object had, in actuality, come alive. In Key West, many have not only experienced that feeling, but have also witnessed it when viewing the famous toy – Robert The Doll. Grab a seat aboard the Trolley of Doomed and get a first-hand look at Robert the Doll.

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Haunted Guide to St. Paul’s Church Cemetery

A visit to this historic church and cemetery is indeed an experience – if not to simply enjoy its beauty, but also to explore the possibility that ghosts really do exist. Discover the haunted side of Key West on the Ghosts & Gravestones Tour.

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Haunted Cemeteries

The lost souls that were laid to rest, but never truly rested. Discover the city’s darker side when you visit these haunted cemeteries.

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Haunted Guide to Captain Tony's Saloon

An island icon, Captain Tony’s Saloon has an intriguing past – one that includes murder, mystery, and even a bit of mayhem. Before becoming a popular watering hole, the building served a few different roles. It was an ice house, the city morgue, a wireless telegraph station, a cigar factory, a speakeasy and even a bordello. It was also the original home of the famous Sloppy Joe’s Bar.

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