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Get to know about the haunted La Concha Hotel Key West

Explore Ghostly Tales of La Concha Hotel

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La Concha Hotel is located in the vibrant and bustling city of Key West. La Concha Hotel stands tall and proud as one of the oldest and most haunted attractions in the area. The hotel was built in 1926. This historic landmark has captivated visitors with its fascinating past and ghostly stories. It is situated on Duval Street, just around the corner from famous Key West landmarks such as Mallory Square, the Hemingway House, and the Key West Aquarium.

History of La Concha Hotel

The history of La Concha Hotel dates back to the 1920s when the booming tourism industry in Key West called for the construction of a luxurious and iconic hotel. In the late 1800s, Key West was the largest and richest city in Florida, accessible only by sea. In 1912, Henry Flagler extended the Florida East Coast Railway down through the Keys, spurring growth in the local economy. People began building their private getaways and vacation homes in the city, spawning the beginnings of the Conch Republic.

In the 1920s, Carl Aubuchon decided to capitalize on the increasing popularity of Key West as a vacation destination. He began work on La Concha Hotel, hoping to open the beauty of Key West to people who wanted to have some fun in the sun. La Concha opened in 1926 as the first luxury hotel on the island.

The Haunted Side

The Crowne Plaza Key West – La Concha isn’t just a historic hotel; it’s a living tale of intrigue and haunting history. Steeped in stories ranging from accidental deaths to mysterious circumstances, this hotel has earned a reputation for hosting the lingering spirits of guests long gone. Guests often swap chilling stories of sudden cold gusts, mysteriously disappearing chardonnay, and the quiet whispers of unknown spirits.

Explore Old Key West to uncover its rich history by visiting iconic landmarks such as Mallory Square, known for lively Sunset Celebrations; the Hemingway House, preserving the legacy of the famous author; and the family-favorite Key West Aquarium. For a deeper dive into the city’s rich stories and chilling secrets, consider hopping aboard the Old Town Trolley Tour for an immersive experience bringing the tales of Key West’s past to life.

Key West, famous for its haunted history, smoothly incorporated La Concha into its ghostly narrative upon its construction. Both guests and staff often share experiences of odd cold spots, an eerie feeling of being watched, faint whispers without a visible source, and unexplained mysterious figures in their rooms after dark. Many also report ghost encounters with mysterious figures at the foot of their beds. The ghosts of lost souls are believed to be the source of the reported hauntings at La Concha, with sightings commonly mentioned on the rooftop, once a bar, and now transformed into a peaceful spot to witness the breathtaking sunrise.

Ghosts of La Concha Hotel

1. The Ghost of the Busboy

In the 1980s, there was an unfortunate incident involving a busboy. He was in the midst of cleaning up a massive New Year’s Eve party when he accidentally backed into an open elevator shaft. The shaft was on the fifth floor, and he plummeted to his death. Many believe that his spirit still roams the halls of the hotel, appearing as a ghostly figure in the late hours of the night. Visitors have reported hearing unexplained noises and feeling a strange presence around them while staying at La Concha Hotel.

2. The Bellboy's Apparition

Another ghost is a bellboy who once roamed the halls of this historic hotel. His spirit is said to still linger, haunting the elevator and fifth-floor hallways. Many guests have reported strange occurrences on the fifth floor. The elevator may stop at this floor with no one inside, and no input from anyone else. It’s believed that this is the work of the bellboy’s ghost, trying to make his presence known. Some have even claimed to have seen his apparition, wheeling a cart toward the elevator before walking through the closed doors and disappearing.

3. Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolled

But perhaps the most intriguing theory is that this ghost is none other than the famous writer Ernest Hemingway. It’s said that he frequented La Concha and even wrote parts of his novel “For Whom the Bell Tolls” within its walls. Regardless of the truth, the ghosts of La Concha Hotel continue to fascinate and mystify guests who visit this haunted attraction in Key West. So, if you find yourself staying at La Concha, keep an eye out for any ghost encounters with the mischievous ghost that still roams its halls. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even catch a glimpse of Ernest Hemingway’s ghostly figure, reliving his love for this historic hotel.


How old is La Concha Hotel in Key West?

La Concha Hotel in Key West has stood the test of time, with its doors opening in 1926. Its rich history and iconic presence make it a historic gem in the heart of Key West.

Who owns La Concha Hotel?

As of 2019, La Concha Hotel was reportedly owned by Ashford Hospitality Trust. However, ownership details can change, so for the latest information, it is advisable to contact the hotel directly or check their official website.

When was La Concha Key West built?

La Concha Key West was built in 1926. The developer Carl Aubuchon first opened this luxury hotel, featuring a six-story structure, which is said to be the tallest building in Key West. Aubuchon hired the renowned architectural firm G. Lloyd Preacher and Company of Atlanta to spearhead the design.

How many rooms does La Concha Key West have?

La Concha Hotel & Spa in Key West boasts a total of 160 guest rooms and suites. Each room is designed to provide guests with the ultimate comfort and luxury while blending the hotel’s historic charm with modern amenities. The rooms provide a serene, tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring Key West.